How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon [Step By Step]

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

Do you want to learn the easiest way to make money online?

Well, start learning how to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon.

You are in luck because that is what I have in store for you today.

So many affiliates fail to make anything online but this isn’t because the method doesn’t work. It is usually because new affiliates give up too soon or they don’t actually get started. So before I start this post of I want you to know this is not a method for instant success.

If you can commit to writing 30 articles then you could have your first $100 day very soon.

You also have to be aware that Google can take 3-6 months to actually start ranking your blog. So try and commit to this length of time too.

Let’s not waste any more of your time… let’s get started learning how to become an affiliate marketer with Amazon. First things first, why Amazon?

Why Should You Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

When you create your first affiliate project whether it be an Amazon affiliate site or anything else. You have to remember this one thing.

Nobody knows who you are and they certainly do not care about you.

If you want to make money you have to change this.

Your audience has to know who you are and they have to trust that you are not scamming them. When you focus your blog on the Amazon Affiliate program you are recommending a very trusted brand. Amazon is the number one e-commerce site on the web.

Sending your audience to Amazon and getting them to buy is a lot easier than sending them anywhere else. Once they trust your blog more then you can send them to other places but at the start, it is easier to stick with Amazon.

Now their commission rates aren’t the best but if you have a good mix of expensive and cheap products you will be able to get a decent return.

So how does it work?

The concept is simple.

Create a blog or YouTube channel around a topic and then recommend products. If someone buys through your special amazon affiliate link then you will earn a commission. That is what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell.

So now you know why you should choose Amazon, how much could you earn?

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate: How Much Will You Get Paid!

At the beginning of 2017, a change was announced that would change the Amazon affiliate commission rate that they pay their affiliates.

To say it caused some waves is an understatement.

Before they decided to make this change there was a set commission rate that would increase as you got more sales. So the top dog affiliates would be making the highest commission rate on all of there sales. If you had a small number of sales the commission rate was around 4%.

The new Amazon Affiliate commission rate puts everyone on a level playing field. It doesn’t matter how many sales you get for them. The rate you get paid is dependant on what category the product you sell is in. So if you were a top affiliate making 8-10% commission you could now make 3% for some products.

This would be a massive hit to your income. Here is a list of all the categories and the commission rate you will receive if you sell a product from them.

An image showing the Amazon affiliate Commission Rates

So now if you sell a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 video game for $59.99 you will earn $0.59. If you sell 20 of them you will make $11.80.

My top tip when it comes to an Amazon affiliate site is to focus on products that are expensive more than the cheaper ones. The higher price will help boost your earnings.

So if you sell a Lawn Mower for $199.99 you will earn $15.99. Sell ten of these and you have made $159.99.

This is much better than the first example.

Step One: Choose A Niche That You Can Dominate

Have you heard the saying… ‘Jack of all trades master of none’

At the start, you want to focus your blog on a small section of your market. This is known as your niche. So if your site is around sports it would be better niche down and focus on a specific sport like golf.

You could take this a step further and focus on golf for seniors.

Why focus on a small section rather than the bigger market?

Because it is easier to gain authority in a smaller niche. I am not saying you can’t branch out to other things but in the beginning, I would focus on a very small section.

Ok, so how do we find our niche.

Niches are everywhere.

I would say start with niches that you are comfortable with. So look around your house and see what you have that you could focus on. Actually having the product means you can provide a real review with unique photos.

So if you have a DSLR then why not focus on Advanced DSLR tips. In your post, you could recommend the gear you have used.

If you have a pet rabbit then why not focus on looking after your first pet rabbit. You could even go into the DIY hutch niche with this one.

Once you know what your site will be about, look at social media and blogs to see what the demand is like. If you see a big social presence and other blogs then you can see there is an audience looking for what you offer.

This is all the information you need in the beginning. You know there is an audience searching for your topic and you know there are products to share with them.

One last thing to do involves Google. Search for a product review of a product in your niche that you can find on Amazon. Example:

“rabbit hutch review”

This will show you all the other blogs that have reviewed this rabbit hutch. You now know that there is competition.

If you are happy with your niche then let’s get our platform set up.

Step Two: Set Up Your Platform To Promote Your Affiliate Links

For an Amazon affiliate project, I would only focus on two platforms. You don’t have to choose the both but these are the best.

The first is YouTube.

This would involve setting up a channel around your niche. You would then release videos on the topics people are looking for. In the videos, you can post your affiliate links to make money from YouTube.

To stay on the right side of the law you will have to disclose that your an affiliate. I suggest using an Amazon affiliate disclaimer in your description.  Something like this would work:

“The links that I mention in my video and description may be affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission if you buy from clicking my link. This will not cost you anything extra and really does help the channel.”

This is short and to the point. The FTC requires us to disclose that we are an affiliate, I have not seen any negative impact from disclosing this.

If YouTube is not your thing then you can choose option two. A Niche Authority Amazon Affiliate Site.

This may cost you a little money to get set up but it will be worth it in the long run. You can siphon traffic from Google with this platform. This is the best traffic in my opinion.

The first thing you need is web hosting. I use SiteGround for all my websites. They are super reliable, fast and their customer service is second to none.

As far as hosting goes they are a bit more expensive but it will be so worth it. With SiteGround you can buy your domain but if you want to save some money buy your domain name with NameCheap and then point your domain to your SiteGround Web hosting.

Click here to learn more about SiteGround.

SiteGround is a WordPress Managed service. This makes it super easy to set up WordPress. When you sign up you will be guided through the setup of WordPress. It is like filling in a short form online.

At this point, you have a WordPress Website but it looks pretty boring. You need a decent theme that you can customize. What WordPress Theme. What WordPress theme do you use for affiliate marketing though?

For all my sites I have been using either the Enfold theme from Theme Forest or Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

These both come with a page builder which makes it a breeze to customize each page on your blog.

You will also need to disclose that you are using affiliate links. You can do this by creating an Amazon affiliate disclaimer page that states the links may be an affiliate link. This covers you for all the pages on your blog.

You could also just add a short line to the bottom of each page that says:

“The links that I mention in this post may be affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission if you buy from clicking my link. This will not cost you anything extra and really does help the blog.”

Step Three: Create Content That Is Designed To Increase Your Traffic

For the rest of this post, I am going to focus on a Niche Authority Amazon Affiliate site, not YouTube.  I just wanted to mention that YouTube is another option.

So what content should we create for our Amazon affiliate blog?

Now a lot of YouTubers and bloggers in the Make Money Online niche tell you just to write reviews and that is enough. This could not be further away from the truth. It may have worked in 2008 but nowadays you need to create grade A content.

You need content that is informational as well as your review content.

I use three types of content on my sites:

  • Ultimate Epic Guides
  • Expert Roundup Posts
  • Reviews

Now when it comes to keyword research I use Doug Cunnington KGR Formula. You simply go to Google and look for keywords. When you find one that suits you get the local monthly search volume.

Using a tool like Keywords Everywhere makes this easy. It will display the search volume right beside the keywords on Google.

Now do a search for this:

“allintitle:your keyword”

This will show you how many pages include the exact keyword in the title tag. Write down the total amount of allintitle results and divide that by the local monthly searches.

If the answer is below 0.5 I would go for it. The lower the better though.

Now this will only work with keywords under 250 local monthly searches. If the number is less than 0.5 it will rank quickly. If it is below 0.25 it will probably rank in the top 30 in a few days. Any time I have used this I can normally rank a lot higher.

So if you rank 10 articles with 250 local monthly searches in the top 10, you could easily get about 100 page views per month. This is a great starting point. If the keywords are golden meaning they are below the 0.25 mark it will be simple to rank for them.

So the first goal is to create 10 posts focusing on keywords with a KGR of around 0.25. You can make them ultimate guides or you can make them review blog posts.

Now before you write this method off you will need to give a new Amazon affiliate authority site around 3 months to start ranking. This is fine though because when I start a new site I want to write about 30 articles before I do anything else.

I aim to do 10 per month. So in month 3, I have 30 articles that are all targetting KGR keywords. By this stage, I have seen a lot of them in the top 10 bringing me free traffic.

Step Four: Getting Accepted On The Amazon Associate Program

I know you may be asking yourself why have I left it this long before getting you to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. Well, I want you to get accepted.

If you add affiliate links before your site has content on it your application to the program will be declined.

When you sign up for the program Amazon want to see click coming in. If they see this in the first 30 days they will keep you on board. Next, they want you to get your first sale. Now I am not sure how long you have to get this but if you don’t get this you will get denied.

So if your site has no content you will have no clicks nevermind sales.

If you can be patient I would postpone signing up for their program till you are getting some traffic. This means you will get the link clicks pretty quick. The quicker you get them the better it looks to Amazon.

When you are ready to sign up head over to this link (https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/) and you will land on this page:

An Image showing the page to sign up to the amazon associates program so you can become an affiliate marketer for Amazon

Click the ‘Join Now For Free’ button. Next, you will land on this page:

An image showing the sign up for Amazon Page

Sign In or Create a new account.

If you have to create a new account it is just a simple form, just follow the steps and you will be welcomed into the program. Once you are on the program you need to add links to your content.

At this stage, I would just add links when you mention a product in a post. This looks extremally natural to your new and unsure audience. In your posts opening paragraph, you could probably create a “See my favorite X” link.

Try not to be too pushy at this stage. In the beginning, product name links should be fine to get you going.

Let’s take it up a notch and start looking at some traffic generation techniques.

Step Five: Promote Your New Platform & Get The Ball Rolling In

When it comes to getting people to your new site patience is your best friend. Most new affiliates can not drive mega numbers while they are still learning. If you can get a few extra visits while Google ranks your site then it could get you a sale or two.

I always say start with the low hanging fruit. Who can you get to your site with minimal effort?

Your friends and family.

So take to Facebook and tell as many of your friends about your new blog. Now to get a good amount of traffic you need to get them to share your link. These are your friends so I am sure that some of them will help you.

Now just because they aren’t interested in your topic doesn’t mean that their friends aren’t. If they share your link then their friends will see your new site.

It is now time to think about groups that you are a member of. This could be a forum or a Facebook Group.

Now don’t think you can go there and spam the group. Write a really epic thread or post and then at the bottom say something like:

For more information visit: http://yoursite.com

This is useful to the group and it’s some traffic for you. Most groups and forums will let you do this if you are an engaged member of the group or forum.

Now our friends and groups know, let’s take it up a notch.

Introducing Quora. This site is golden.

An image showing the Quora Homepage

Start by searching for topics that relate to your site’s content. Answer all the questions in the Topic FAQ part and then answer any others that you can.

An image showing Quora Topic FAQ Section

Again do not spam. You want your answers to be like mini blog posts. Aim to write about 500 words or more. You should also include images or videos and link to other authority sites, not just your own. This will help them stand out.

Next, go to blogs about your topic and start reading them. If a post mentions something your blog talks about then leave a valuable comment. Your link goes in the URL form text box. Avoid putting the link in the actual comment unless you know the site owner.

So there you have it these traffic generating techniques could bring you in a few visitors a day while Google ranks your Amazon Affiliate site. Just remember not to spam and always provide value before you link back.

It’s Time To Take Action Now You Know How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

Are you ready to take action on what I have shared with you? You could have your first Amazon affiliate site live today if you actually take action on this.

Before I go I will share the number one reason why most new affiliates fail. They spend too long choosing a niche and a theme that they lose their enthusiasm. If you want to make money you have to create content whether that be a video on YouTube or a Blog post.

If you use the KGR formula and write epic content you can easily get traffic very quickly.

Once you have a good number of articles sign up for the Amazon Associate Program. Then put your affiliate links in your content.

Lastly go out there and share your new blog with the world. Stop learning how to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon and start actually being an affiliate.

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Internet JetSet Review: Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing With John Crestani

Intenet JetSet Review Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing With John Crestani

There has been a lot of hype around one certain make money online course recently. When I see hype I want to know if it is worth it.

Today we are going to pull back the curtain with my Internet JetSet review.

John Crestani is actually someone I have a lot of respect for. He has produced a lot of quality courses as well as free content. Courses that I have went through in the past. In fact, I actually owe a bit of my success to him.

He is a top guy!

Does the Internet JetSet program live up to our expectations?

The amount of money John has spent to get the word out, I hope it delivers. I first came across this program on YouTube with Johns flashy ad. It pulled me in from the start!

Are you ready to take a look at the program before you spend your cash?

Well here is my Internet JetSet review.


Here is my receipt so you know this is legit!

Clickbank receipt or Internet jetset

Who Is Internet JetSet For: Is It Right For You?

I would say that Internet JetSet has tried to cater for a wide range of internet marketers.

If you have made zero dollars online then this program will help you get your first dollar. If you have made a few bucks here and there I would also say that you will benefit from this training.

The concepts covered inside are aimed at the beginner. As you progress through the program you will come out as an intermediate. John does a great job of laying the foundations but if you want to win you have to master the concepts.

Inside Internet JetSet you will learn how to set up your first campaign. Once you nail it you will learn things like authority sites and launch jacking.

I am going to show you the exact topics you will learn later in this review, hold on tight for that.

The problem I see with people going through training is that they don’t try the things that they have learned. They spend so long reading and watching that the notion has left them when it’s time to start.

My advice to you… read a little, watch a little and then do what you have learned. Once you can copy the example start to use your head. Anyone can copy things but if you really want to grasp it you have to use your head and try things out on your own.

What Else You Will Need To Get Going With The Program

The number one thing that used to bug me with programs like this is that they leave out the what you need beforehand. As I am writing a proper Internet Jetset review it only seems fair that I mention it.

First, you are going to need a domain name and web hosting!

A lot of the training is focused on your own site. This is a good thing believe it or not.

It isn’t a ‘done for you’ system so you are responsible for sourcing your own hosting and domain. John will give you recommendations inside the program.

For hosting and domain, I can recommend that you try BlueHost, you will get a free domain with them too.

Click here to check out BlueHost and get your free Domain name

(this is an affiliate link so if you buy I will earn a commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra).

Most of the traffic methods are based on free traffic. I hate saying free because you pay with your time. There is plenty here to get you started inside Internet JetSet.

If you would like to try the FB Ads training then you will need a budget for ads. I would recommend around $300 for this to give you the best shot. Remember if you spend on ads you should profit in the long run.

Johns strategy should help you break even at least. When you master it you will profit!

NameInternet JetSet
CreatorJohn Crestani
PriceFree Webinar! The product will cost you $47, you can join the monthly subscription for extras at $47 per month (this is not required).
My Verdict4 out of 5 Stars
Official Websitehttp://imjetset.com/free-webinar


What Is Internet JetSet By John Crestani, Can You Make Money With This?

Now that you know who this program is for, let me show you exactly what the Internet Jetset program really is. I’m sure you can guess but here it is anyway.

The Internet JetSet program is a course that is designed to train you how to do affiliate marketing. The overall goal is to get you earning some dollars online.

It has been created with beginners in mind but there definitely is some advanced concepts for you to take advantage of.

This is the foundation layer of your new freedom lifestyle career. Unfortunately, that starts with some hard work but with the help of John Crestani (the teacher), you will sail through this course.

He gives you a good dose of hand-holding to walk you through what needs to be done. From the setup to traffic generation to making your first dollars. It really is possible to take what you learn and build your own business from scratch with Internet JetSet.

Who Is John Crestani, Can You Really Trust Him?

John’s life began the same year as me, back in 1987! We were born in the eighties!

Let me get my professional head back on.

Like any other kid, John went through his life like we are supposed to right up until 2006. This was his first chance of independence where he and his car took off to college.

Image of John Crestani creator of Internet JetSet

His life started with ‘The Alchemist’ a book which he read when he was in Thailand. He traveled here to find himself spiritually and to find his path in life.

This was the first spark to be ignited in John’s journey to entrepreneur.

On his return the internet marketers bible was next on his reading list. Do you know what book I am talking about?

Of course, you do ‘The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris’.

This was the big spark that ignited an inferno inside John!

He just had to do something to break free from the rat race that was modern life. The life that is taught to us from a young age.

John never read this book and became a millionaire. It took a lot of trial and error. He failed loads too. That didn’t stop him though, it made him go harder and grow stronger.

Eventually his multi million dollar business exploded and John’s life would never be the same again.

Since then John has been featured on Forbes, Fox, Business Insider, AOL, and INC to name a few.

He is not known for sugar coating and being vague. He is known for being straight talking and straight to the point.

You can really get a sense of who John is by the way he coaches you in Internet JetSet!


The Internet Jetset Blueprint: Your Gateway To The IM World

Your Internet JetSet journey begins with a kickass free webinar. Now heads up this is not a live webinar. It was live during the launch of the program but now it is just the replay. This is the way most of the big internet marketers do things.

I have seen Amy Porterfield, Jon Loomer, Adrian Morrison and loads others using this tactic.

It doesn’t make it poor quality. The value he divulges in this free webinar is solid on its own.

Internet Jetset Webinar Optin Page

In the webinar, you are going to learn how to get your online business started. He will unveil the actual blueprint for success. When you sign up for the webinar you are passed onto this thank you page.

Internet JetSet Thank You Page

Now I don’t want to ruin the webinar for you but what I will say is that the webinar does the program justice. You will learn two tactics that will help you on your way. So grab your pen and paper and take notes.

Time Machine Noises!

After your webinar you will receive a link to pick up the Internet JetSet System that looks like:

Sales Page Internet Jetset

and the thank you page. I want to show you this so you know what to expect but also so you know that I am speaking from experience. This is a real review not some marketing BS!

Clickbank screenshot after purchase of internet jetset

Sorry for watermark but some shady characters may try and steal to make their reviews look legit!

Now we are inside the program let’s login. Now when you log in for the first time you are going to be asked to sign up for monthly webinars. It looks like this:

Live Webinar Registration Page for Internet Jetset

When you get passed here you will get into the homepage:

Internet Jetset Dashboard

In the Welcome Video John will X

Internet Jet Set Welcome Video

So that is us past the welcome sort of stuff let’s dive into the actual program.

There’s A Mindshift For Success

In the first part of the course, it is all about the mind.

I get it… loads of people just don’t believe shit like this works. He is going to prove to you with a video that shows you how to get your first sale in two hours.

Internet JetSet Module One Overview

Do I believe this?

After watching the video I would say there is a chance you will make money in two hours. For some though it may take longer. It is a Facebook method that is based on you having a lot of friends and family.

I like this because if you can’t sell to your nearest and dearest how can you sell to a stranger.

Internet Jetset Video Training Example

The two-hour claim could be 5 minutes or 6 years it depends how many engaged your Facebook friends and family are. My job here is to tell you if it works…

It does…

A bit of hype with the two hours but it is doable!

The point in trying to get sales here is to prove to your mind.

See John is a smart guy!

If he can get you results here you will stay motivated throughout the course. You will believe in yourself.

The verdict on module one:

Smart and well put together! Don’t skip this and don’t move on until you crack it. This is how to use a course the right way!


Learn How To Pick A Niche That You Can Dominate

So now we are starting to drill down our training. It is now time to pick our niche. The part that most newbies get stuck.

“There are no bad niches, just bad ways of doing things!”

So be obscure with your niche. If you like basket weaving, I’m sure there will be others out there. Oh, you like to teach your cat to dance, so do others.

What about creating a course for cat lovers who want to train their cats?

What about a beginners video course on basket weaving?

Yes, the amount of money you make might be lower but it’s an interest and that will keep you motivated. Let me make it clear you are not the only person looking for those programs.

There will be more people than you can imagine.

No spending weeks on this stage!

Module 2 Internet Jetset - Pick Your Niche

John will introduce you to two tactics on how to choose your niche. There is a quirky little exercise. During this, I actually found out I am in the right niche for me!

Now he doesn’t know me and he was able to show me a trick that actually picked me out. John knows his stuff.

The problem I had with this module was the amount of time he spent showing me his results. That was in the way of commissions.

Once that had bypassed though!

He released the good stuff. I really like this longer video format. Quick segmented videos seem to make me keep watching.

A longer video (this video is like 30-40mins) makes me excited to go out and give it a try!

So that is pretty much it for module two… pick your niche!

Drive Premium Free Traffic From Google That Is Super Targeted

This is where you are going to need that website so if you need hosting and domain, remember BlueHost. John will give you his recommendations inside the tools section of the program too.

Click here for a Free Domain & Web hosting!

Internet Jetset Google Traffic Module

You have two options here, John is going to take a deep dive into both. It starts with a review website. John shows a plethora of real-life examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Maybe a bit too much.

I suppose if you are learning though this is exactly what you need.

The other option is to start a blog. This method is more information based than product based. In my honest opinion I would watch the whole video and mix the two methods together.

This will help you rank for more long tails but also looks a lot less spammy than all reviews. Having said that, I have seen review sites do phenomenal… look at 10beasts.com it makes thousands per month.

You will learn tactics to do the keyword research part of things but as for actual SEO tactics not so much. His strategy focuses on content. No mention of backlinks or authority. It might come later in the training so I won’t rule it out yet.

So what can you do with what you learn?

Start to do it, watch a little, pause and then do! Take the information in and utilize it. Next, let’s look at the YouTube training…


Video Is The Future So Get Onboard Now With The Youtube Module

Omg, I think John loves YouTube, over 10 videos each in long form. At the start, we are faced with the real-life examples. He states that he is teaching you how to reverse engineer, that is why he shows you so many examples.

I get it, your next step is to find your own examples to reverse engineer.

Youtube Training on Internet Jetset by John Crestani

As well as reverse engineering top YouTubers you will learn about creating a video, uploading, thumbnails, branding, optimization and so much more.

John really blew me away here as I wasn’t expecting all that training. In true John fashion, he deep dives into everything he teaches. So you leave the video feeling satisfied with what you have learned.

Before we get into the optimization training he drops a massive knowledge bomb:

Engagement Tornado Technique!

This is like a psychology lesson on how to use YouTube cards to catapult your success.

YouTube is one place I really want to start experimenting with so this training will be getting implemented by me.


Is Free Facebook A Thing Of The Past: The Facebook Module Reveals All

OK, I really believed that Facebook marketing was really only good for paid ads. John has proved me wrong. He will show you how to rock organic Facebook engagement.

This is something that gets overlooked so much these days.

Facebook Training on Internet Jetset by John Crestani

You are shown two methods that show you how to leverage Facebook’s audience. These methods are exactly what I thought. I think some of the examples have used paid traffic to boost their posts.

However, I’m sure that there is a lot of organic traffic too.

He talks about the importance of engagement. This is gold because the more engagement the more organic traffic Facebook will send you.

Get your friends and family to like things and comment and I am sure you will start a buzz. A paid boost would definitely speed up your Facebook results.

Remember the goal here is to take the traffic to your own blog, YouTube channel or email list. This gives you control over your traffic.

Facebook doesn’t like people taking their traffic without paying. So it is best to get them off Facebook quickly.


Learn How To Use Your Own Website To Make Money

In the previous sections of the course, you have got deep into what affiliate marketing is. You learned different ways to promote your links and you also learned a few different strategies. Now John is handing the reigns over to Ashley who is an Affiliate Blogging coach.

Internet Jetset Review Set Up Your Website

Ashley is going to walk you through how to set up you’re first ever website… Excited?

From installing WordPress to all the bells and whistles you need. It is no longer possible to throw up a one-page website and bank.

You now need to look trustworthy, professional and provide epic value.

This is exactly what Ashley is going to teach you. I love how John has brought in a true expert to give his students the best coaching.

The one problem I notice amongst new bloggers is the need to fuss over the little things like fonts, themes and etc…

This stuff is important but there are a lot more important things at this stage. You need content for starters. Not having awesome content will hold you back…

In the beginning, you should focus on just getting content out there, pick a decent theme. Ashley will give her recommendations in the course too. Once you have a theme installed all you have to do is some minor customizations and then nail your content.

Tweaking a website without traffic is like building a house without foundations.

For traffic you need content!

This module is packed full of valuable nuggets and is around 15 videos long. No holding back here!

Not only does it focus on getting your actual website live it shows you how to set up your blog for social media, email marketing, and content marketing.

This is one module not to be skipped.

Any serious student looking to start an online business has to understand the importance of a website.

It is not an extra it is a necessity!


Content Is King: Discover Expert Copywriting Secrets To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales

The next part of the training is provided by Ronnie Sandlin and it focuses on copywriting. Content marketing is the ‘in thing’ at the moment and to be fair it kind of always has been. How many times have you heard:

Content is king!

I have lost count personally.

In this section of the course, you are going to learn how to speak to your audience. That is all that copywriting is… mass communication.

Internet Jetset Review Copywriting Course

You are going to learn how to tap into the Reptile brain which is actually the oldest part of our brain. According to Ronnie, this is the most powerful part us marketers can tap in to. This is responsible for dealing with sex and fight and flight… our basic instincts.

I love the way he describes tapping into pain points. If you have never quite got this you will after this training.

To keep things in true Internet Jetset style Ronnie takes a deep dive into advertorials. He will show you his formula that he uses daily to get over 2 million eyes on his content. You read that right his ads are seen by 2 million people a day.

That’s more reach than some TV ads.

For me personally, I sucked at copywriting for years. I would crank out blog post after blog post and never make any headway. Why was no one reading my content?

Once I began to understand copywriting I noticed my blog go in a better direction and much quicker too.

Take the time to really understand this bit if your goals are to sell anything online!


Rich Jerk Bonus: 2 Courses For Price Of One

I remember when this course launched a way back in the day. It was released back in 2004 for the first time but has been updated since then. It is well known in the industry for potty mouth coaches to flashy ads of Lambos and hot chicks.

Hype Central! The only difference is that it lived up to the hype. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard when it was open…

Old Rich Jerk Dashboard

A few years ago they decided to stop selling the training and the doors were closed.

I got my first few successes with this very course. Within Intenet Jetset, John states on numerous occasions that the creator of Rich Jerk was his mentor.

From going through Rich Jerk personally, I can say a lot of the information is still useful today. Launch Jacking is still a valid strategy to make money in 2018.

The other thing you will learn about in the Rich Jerk section is authority sites.

More recently Google has proved that they give much more weight in the search results to authority sites.

This is one trend that is in this industry to stay, best to learn it now!

Learn Product Launch Jacking For Explosive Growth

If you have never heard of this concept before let me explain.

There are plenty of product launches every day. As an affiliate marketer, we can set up a dedicated blog for this product. Why?

Because product keywords are a ton easier to rank for.

You set up the blog and fill with content related to the product. This could be reviews, news, demos, interviews etc… Now when launch day arrives the buzz around the product kicks in. People that are unsure will browse looking for reviews and more information…

If you rank number one… that could be a hell of a lot of traffic coming to your blog!

These kinds of blogs get a bad rep in the industry. Many marketers have abused this strategy. Having said that if you do it right you can do extremely well.

Rich Jerk Launch Jacking Internet Jetset

Inside this section of Internet Jetset, Pyong Kim is going to walk you through the entire process step by step. He will show you how to choose a product, How to set up your launch blog and then how to rank it in Google!

You will learn the backlinks that work the best and the optimization strategies that can really improve your launch jacking result.

This was the go-to course for long enough. It is thorough and in depth and if you do correctly can make you an insane amount of dough.

Build A Kick-Ass Authority Sites That Make A Killing

Building an authority site is definitely not a new concept but it is a very worthwhile strategy. If you want a long-term business that improves year after year then this is what you should strive to build.

Not only is it great to help you achieve that freedom lifestyle many people dream of but it makes promoting, selling and ranking a million times easier. You are positioning yourself as an expert.

The go-to person within your niche.

This part is taught by Donny Gamble. The knowledge he lays out here is sound!

Rich Jerk Authority Sites Module

You will learn about setting up the site to rank for a plethora of keywords. From low hanging fruit to semi-competitive terms.

He explains why mixing informational content is important when creating an authority review site. So many people fail to do this and they really are shooting themselves in the foot.

This strategy is definitely the way forward for 2018.

If you mix in the strategies you learned in launch jacking with authority sites then you can get some quick wins while you build authority!

Not only that but an authority site can normally rank for product keywords a lot easier. This will save you money on backlinks with this strategy!


Get The Word Out Quicker With Facebook Ads: Tame This Rampant Beast!

Everything up until this point has been focused on making affiliate marketing work with free methods. Well, there was some paid stuff in the Rich Jerk section (buying backlinks).

On the whole, Internet JetSet has been focused on free traffic methods.

Nowadays though introducing a paid ads method can really boost your campaign’s results. Facebook Ads is the cheapest and if done correctly the most scalable method of paid advertising.

I use Facebook Ads daily in my business because you can see results a lot quicker.

Nobody wants to spend 20+ hours on a blog post, webinar, course etc… only for it to fail. With free methods, you could wait up to 3 months to see if Google likes you or to get enough traction.

Sometimes instant feedback is important.

In this section, we meet Carlos Cruz. He will guide us through hours of content devoted to taming the FB Ads beast.

Facebook Ads Training Internet JetSet John Crestani

There are only 4 videos in this module but these are webinar style training. There are hours of learning for you to get your teeth into. Get a pen and paper ready to take notes if you want to get the most out of this training.

As well as setting up the ads themselves, Carlos also shows you the best way to set up the whole campaign. A lot of new marketers struggle to understand how to mix paid ads into their campaigns.

Carlos doesn’t let this happen he will show you how to set up a landing page, tracking your campaign and some crazy targeting tricks!

When I first decided to get on FB Ads I lost hundreds of dollars.

I was embarrassed because I had nothing to show for it. When you are already on a budget and then you lose a whack of money…

It is painful!

Facebook wants you to spend money and you will if you don’t understand what you are doing properly. I wish I had this module when I was starting. It could have saved me hundreds of dollars in failed ad spend.


The JetSet Live Webinars

This is one of my favorite parts of this system. The amount of value John divulges is unbelievable. It is like FREE coaching, well, it’s the price of the membership.

If you are short on time don’t watch these. They are highly addictive!

Internet JetSet Live Webinars

I spent about 3 hours enjoying the webinars, my goal was only to watch one webinar!

From the webinars I watched I seen John himself physically take people by the hand. From showing copywriting hacks to coming up with ideas. Not to mention how to execute on the student’s plans.

Guys this part is gold!

If you are a member save questions you have and keep an eye on the Facebook Group for the next Live webinar. When you are on the call fire your questions to John. You could be featured on the call and it all starts with asking John a question.

Screenshot From Internet JetSet Live Webinar

From watching I can really see that he puts the effort in to answer as many as humanly possible.

There was one student that John was helping who was really struggling with time. John took about 10 minutes to understand her business. There were ideas going back and forwards, my hands were getting numb with all the note-taking.

When this student left, she had a step by step plan to execute on.

This was all live for all members to learn from too… Just Gold Guys!

Sometimes when you go through a course it can feel overwhelming. When you see it explained to you live and with real-life examples… it just clicks!

These webinars show you in real time how to get shit done!


Upsell: Internet Millionaire Case Study Archive

Like any internet marketing course, there is bound to be an upsell or two. Internet JetSet is no different. The upsells compliment the JetSet course though, they are by no means a requirement for success.

You could set up your business and earn without purchasing any of these at all.

The first upsell is the Internet Millionaire Interviews.

This is where John and his team speak to other marketers that are at the top of their game. He dives into their story so they can share their strategies with you.

Internet Millionaire Case Studies From Internet JetSet

Value is at the heart of these interviews.

If you learn better by seeing it in a real-life setting then I would highly recommend you take this upsell.

You are going to learn some cool and more advanced stuff from professionals that do this every single day.

The interviews are easy to digest and the perfect add-on as it puts what you have learned into a real-world example.

If it goes over your head. Watch it again until it sticks.

Upsell: Super Affiliate System

The next upsell is the Super Affiliate System course that John released a while back. So within Internet JetSet, you are getting a huge amount of training for such a low barrier to entry.

What is the difference between Super Affiliate System and the JetSet System?

JetSet is based on Free Traffic methods and Super Affiliate focuses on paid traffic methods.

That’s it in a nutshell!

Super Affiliate System is a 12-week course that focuses on paid traffic methods like Native Ads, Facebook and Google Adwords. When you join you are given access to everything nothing is drip fed.

  • Week One begins with an in-depth explanation of affiliate marketing. You will look at advertising on blogs, forums and how to surround yourself with the right people.
  • Week Two takes things up a notch and we get into learning about how to set up the tools you need to run an actual campaign. You will get a peek into John Crestani’s toolbox and see how to set it all up for success.
  • Week Three is where you will learn about setting up your assets. You will learn about setting up blogs and tracking software. Pay attention to this one as he reveals how to get big favors from the affiliate managers.
  • Week four is where we fine-tune our copywriting skills. This is a very important skill for affiliate marketers. If you can’t convert your traffic then what is the point.
  • Week Five: In this module, you are going to see how to do bulletproof research. There is never a hundred percent guarantee your campaign will deliver. These tactics make it easier to spot the winners before you lose cash.
  • Week Six: How do you optimize your campaigns so they perform? That is what you will learn in this module.
  • Week Seven: We are back to mindset with this one. Let’s face it your mind can really hold new marketers back. Learn strategies to tame your unruly mind!
  • Week Eight: Is it best to go it alone. In the words of The Beatles, we get by with a little help from our friends. This module is all about networking.
  • Week Nine: Google Adwords is a tough cookie to crack. Not anymore as John shows you the best way to get the most from Adwords.
  • Week Ten: Tim Burd joins us to show us how to get the most out of our Facebook Ads campaign. If you have struggled with Facebook Ads Tim will make it that little bit easier to crack the code.
  • Week Eleven: Native advertising is next. I think this is really one overlooked source to make some bank. How do you make it work for you though?
  • Week Twelve: Ready to scale. John is going to show you how to turn that $100 a day campaign into a $1000 a day campaign.

With this course, you are not only getting the training but you will also get access to landing pages, swipe files and loads more downloadable content.

Still want more?

What about over 10+ hours of real live coaching calls with other students. I mentioned this earlier, but sometimes seeing real examples can really make it sink in.


What If You Get Stuck When Going Through The Program?

If you happen to run into any problems you really are flooded with options to get support and fast.

Let’s face it we are not all internet whiz kids, we can all run into problems at any time.

If your question is related to executing your business, try and get on a webinar!

You may get featured and John himself will coach you.

Another great option is the Facebook Group. The community there is fantastic and love to help each other. You can ask questions, ask for critique or maybe even help another member.

Internet JetSet Facebook Group

This is the place to be if you need that quick answer. Here you will see details of future webinars too.

If it is more technical or billing type of a question John has a help desk. Support is quick and they are very pleasant too. The support desk forum has copious amounts of frequently asked questions and threads on loads of different topics.

Internet JetSet Helpdesk

Even business related.

If you are stuck definitely check it out!

My Internet JetSet Review: Accept The Help Or Go It Alone?

It has been a total pleasure to go through the course with John.

Internet Jetset has really delivered in my eyes. The content provided is epic with not a single step left out. It is thorough and conveyed in a way that is super simple to understand.

If this is your first dive into internet marketing you will feel safe in John’s hands. He has lots of life experience and it shows in the way he teaches you within the course.

We are always learning in this industry! I have been doing this for six years and even I learned some new concepts that I can implement. For example, the module that really got me pumped was the Facebook Ads one, paid advertising is one thing I hope to implement soon.

The YouTube module was another that stuck out to me. I know I need video in my business in 2018 so I really took the time going through this one.

As well as the basic training you have the Rich Jerk program and this is a stellar course on it’s own. It got a bad rep for being hype central but it delivered results for lots of students. The training is still useful today although I would be a more careful with Web 2.0’s, PBN’s etc… Especially if you are going to buy them.

Launch Jacking still works you just need to execute it a bit more cautiously.

The webinars were awesome in my eyes.

These are worth the price of the course on their own. They are like live coaching calls and if John picks you, well, it is like one on one coaching with the man himself.

The biggest problem I think most people will face is the structure. You learn some strategies that require a blog but the section on setting your blog up isn’t until after the traffic section.

I think John has done this to show you it in parts rather than a way to execute.

Another downside is the amount of time spent going over reverse engineering. It is an important concept but I think John overdid this.

So there you have it guys!

If you are looking for an all in one training course this is it. You are learning every aspect of setting up your affiliate marketing business.

I hope you have found this Internet JetSet review helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.


7 Figure Cycle Review: Is It Worth It To Sell On Amazon?

7 Figure Cycle Review By One Man Wiki

NOTE: 7 Figure Cycle Doors Are Closed, Do you want to build a 6-figure store? Try This

There are so many methods to make money through Amazon but is it worth it to sell on Amazon. Is there still a piece of the pie to find?

There is a mammoth-sized piece of the pie still to find.

In fact, it has been reported that more people spend money on Amazon than on any other site on the interwebs.

Have I got your attention yet?

The trouble with most make money online with Amazon methods is oversaturation. It is an easy way to start a business but we really need a new way of doing things.

This is where my 7 Figure Cycle review comes in.

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively have created a new and unique method to capitalize on the Amazon marketplace. The good news is that they have created a training course that teaches this new business opportunity.

This makes selling on Amazon totally worth it. This is brand spanking new, which means no saturation.

It is completely different from their best selling 100K Factory course which rocked the internet marketing world. These guys really are eCommerce superstars.

Let me share my thoughts with you in my 7 Figure Cycle Review.

Quick Stats For My 7 Figure Cycle Review

ProductSeven Figure Cycle
Creators By Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Todd Snively
7 Figure Cycle ReviewI would highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to create a freedom lifestyle with eCommerce.
Where to buyClick Here

What Exactly Is 7 Figure Cycle?

There have been thousands of eCommerce training programs out there but 7 Figure Cycle is a brand new system. The method is so new that the team is providing a done-for-you business in a box to get you started with this new method.

When you sign up for the program you are starting your business as well as enrolling in a high-end training course. From Aidan and Steve’s previous training programs I am really excited to see what they have in store for us.

All I know to date is that this system is not Amazon FBA or Dropshipping it is a brand new concept. A gamechanger for making money with Amazon.

The training leverages the breakthrough cyclical selling process. This process makes it extremely easy to make your mark in a busy marketplace like the aforementioned Amazon.

Make Money Selling On Amazon

With this done-for-you system, you can quickly get set up and learn on the go. Meaning that you could potentially make an income in your first month with the training.

Every customer that signs up for the course will have a product to sell that has been selected by 4 super eCommerce stars (Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively). This makes it super easy not to fail and get to grips with the whole method while getting started.

The problem with dropship – Long wait times as most suppliers are based in China.

The problem with Amazon FBA – You have to worry about delivering the goods and the customer service.

So what makes 7 Figure Cycle different?

You will be introduced to USA-based suppliers that have a brilliant catalog of superb physical products. Your product is shipped to Amazon an then Amazon will ship to your customer.

What Experience Do You Need To Take The Course?

With the 7 Figure Cycle method, the beauty is that you do not need any experience. Just determination, patience, and an infectious enthusiasm.

You heard right.

You don’t need…

  • A website
  • to worry about spending your life savings on inventory
  • long shipping times
  • to develop or manufacture a product or brand
  • to spend your life savings on expensive paid advertising

My Honest 7 Figure Cycle Review & Bonus

This product hasn’t launched yet which makes it difficult for me to give you the full scoop. Aidan and the team have not given any access to anyone. Be cautious when reading other reviews as I have seen a lot of false claims.

What can you be certain of, though?

Well, I have been through Aidan’s training in the past, for example, 100K Factory. The pre-launch was nothing short of epic. He gave us plenty of free training prior to the actual launch. We got to see an overview as well as great example sites. When I got inside the level of detail was immense.

A complete beginner could jump on this and get started from day one.

I am positive that this new training will deliver the same quality. Aidan, Steve, Chris, and Todd are real experts that are selling through eCommerce every day.

They practice 100% what they preach.

Thank you for reading my 7 Figure Cycle review and bonus, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments 😀

How To Monetize Your Blog, 21 Ways To Make Money!

How To Monetize Your Blog

Your blog will never make you money, it’s just not possible!

Your blog is just a platform to provide content, nothing more and nothing less.

I want to show you how to monetize a blog, though, this way you can start to earn money from your content.

If you employ any of the strategies I am about to show you on to your own blog, you can start to earn money from your traffic right away. However, don’t think that you can set up a new blog, introduce one of these methods and you will be rich tomorrow.

Most make money online methods don’t work like that, if you do have traffic then you may get a little return tomorrow.  At the start, though, I would highly doubt it will be screw your day job material.

So let’s look at ways that you can start earning some revenue from your blog.

Ways To Monetize A Blog

#1 Banner Ads (The Worst Way To Monetize Your Blog)

Are you Huffington Post?

No, I didn’t think so…

To make any sort of a decent income from banner ads you need to have a huge amount of traffic. This isn’t just for Google Adsense, it’s the same for self-hosted banner ads too. Can you easily provide 1000 impressions or 100+ clicks to a specified banner?

People want to pay for results and if you are sending them crap traffic they will not be happy with your Banner Advertising service.

As for Google Adsense, you will be lucky if you make $50 a month unless you are a site like Huffington Post.

I would always say screw banner ads, they make your blog look nasty,  it’s too unpredictable and requires a lot of traffic nowadays.

If you are gonna go down this route then you will need another strategy in place to bump up your earnings…

#2 Write A Sponsored Posts

Mashable use this method a lot, they have a huge audience for their customers. I kind of think like banner ads you need high traffic as you have a paying customer… you want to overdeliver to keep them a customer.

Sue Anne DunleviewA sponsored blog post is a blog post which you are paid to publish on your blog. It may be written by you or by the advertisers.

Even if you are not legally bound to disclose that you’ve been paid to publish a post, you should.” – Sue Anne Dunlevie

It might sound like a great idea, I mean you love writing new content for your readers, right?

This is kind of like pretty Banner Ads, it seamlessly blends in with the rest of your content. It is a blog post after all!

To stay in line with FTC regulations, though, you must declare that it is a sponsored post. I would like to think you would anyway!

If you are doing something that you have to hide from your readers, you probably shouldn’t do it in the first place.

Remember if your goal is to make money then you need to build trust. Lying is not going to do that!

If I were you I would use other strategies till you have a large reach. Then you don’t have to worry about delivering results.

Get Paid To Review A Product

#3 Paid Reviews

When it comes to reviews my number one tip is that you are honest and don’t just write crap because you want to earn money.

If your reader’s think that you are just selling to them all the time you will get nowhere.

Remember trust equals more sales!

If you are interested and you have decent traffic then paid reviews are an ok short term monetization method. Just like sponsored posts, though, you are required to state that you have been paid to publish (FTC regulations).

It’s a very easy method to start getting some cash flow, if you have no offers yet you can try PayPerPost.com, this is a marketplace for paid content. I think it’s better when you have an offer as you can charge a rate stipulated by you.

The downside is that your readers may become annoyed seeing sponsored posts all over the place and it could harm your relationship with them if you do it too much.

If you have poor traffic then you aren’t providing much value so you probably won’t earn the best until you have a larger audience.

#4 Paid Guest Blog

I think this is a great way to make some extra cash, it will get your writing out into the big bad world.

Getting paid for it just sweetens the deal for you that little bit more.

The problem with paid guest posting is that it doesn’t really do much for your blog. It made this list because it’s a viable way to make money and build that initial cash flow.

It is very time-consuming, these blogs are paying for a top class article, so you really do want to go above and beyond.

Learn How To Monetize A Blog

If you want to give it a try check out this great list of sites that pay for guest posts, they are not the only resources but it’s a good start.

#5 Your Own eBook

Are you ready to really start making money?

When you have your own product the potential income you can make can be explosive. An eBook is the best way to start, with hardly any overheads unless you pay for a writer, there is definitely money to be made.

You can craft your own eBook easily by picking your best blog posts and then put them in order, that’s really all an eBook is…  a collection of blog posts,  that have a running order.

Now packaging your blog posts sounds too easy to be true and that is why I would suggest you aim to push the content further. Don’t leave one part untouched, you need to expand the content of each blog post.

Remember deliver value, now it’s worth something… right?

Get a professional ebook cover designed to continue your branding and make it stand out and look professional. You can get these on Fiverr, 99 Designs, or Upwork.

Simply add a shopping cart like woo commerce and you are good to go. When you only have one product you can actually use the Paypal button and just integrate it.

Find out more about writing and selling your eBook

Darren RowseThe simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. In most cases they involve you as a publisher earning a commission when someone follows a link on your blog to another site where they then buy something.” – Darren Rowse

Affiliate Product Reviews Will Make You Money

#6 Review Affiliate Products

Reviewing Affiliate Products can turn out to be really profitable, but unlike days gone by, I would not suggest you don’t focus on this method on its own.

People expect more value from your blog nowadays and reviews for a few products will not cut it anymore.

If you are interested in reviewing a product on Clickbank, I would suggest you make sure you can write at least 2 blog posts regarding topics that are covered within the product.

As well as this I would advise you write one content style email, you don’t want your list to feel spammed.

Now it’s not just about dropping links and hoping for the best. In your content style pieces just place the link when you mention the product. When you do it like this it seems more natural.

However when you write your product review think more strategically about link placement.

Here are a few affiliate networks where you will find products to review to get you started…

Yaro StarakAs I learned with my first affiliate promotion, once is never enough. If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing you need to promote many products, many times.” –  Yaro Starak

Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to get started making money online.

#7 Recommend Affiliate Products Within Your Posts

I love to use this method as I feel like it provides more value to my reader. Instead of directly selling the product or service through a review, we would provide a tutorial or some form of content and recommend the product as a tool to complete.

Kind of like a case study, readers love these because they see how the tool or product works from someone other than the creators team.

It’s simple to do, just drop the links in when you mention the product if you want to increase your chances maybe be a bit more aggressive at the bottom…

“Click here to learn more”

Or, if you don’t want to be too aggressive simply forward them to your review…

“If you are interested in adding a squeeze page to your blog then LeadPages is great for the job, click here to see my review.”

#8 How To Monetize Your Blog With Dropshipping

This is where your blog turns into an eCommerce store but don’t worry you do not need to buy any inventory.

Dropshipping is a great method to start your very own online store.

Basically, you register with a supplier, host their products on your store. When the customer buys from you…  you place the order with the supplier and the supplier ships the product to your customer for you.

Now, your supplier will charge you a lower rate and you set the selling price, the difference between the two is the profit you make.

As you can see it is a very easy method to start, but it’s very easy to scale up to a bigger business also.

#9 Start A Membership Site To Monetize Your Blog

When you provide content people love you but you are not making any money from that. You can create a members area to your site and provide exclusive content.

It’s not that hard to maintain, you simply put together some content that teaches your readers the whole process.

Over at Blog Marketing Academy, David Risley has his Blog Monetization Lab area where he shares action plans that take you through the process of creating a blog through to making money.

His training is second to none!

David Risleys Blog Monetization Lab

Now the Lab area is his member’s area. The great thing about this model is that you will receive a membership fee every month/quarter/annually which is great for you in the long term. I recommend you look into this model if you want to make some decent money online.

I would highly recommend you check out Member Mouse (this is an affiliate link), it is a very low-cost solution to start your membership site and its is very easy to get started with.

Member Mouse

#10 Be Sponsored

This is an easy way to make money if you are worth your salt. However, if your blog is crap or your content is poor, this method won’t work for you.

Nobody will want their name next to a poor blog and they most certainly won’t want to put their money besides it either.

The good thing about getting sponsored is that the control is in your hands.

You can select who you want to sponsor you if they are happy to work with you, you can decide what the sponsorship entails, and even if you are not quite there yet some sponsors will work with you to help bring your blog up to scratch and enhance your reader’s experience.

They want a great result from sponsoring you, don’t they?

They won’t pay to sponsor you if you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you want to learn more about this method I suggest you read this great article from Mack Collier.

#11 Get Paid To Tweet

This is a great pocket money strategy to add to your business because it is so easy to do with a decent following but like paid blog posts, I wouldn’t do too much of it.

If people are seeing the same thing time after time because you are being paid to do it you will just piss them off.

However, if you do once or twice a day I am sure you will get away with it.

If you want to add this into your tool box check out Paid Per Tweet. Just remember it’s pocket money not your main source of income.

Get Paid to Tweet

#12 One On One Coaching

If you know your niche really well, which you should if you are giving advice on a topic, then you can offer one on one coaching to your members/subscribers. This is where we start getting into the higher streams of income.

Offering an hours coaching (e.g. $125 per session) can make you a significant amount of cash and when it becomes regular and secure… you will be able to say, “Screw you, day job!”

One thing you need to be aware of is what you are actually giving away! You need to be clear in your offering. If you don’t want your customers to contact you before 12pm you need to state that. If they only get 30 mins with you, then tell them this before they sign up.

If you don’t have a plan in place your new customers will assume anything goes and it can become really time-consuming and draining.

If you set limits, your customers will know what to expect!

#13 Small Group Coaching

In the fitness world, we have personal training but we also have group exercise classes. This is totally possible in any niche, whether in person or online, offering group training can bring in a decent income for your service.

Let’s say you have prepared a really cool video on how to rank for any keyword in Google. Your plan was to offer this to your subscribers. Well, you could add this to a membership area and offer an hour presentation as an upsell. This is higher value because they can actually interact with you.

I don’t want you to think of this as a webinar as they will normally end with a pitch. This is one hour of premium content, actually, help people to rank for their actual keywords. Not just general training information.

Cap the numbers at say 10-20 people and you can drive scarcity in your promotions. People are always afraid they will miss out so scarcity really helps drive sales.

#14 How To Monetize Your Blog With A Service

What are you good at?

Are you a great writer, web designer, fitness coach etc…?

If you are then I would make your service your niche and provide lots of valuable content that you feel would benefit a future customer.

Sell A Service

So, if you are a web designer you could do a case study of the process and the results you have provided your previous clients with. This shows your prospective clients what they can expect when working with you.

When you offer a service you can set your own price, what do you want to earn an hour? Just remember to factor in what you need to live comfortably too.

Once you have decided this you can simply just bill your client per hour.

I always suggest creating packages, it’s a lot easier to sell these as the benefits will be clearer to your customers. Plus it sets outs your rules/guidelines of working with you!

This is the easiest way to start making money and you can start straight away without many overheads.

#15 Make Your Service Into A Product

Services are great but sometimes to make life easier turning them into a product can actually be better for your business. Joe what you talking about you lunatic?

If you are a graphic designer you could offer logo design as a quick service, if you are a writer then you could offer product descriptions. These can be quick jobs and if the customer needs more than what you can offer you tell them to ask for a custom quote.

Refine your process so you can take more orders.

This is how you can scale your business, just never take on more than you can handle. You could even outsource these to take the pressure off you.

#16 Webinar (Pitch Your Product)

These have to be the best ever platforms to make money, now the actual webinar will not make you money but these are a great way to pitch a product/affiliate offer to a new audience.

I don’t do nearly enough of these, I need to get onto it as I love them, did I say that already?

Basically, your group of customers shows up to your webinar at a pre-set time. The first part is normally getting to know you and then your content, I would say aim for 80-90% content and the rest pitch. You can never give too much value!

Amy PorterfieldA truly effective webinar strategy involves 5 Key Stages (planning, pre, live, post, automated), all of which MUST be executed in perfect harmony in order for cash to change hands at the end of your presentation.” – Amy Porterfield

I have seen my best results in sales of an affiliate product after a webinar… you read right it wasn’t even my product.

The webinar showed me using the product and explaining it and then at the end I gave them the link… boom!

Here is a screenshot of my account after the webinar…

Webinar Proof Clickbank

#17 Speaking At Events

Again this is not directly related to your blog but public speaking can be a great way to earn money. Look at your blog as a way to launch your public speaking career.

For this to work you really need to prove yourself as an authority in your niche, if you don’t then why would people want to listen to you… or pay to listen to you.

They won’t!

If you get to this level you could really start to feel the dot com lifestyle (if you are any good at it), traveling and making some nice cash.

#18 Your Own Software (SAAS)

SAAS stands for Software As A Service, if you have a great software idea in your head then this business model is a great one to choose.

It brings a recurring income to you and in most cases this will be for a lengthy time if they like your software and you keep it fresh.

Your customer doesn’t need to install the software on their phone or computer so they rent the software and use it from your server (no compatibility issues). This also gives them access to your service anytime they have the internet and a computer.

This model of monetization also makes it easier to hook your customers in as the signup cost can be reasonably low, it’s a recurring model so you will earn money month after month from each customer.

Remember, you should always think long term and SAAS adds great long term value.

#19 Your Own Online Course

Education and training will always be a hit when it comes to creating a product, as people, we are always wanting to learn new skills.

If you have the knowledge to share and you know there is an audience that needs your knowledge then you are onto a winner.

The downside is that there is a lot of competition, but remember, when people sign up to your course… it’s you they are signing up  for, you are your own USP (unique selling point).

Zippy Courses Derek Halpern

Creating online courses is a breeze with the cool software from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Zippy Courses is a platform for WordPress that makes course creation a piece of cake. It can be set up in no time and is simple to populate with content.

If you are interested in this model I highly recommend you check out Zippy Courses.

#20 Employ Affiliates To Promote Your Product Or Service

Ok, so by now you have a huge amount of monetization ideas and if product creation is one of them, it’s time to scale it up and employ the help of eager affiliates.

This is not an easy task as you need to show the affiliates what is in it for them. If your product is a flop, you have little to no sales or results, or you haven’t tested it with your own audience then you have no chance of getting affiliates on board.

Take the time to make sure what you are offering actually converts and then think about how you can launch it to the affiliates. They want to make sure they will make money from your product, it’s your job to show them they will.

So before you reach out to them get the facts in place first!

#21 Sell Your Blog

This might never have crossed your mind but there are people who actually make money from building sites, getting them earning and then flip them (sell them). It’s a lot of work but the amount of money you can generate is life changing.

When you list a website for sale or you get a valuation the price you can sell your website for is usually 20 times your average monthly profit. So if you are earning $1k per month consistently you can sell your blog for $20K.

There is a lot of work that goes into this and it isn’t a matter of hosting for sale and tomorrow $20K will hit your bank account.

You need to provide copious amounts of value in the form of stats and proof. If you can’t put your prospective client at ease about spending that kind of money, well, you have no chance.

Sell Your Website

Wrap It Up

You have no excuses now, go out and look at how you can introduce some of these strategies into your own business. If you stick with them and TEST like there is no tomorrow you could turn that little hobby blog into a decent business.

I suggest you pick one of the methods and stick with it till you have results, give it at least a few months to deliver and continuously monitor its performance. The reason most bloggers don’t make money is because they pull the plug far too soon and with no testing to see if it’s actually worth pulling the plug.

Don’t let that be you…

What is your favorite monetization method and why? Let me know in the comments below…


Affiliate Marketing For Dummies: Getting Started

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Getting Started

So you want to make money online… don’t we all?

You can go to your work in your pajamas, drink coffee when it suits you and my favorite spend as much time as you want with your family and friends.

We are all told about this fantastic internet lifestyle but does it really exist?

In the short term, this is just a pipe dream that will lead to nothing more than tears. Having said that, it is certainly possible with a little hard work and determination you can create a life of freedom.

But it will not happen overnight.

You need to get your head in the game and stop jumping from one method to the next. Master one make money online method and then scale it up and then move on.

This is my affiliate marketing for dummies beginners guide because with affiliate marketing the dream isn’t as far away.

What Is Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Well before we get into the fun stuff it is a good idea to start this affiliate marketing for dummies guide off with a definition.

Pat Flynn | One Man WikiAffiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.” – Pat Flynn

In it’s simplest form affiliate marketing is when you make a commission for referring a sale to a vendor.

It is a low-cost method of making money online as you don’t need much to get started. To get started all you will need is…

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • WordPress
  • Epic Content
  • Affiliate Links
  • Bang you are good to go!

Once you are all set up simply promote your pages where your affiliate links lie and every time someone clicks and purchases you will earn a commission.


Affiliate Marketing For Dummies: Strategic Plan

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make With Affiliate Marketing

The one question that most people ask when they are first getting into affiliate marketing is:

How much cash will I make?

How Much Can You Earn Affiliate Marketing

There is no definitive answer to this unfortunately, there are a lot of factors at play. The amount of money you can make in affiliate marketing depends on factors like:

  • How much commission does the offer pay?
  • How much traffic can you send to the offer?
  • Does your copywriting convert, what is your conversion rate?

Remember though as a beginner at affiliate marketing you are not going to be earning top dollar yet. You need to learn your craft. In the beginning, I hate to say it but… you are probably not going to make very much if any.

If you really want to make money online. You have to become a mad scientist. See what works, see what people you attract and learn how to convert them.

When you begin to get data for your affiliate promotions you can tweak so that you earn more money.

I have seen some affiliates make tens of thousands of dollars. I have also seen some affiliates make nada.

At this stage, it is best not to focus on ‘how much’. It is much better to think you will make nothing because right now you are learning. Not many college students earn from the work they do at school.

When you master something you will see growth. Until then you should work at mastering your skills.

So let’s look at how to begin affiliate marketing.

It All Starts With A Cunning Plan

I will tell you this right now, if you plan to go into this with the sort as you go along attitude then you are doomed from the start. Do you think Donald Trump made his millions by winging it?

Donald Trump Making Funny Face

You need to have a plan so that you know exactly what you are doing and if one thing doesn’t work you can always fix and then continue. If you go into this blind what are you really working towards?

I always like to set my end goals at the start of a project because then all I have to do is work back from them.

So if my goal is to make $100 then what do I need to do to make that. Well, I would need to sell five $20 products or one $100 product.

How will you sell them? By referring customers from your super cool blog.

And how are you going to get them to click through?

If you work back through the process that your customer should take then you will have a solid plan in place. This is your funnel.

So from the example, we know we need a blog to refer our audience to the product, but there is one other problem… we don’t know what we are going to sell.

Picking The Winning Topic For Your Blogs Success

Before we go any further we need to pick a niche for our blog. This will give us a chance to position yourself as the expert so that our new blog audience will trust us. If this new audience doesn’t trust you then you are on to plums when you try and sell to them.

Don’t get me wrong I know there are many lifestyle blogs out there that focus on a number of niches but to begin it always helps to pick one topic.

This doesn’t mean that you can never add another it just gives us a focus for our adventure.

So before we go out looking for niches I need you to understand what a niche is and what makes a good niche for your blog.

What Is A Niche & What Makes A Good One

If you want to pick the best niche then you need to understand what a niche is. Put simply a niche is just the overall topic for the content within your blog. Let me share an example…

I create a new blog that shares the latest kitchen gadgets. This would be focusing our blog in the kitchen niche. Pretty broad if you ask me, they could be looking for energy efficient kitchen appliances. Others might be looking for tools to speed up food preparation.

To get the best results you really need to drill down. What about this example…

A blog for stay at home moms that love to cook with the kids!

Example Of A Stay At Home Mom Blog

Much more specific. You can create content that speaks right to each and every one of those moms.

Once you have niche ideas you need to check if it will be profitable. What products would a stay at home mom that likes to bake with the kids be interested in…

  • Cookbook that shares recipes for baking with kids,
  • Kitchen appliances that are safe for kids to use,
  • Cooking classes,
  • A course to help get the kids in the kitchen.

And you could create blog posts like…

  • What Is The Best Food Mixer That Is Safe For Kids
  • How To Make Washing Up Fun For Kids
  • The Ultimate Healthy Cupcake Recipe
  • How To Get The Kids To Eat More Vegetables

Your niche has to be specific because then you can understand the wants and needs of your audience. When you choose your niche it has to interest you. It could be a topic you are learning, a hobby you are passionate about or maybe a problem you need to solve.

If you’re not interested then staying at this in the long term will be a lot harder for you. You may lose that enthusiasm quickly which will make creating content a battle.

No Motivation Meme

It will feel like a job!

Now you know what a niche is, it is time to start the search for yours. This is where a lot of new bloggers will fall off the wagon. They will do niche research forever. If you never start your blog you will never succeed.

I am going to be tough here and say that this should not take you more than a day. In fact, I don’t think that really is tough, it is more than do-able.

So let’s get started…

Step One: Get Every Idea Out Your Brain & Onto Paper So You Don’t Lose It

The problem with ideas as they don’t last long, one minute they are there the next they are gone. That is why I always suggest brainstorming your ideas with a pen and paper first. Once we have compiled our initial list we can fine tune it in the next few steps.

Remember I said you are looking for a niche that interests you. Think of the magazines or blogs that you read, what topic are they about? You might also want to consider the hobbies you do in your life.

Are you an avid Photographer?

At this stage, you just want to drum up ideas, don’t worry if they work and don’t worry how weird or obscure they are.

Once you have your list I want you to do a little digging to fine tune it. Another niche example coming up:

So the first item on the list is Photography, I want you to think of your target audience. Who are they?

Well, you have beginners, intermediate and professional photography. Is that all though?


You also have nature, landscape, portrait, commercial and you even have photoshop for photographers. So our blog niche for a photography blog could be…

Wildlife Photography for beginners.

This would be perfect!

You can promote photography gear, create a course or maybe even sell clothes for when you are out on a shoot. Now I am handing the reigns back to you.

Tear your niche apart!

Step Two: Check Your Potential Niche For Competition

Ok so you have a pretty specific niche, you know exactly who your blog is for. Does that mean your work is done?


Now you need to validate each niche to ensure that there is demand for your chosen niche. This is a kinda jump back on the computer and research kind of step. This is where you could get lost in the moment.

The rule is to spend no more than 15 minutes per niche!

I don’t want you to get bogged down with research that your motivation dies.

Best DSLR For Wildlife Photography Google Search Example

Start with good old Google and do some example searches, so for our example:

  • best DSLR for wildlife photographers
  • the best lens for wildlife photographers
  • wildlife photography tips
  • and the list goes on.

Google Search Results Wildlife Photography Tips

You want to look at the results and see what kind of results come up. If you see lots of results from news sites I’d stay clear. If you see results from other blogs then I would consider. Lastly, if there are forums on the list I would consider it even more so.

Competition isn’t a bad thing… it means there is demand. It means there is a community for you to be a part of and this is how you get traction in the early days.

Once you have checked good ole Google it is time to look in some other places…

Instagram Search Wildlife Photography

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Look for forums on your niche (how big is their audience).

You are trying to find out where your audience hangs out. Is your audience in loads of different places? Then that means there is a demand for your niche.

Do this for all your niches and bin the ones that are either too competitive (lots of news and authoritative sites) and keep the rest.

Step Three: Are Others Making Money With The Niche

Next, you want to see what your competition is up to, are they making money?

It isn’t wise to email them and ask them. So how do we find out exactly?

Go back to Google again and type in a product that would help your audience. Next, add ‘review’ after it.

This will return all the blogs that are optimized for the “product name review.” The ultimate goal here is to see how many products you can find. So when you go to your competitions review, look around and see how they monetize their blog.

Next look at the search results. Are there ads?

If there is then this is a good sign that there is money to be made. People won’t spend money on ads if they aren’t making it back.

Well, I wouldn’t.

Do this for all your niches. Bin the ones that don’t really monetize well. If you don’t get great results or the search results are filled with news and authorities then it is best to bin the niche too.

Step Four: Choose Your Niche, Choose Your Destiny

This where the big decision happens… What niche will you choose?

Choose Your Destiny (niche)

This is a pretty personal choice. I can’t give you the answer. We might not be interested in the same things and remember we said to choose a niche that you have an interest in.

Go through the remaining niches and select the one that you love the most. By now you should know if there is demand in the niche. You should also be aware of top products in your niche.

Now the whole niche finding process should take you an hour to a day. If you are choosing after 10 minutes you don’t have the info you need.

Pick a niche and let’s get ready to set the wheels in motion.

Choosing Your First Affiliate Product To Promote

There is a number of places that you can look to find products to promote. Since you are all fresh-faced newbies I would highly recommend Amazon or Clickbank.

Amazon is the number one place to buy physical products and Clickbank for digital products.

Start by looking for things that interest you, so for example, if you like dogs then look for dog related products. If you are interested in fitness then look at fitness related products.

If you choose an interest that you have then it becomes a lot easier to write the required amount of content and it will help you stay motivated and on track to meet your goals.

Look on these two sources and pick out seven products you like the look of. Don’t think of anything else other than if you like or if you don’t.

Now it is time to put your products into Google and see if they are profitable or not.

Simply put the product name into Google!

Google Product Search Example | One Man Wiki

Now at the top and bottom of the results page, there will be paid adverts, if you don’t see these then your chosen product is not worth going for. If you see loads you are onto a winner.

Is My Product Profitable

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Do this for all the products and whittle out the ones that don’t meet the grade. After you have done this it is time to move on to setting up your blog.

Setup Your Affiliate Marketing Hub: Personal Branding Like A MoFo!

I believe having your very own website is a must for most affiliate marketers. It looks more professional to your potential customers. A long and obscure LeadPages or Clickfunnels link can look untrustworthy to your potential clients.

By having your own hub, you have a brand that people can trust!

Selena Soo Personal Brand Example

Selena Soo Nails her personal branding with big images of herself.

Is your goal to make money?

Trust is exactly what you need. Look at the big e-commerce brands, people buy from these stores because they believe in what they offer. People shop on Amazon because they trust the brand.

Anthony Mastellone Personal Brand Example

Anthony Mastellone Smashes his personal brand with video.

If you are in this for the long haul then starting off on the right foot is imperative.

Are there other ways you can make affiliate marketing without a website?


You could start your own YouTube Channel or just link paid traffic to your LeadPage or ClickFunnels. This will still work well if you want to make money in 2018.

Sean Bagheri Personal Brand Example

Sean Bagheri Also uses video to build a strong personal brand.

My goal with this article is to get you set up for long-term success. In my eyes, you need a website for that. It isn’t hard to set up and is pretty cheap too.

Web Hosting & Domain Name

To get your website online you need two things web hosting and a domain name. Without these, your website will never exist.

Web hosting is what houses your website. The domain is your address. You need the two of these things to have a functioning website.

Web hosting on its own will hold your website but without a domain, you have no way to locate the website.

I would also advise that you get an SSL certificate. Since last year this has become pretty important and there has been a link to better rankings in the search engines just from installing one of these.

So how do you actually set up your web hosting and domain? You first need to pick a web hosting provider.

For this example, we will focus on Siteground.

There are others though. I have used Sieground on a number of sites and I have been very impressed with their service. My websites load fast, with next to no downtime.

Here is their performance graphs…

WP Done Siteground Performance Graph

Any time that I have run into difficulty and sent them a support ticket they normally reply pretty quick, within a few hours. It doesn’t matter what time of day either they are waiting for your 24/7.

Step One: Head over to your web host –Click Here To Check Out Siteground

Siteground Homepage

Step Two: Choose your plan. Remember at this stage you have no traffic, so you don’t need a big package. With Siteground I suggest the the GrowBigplan. It should do you for a good few years.

Siteground Web Hosting Plans

Step Three: I suggest you take for 12 months as this will stop the setup fee. Any saving is a bonus, right? Make Your Payment and you’re done.

Siteground Make Your Payment

You will receive an email with all the important details of your hosting plan. Keep this in a safe place for when you need it.


Affiliate Marketing For Dummies: Blog Setup


Like I mentioned above Siteground provide you with a one click install script that will get WordPress set up in no time at all and most decent web hosts will provide this. If they don’t check out this article by WPBeginner to see how to set it up via FTP.

Once you have the system set up you want to choose a theme and I would highly recommend Thrive Themes. The quality of their designs is second to none and they are very user-friendly, but the best part is that Thrive has optimized them for conversions, meaning that they will help make you pennies.

Don’t spend all day choosing a theme, when you see one you like and that looks professional snap it up and get it set up on your system.

Essential Pages

Before you crack on with your content there are a few pages that you should make sure your blog has and you want to make them as good as they can be.

Problogger About Us Page

About Page: This page is where your visitors can go when they want to find out more about your blog and you as well. Don’t give the reader your whole life story just give them the info that this relevant to the readers goal. If their goal is to lose weight then tell them a bit about your story and your weight loss journey. They don’t need to know that you were born a Christian to a family of gorillas. Keep this page to the point!

Copyblogger Contact Us Page

Contact Page: At some point or another your readers may wish to contact you and this is the place to do so. Contact Form 7 is a great plugin and it makes creating this page a breeze.

Privacy Policy: If you are using affiliate links or building a mailing list you are going to be collecting private information from the user. It is important that you educate your user and let them know why you are collecting this and how you will use it. Just look at your competitors Privacy Policy and edit the details or you can use a generator like this one here.

Your Initial Content

This is your chance to start your blog with a bang and to do that you need to give your best ever content first. Capture your reader’s attention and make sure that they love your blog from the word go.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Your Best Content

I want you to have at the very least 3 product reviews where you will target the keyword…

“product name review”

And 1 post that brings the 3 together…

“Top 10 Product Category Of 2016”

Lastly, create one ultimate guide article that will link to all of the other pages and really put all your effort into this one. If you do this article correctly you could get thousands of shares and maybe even your first viral post.

So if your site is about dog training then you could have…

  • 3 dog training manual reviews
  • 1 Top 10 Dog Training Manuals of 2016
  • The Ultimate Guide To Training Your Dog To Sit

This will be your first 5 articles and it really is just the start. You should aim for 10-15 posts before you even consider promoting it. Add more reviews  and add more guide posts to really give value to your customers.

When you have more content you will keep your readers on your site for longer and this will lead to a better bounce rate (the time the user spends on your page before bouncing off). If you have a good bounce rate Google will reward you!

Place Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate links come in a variety of forms, such as banners that you can place on your website if you like the advertising look, to text links or even buttons. There really is no right way it is just a matter of testing what works and replacing what doesn’t.

I find that I get a higher amount of affiliate clicks when I write a tutorial post like this one. I will insert the affiliate links when I mention the product name.  I might even say something like…

“I use X product, click here to learn more”

This is a bit more aggressive but it works just as well. I would avoid banners as they just clutter your site and distract the reader from the actual content. Remember you want your readers sold on you and then you want to make money!

Pretty Link Dashboard | One Man Wiki

I would highly advise getting Pretty Link Lite, this makes your affiliate links look better and it also sets them to nofollow, by doing this you keep Google happy. It also makes your users experience a little more comfortable, what would you rather click…




I hope you said the bottom one!

Getting Your First Few Visitors

Woop! Your blog has amazing content, it looks fantastic and your affiliate links are primed and ready to make you some money. Sit back and wait… wait… wait…

“Nothings happening Joe”

Yeah, that’s because you need to promote your new blog a little.

On day one Google will most likely send you no traffic no matter how much of an SEO genius you are but I’m sure you have a Facebook account, right?

Social media is the best way to give your new site a push in the right direction. There are many tools out there to help you manage your social efforts, I would highly recommend this one.

I want you to post a status about your most recent article on your personal timeline and I also want you to private message 10 people.

Ask these 10 people to share your status on their timelines. They are your friends or family and they will be more likely to share just because you created it. The good thing about this is that when they share their friends will see, then their friends and then their friends and so on.

This will get you some traction and be a great way of getting you started. Don’t expect too much but it’s the best way to start.

Wrap It Up

I hope you are ready to put this into action! You have all the knowledge now to get your first blog live.

Choose 7 products that you love from Amazon or Clickbank and create a site around them.

Write a review and some fantastic guide posts for the ultimate shareable content.

Place your affiliate links and test like a maniac to find the best places for your links to get maximum clicks.

Lastly, tell the world or at least your friends and family. Remember you want them to share your post…

I hope you have enjoyed this first part of Affiliate Marketing for Dummies. In the next part, we will look at ranking your reviews in Google using on page and off page SEO.

If you have any questions or feedback please let me know in the comments below…