Email Outreach Tips: 9 Ways To Get A Reply From Top Influencers

Will they reply?

This is the million dollar question when it comes to influencer marketing. In fact for most people just getting started, getting a reply from an influencer is like trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

You see other people connecting every day with all these amazing influencers but your struggling to get some eyes on your outreach email.

9 Email Outreach Tips To Get More Replies From Top Influencers

What are you doing wrong?

The biggest mistake that I see people make is that their emails just suck.

They are boring, they are all about the person that is sending them. They make you feel like you are just a name from a list of bloggers.

Your target bloggers shouldn’t feel like this if you want to see any positive results when you are reaching out.

The majority of the people I have connected with have said how much they have enjoyed my emails. This means my success rate is pretty high!

What do I do differently though?

I treat each person like… a person!

Crazy I know but it works like a charm.

Sujan Patel Outreach example

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are well and truly on their radar. Then craft an email that shows them you care about them.

Let me break it down for you as I share 9 of my best email outreach tips when reaching out to influencers

Tip 1: Comment On Their Blog To Ensure They Notice Your Outreach Email

Everybody loves to see new comments on their blogs it is a sign that they are creating a community. This is your chance to be helpful and share your expertise within a new community.

When you do this you are directly in front of the influencer you are trying to get noticed by.

When you do this consistently the blogger will start to recognize you. That is why it pays to help out the community in as many ways as you can. The more helpful you are the more likable you become.

This is all done without much effort at all.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Julian Sakanee

Blog comments can be a great alternative to an email. Think about it if you are just reaching out to tell them you have shared their post, this could easily be done in a comment. If you have no relationship with the blogger they are also more likely to see your blog comment.

Successful Blogging - Blog Comment Example

To make this strategy work all you have to do is show up consistently.

Tip 2: Engage On Social Media To Start Your New Relationship

Staying with the getting noticed theme… if you share their content you help bring new eyes to your targets blog. This adds social proof to their post because their shares are going up.

You are helping them as well as getting them to notice you.

But engaging on social media doesn’t have to stop at sharing their content. Try sparking a conversation there too. Remember you want to build a relationship… when you chat you are building a stronger bond.

If you share their post and they send you a tweet saying thanks, simply reply and keep the conversation going by asking open-ended questions.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Brian Dean

Check out their about us page and see if you can find a topic that gets them fired up. You could even ask them a question about the post.

This helps build your relationship with them over time, again with not much effort at all.

Next time the influencer may share your content.

Tip 3 Look For Places Where They Chat Live To Get In Front Of Them In Realtime

When it comes to bigger gurus you need to think about how you are going to get noticed a little more. They are very careful with their time and energy. You will not be the only one trying to get on their radar.

Look for places where they go live… Periscope, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts etc…

Amy Porterfield Facebook Live

When you find these places just start showing up when they are live. Ask them questions but if you really want to get noticed try and help other people out.

If you are doing this you are acting like a VA, for free!

Stay consistent, show up as much as you can and do whatever you can to help the person. When they see that outreach email they will be like… Oh it’s Joe!

Tip 4 Look For Connections To Help With Your Outreach Efforts

Sometimes despite all your efforts it just seems impossible to get a connection. This is when you have to look to your existing network for some help.

If you have been building up your network then you will have a relationship with other bloggers. They might have a connection with the person you are trying to reach.

Do your research and see who they are connected with. If you see someone that you are struggling to reach then ask your buddy for an introduction.

Jason Quey connected me to other inluencers

Jason Quey over at The Storyteller Marketer introduced me to John Rampton. Within a few hours me and John were exchanging emails. He actually contributed to this roundup as a result of this introduction.

Tip 5 Grab Their Attention With A Kickass Subject Line

Ok, enough on getting noticed 101 it is time to actually get into the writing email outreach tips. The first thing to do is to write a subject line that grabs their attention. You can do this by simply mentioning their name.

People are drawn to their own name. I was watching a YouTube video the other day and the person said my first name. Now it was in no way aimed at me but I immediately started to focus a lot more on what was being said.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Gregory Ciotti

The next thing is to tell them the point of the email.

Name, Can you answer this?
Name, Can I feature you?
Name, Good job with your latest post
Name, Quick message no pitch…

All of these are straight to the point and when the influencer opens the email they know they are going to get a question, instruction or some praise.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Shane Barker

Keep it brief, if you make it too long or cryptic then chances are your email will hit the trashcan.

Tip 6 Get Them Hooked In Your Intro

Your intro is the first part of your email the reader will see when they open your email. It is your next chance to draw them into your email.

The biggest mistake you can make here is not knowing exactly who you are reaching out to. It surprises me how many people reach out to me like…

“Hey OneManWiki”

If this is you… I deleted your email!

People want to feel like you care and if you can’t even take the time to work out their name… why should they care about checking out your content.

Once you have introduced yourself, you have to tell them why they should pay attention to you. What is in it for them!

I hate to break it to you, it’s not all about you. You are reaching out to this person so make it about them.

This could be as simple as saying…

“Just checked out your awesome post on YouTube SEO. I am such a noob at that but your guide really helped me. I actually was able to rank my video pretty quickly. (IMG of result)”

You have made the person feel part of your success. You are a case study for them. Most of all though it is just nice to receive something like that.

If you haven’t been their case study you can simply just say that it has motivated you to give video a try.

Tip 7 Personalize The Email

I would be a liar if I said I had never used an email template. What I will say though is that I have never had great results from using a template.


Because they are overused. People can sniff them out immediately. If you can’t be assed writing a decent and personal email then why should they take the time to give you a decent reply?

Did you know that most influencers will divulge some personal stuff on their “About” pages?

Don’t be lazy go and learn about them, I said this before in tip two but now it is more important. You want them to think, “Wow this guy really does know me a little.”
For example, I know Jaime Masters is a big fan of UFC. If there was a fight a day or two ago I could say something like…

Hey Jaime,

How are you? Did you see the awesome UFC fight on Tuesday?

Knowing Jaime loves UFC there is a good chance this would spark some sort of conversation. It might be brief if she is busy but it could open the doors to a new relationship.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Matt Gratt

Tip 8 Some Relationships Need A Follow Up

Neil Patel has publicly stated on numerous sources he get’s over 400 emails a day. What chance do you think you really have of getting his attention from a cold email on the first try?

In this instance, you would really need to spend time getting on his radar before you email. For other influencers that don’t get that amount of emails a simple follow-up email could get you the influencers attention.

If they never saw your first one then a follow up will not be considered annoying. Most people expect a follow-up nowadays. I have never had any negative replies from following up.

Email Outreach Tips Quote from Mary Fernandez

I would say try 3 emails after that give up and go back to the getting noticed phase.

Always follow up if you get no reply.

Tip 9 Leverage The Power Social Proof To Build Trust

This is probably the best tip I can give you. If you haven’t read my article on social proof check it out.

If you are doing a roundup and you have a top celebrity blogger… well done. You have a successful roundup on your hand. When you reach out to the rest of the other bloggers more will agree to contribute just to be featured alongside the celebrity.

This is social proof.

Kids are the perfect example of social proof. Their food choices, the way the behave and the toys they like are all based on recommendations. If dad likes pulling weeds the wee one will give it ago because his hero say it’s a good idea.

When it comes to your outreach email mention any kind of social proof that is relevant.

Say you are reaching out to ask a blogger to replace a broken link with your link you could mention who is featured in it, how many shares it has or even the celebrities that have shared.

Email Outreach Jon Morrow

Seeing these names and numbers help encourage the blogger to seal the deal. I mean if Jeff Bullas shared it then it must be freaking awesome.

Use These Super Easy Email Outreach Tips To Increase Your Reply Rate

Forget sneaky templates they are pointless a good outreach email comes from being personal.

Take your time to get on someone’s radar. If you take the time to warm up your prospects then you will have a much better chance of getting them on your side. Just show them how helpful you can be.

Keep the email brief and straight to the point, a busy influencer doesn’t have the time to read 400 emails of 500 hundred words each.

The biggest tip is to have fun when you are outreaching… We are all social beings that love interaction.

Do you have any other email outreach tips to make sure that your email gets read?

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  1. Emmerey Rose
    Emmerey Rose says:

    Hey Joe! Thanks for sharing this article of yours on Twitter. I just saw the notification. Great article by the way! I was wondering how do you get to know all the bloggers and influencers and make each message as personal as possible?

    • Joe Elliott
      Joe Elliott says:

      When it comes to personal emails, take the time to get involved in the community. Blog commenting s great for this as your name becomes more familiar you can start to create a more personal connection.



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