About Joe Elliott

Joe Elliott | One Man WikiHi There, and thanks for stopping by, my name is Joe and I am an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur.

One Man Wiki


I bring to you One Man Wiki which is my place to share my knowledge about the internet marketing world. I have had my share of struggles on my journey but i got there in the end, with hardwork and determination.

I want to share with you what works and also what doesn’t to help you get started making money online and developing a long term business.

If you do this you can then live the life that you desire.

My Story

So around 4 years ago I started my journey and let me tell you it wasn’t easy. The amount of knowledge out there is very overwhelming. I had an illness known as shiny object syndrome. I couldn’t focus on one thing I had to do one thousand things.

You heard the saying…

“Jack of all trades master of none”

Well that was me… I said enough was enough though and decided to focus on one thing until I nailed it.

This is when I started to see my luck change.

When you find what works you just have to scale it up and here we are.

Do not fall for all the hype out there, you can not get rich quick unless you have a massive advertising budget, which I doubt you do.

With some PPC ads you can speed the process up but it can be quite expensive in the beginning. I want to help though.

I have put together a checklist for your Facebook Ad campaigns, it will help you get your first ad live TODAY. This gives you a strategic plan to make sure you have all the necessary things…

Fill in the form below and I will email you the pdf checklist.