7 Figure Cycle Review: Is It Worth It To Sell On Amazon?

7 Figure Cycle Review By One Man Wiki

There are so many methods to make money through Amazon but is it worth it to sell on Amazon. Is there still a piece of the pie to find?

There is a mammoth-sized piece of the pie still to find.

In fact, it has been reported that more people spend money on Amazon than on any other site on the interwebs.

Have I got your attention yet?

The trouble with most make money online with Amazon methods is oversaturation. It is an easy way to start a business but we really need a new way of doing things.

This is where my 7 Figure Cycle review comes in.

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively have created a new and unique method to capitalize on the Amazon marketplace. The good news is that they have created a training course that teaches this new business opportunity.

This makes selling on Amazon totally worth it. This is brand spanking new, which means no saturation.

It is completely different from their best selling 100K Factory course which rocked the internet marketing world. These guys really are eCommerce superstars.

Let me share my thoughts with you in my 7 Figure Cycle Review.

Quick Stats For My 7 Figure Cycle Review

ProductSeven Figure Cycle
Creators By Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Todd Snively
7 Figure Cycle ReviewI would highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to create a freedom lifestyle with eCommerce.
Where to buyClick Here

What Exactly Is 7 Figure Cycle?

There have been thousands of eCommerce training programs out there but 7 Figure Cycle is a brand new system. The method is so new that the team is providing a done-for-you business in a box to get you started with this new method.

When you sign up for the program you are starting your business as well as enrolling in a high-end training course. From Aidan and Steve’s previous training programs I am really excited to see what they have in store for us.

All I know to date is that this system is not Amazon FBA or Dropshipping it is a brand new concept. A gamechanger for making money with Amazon.

The training leverages the breakthrough cyclical selling process. This process makes it extremely easy to make your mark in a busy marketplace like the aforementioned Amazon.

Make Money Selling On Amazon

With this done-for-you system, you can quickly get set up and learn on the go. Meaning that you could potentially make an income in your first month with the training.

Every customer that signs up for the course will have a product to sell that has been selected by 4 super eCommerce stars (Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively). This makes it super easy not to fail and get to grips with the whole method while getting started.

The problem with dropship – Long wait times as most suppliers are based in China.

The problem with Amazon FBA – You have to worry about delivering the goods and the customer service.

So what makes 7 Figure Cycle different?

You will be introduced to USA-based suppliers that have a brilliant catalog of superb physical products. Your product is shipped to Amazon an then Amazon will ship to your customer.

What Experience Do You Need To Take The Course?

With the 7 Figure Cycle method, the beauty is that you do not need any experience. Just determination, patience, and an infectious enthusiasm.

You heard right.

You don’t need…

  • A website
  • to worry about spending your life savings on inventory
  • long shipping times
  • to develop or manufacture a product or brand
  • to spend your life savings on expensive paid advertising

My Honest 7 Figure Cycle Review & Bonus

This product hasn’t launched yet which makes it difficult for me to give you the full scoop. Aidan and the team have not given any access to anyone. Be cautious when reading other reviews as I have seen a lot of false claims.

What can you be certain of, though?

Well, I have been through Aidan’s training in the past, for example, 100K Factory. The pre-launch was nothing short of epic. He gave us plenty of free training prior to the actual launch. We got to see an overview as well as great example sites. When I got inside the level of detail was immense.

A complete beginner could jump on this and get started from day one.

I am positive that this new training will deliver the same quality. Aidan, Steve, Chris, and Todd are real experts that are selling through eCommerce every day.

They practice 100% what they preach.

Thank you for reading my 7 Figure Cycle review and bonus, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments 😀

JVZoo Academy Review: The Ultimate Business Building Program!

JVZoo Academy Review

If you want to make it in this game you have to invest in your learning. I see so many new peeps coming on to the scene that thinks they can just fire up a quick Facebook Ad to change their life overnight.

How very wrong of them… when they wake up they shout that this IM shit is a scam, useless and just doesn’t work.

But what if they had taken the time to learn what to do? What if they got a mentor? How different would it be?

Guess what, I was just like that back when I started my journey back in 2010. I would invest in my training but I had a dangerous condition known as Shiny Object Syndrome.

I lost so much money it was getting scary.

If I had used all that money I could have got myself a decent mentor and shortened the learning curve greatly.

Sam Bakker for example, he is one of the top JVZoo Sellers and Affiliates. He sure knows his stuff. Would you like him to be your mentor?

Well, you can with his brand new training system… JVZoo Academy.

He has learned his craft and he is ready to share it with you all. Whether you want to sell or be an affiliate, Sam will reveal the system that he is fine tuned over his career.

jvzoo academy review

I bought it have you?

I have been so excited for this one and I can’t wait to share my JVZoo Academy review…

JVZoo Academy Review


Quick JVZoo Academy Review Details

What The F*ck Is JVZoo Academy

JvZoo is an affiliate network founded by E Brian Rose. It is the number one marketplace for digital products. The idea is simple you sign up, place the links the network provide on your site and then go to bed and when you wake up you will be rich.

JVZoo Academy Review

Not quite, there is a lot more to it as you will learn in the academy.

One problem has been rising over the last few years. The number of new successful vendors and affiliates has seriously diminished. This is bad news for the industry. Without new products then there will be nothing for us to promote.

The JVZoo Academy aims to solve this problem.

The academy is a training course that is designed to take an internet newbie to internet marketing pro. You will learn all the tips and tricks that have seen Sam do six-figure launches and that has put him on many launch leaderboards.

Most people have heard his name but if you don’t he earns over 7 figures every year. In fact, over the years he’s actually generated a whopping $8 million dollars in commissions through JVzoo so it’s fair to say he walks the walk.

If you want to step up and up your game then the JVZoo Academy is just what you need.

JVZoo Academy Review: The Dashboard

Who Is This Sam Bakker Dude

When you sign up for a new training it is important to know that what you are learning is what you need. Sam Bakker lives and breaths internet marketing so there really is no better person to teach you this stuff.

He has sold many programs on the JVZoo platform but he has also been an affiliate for some of the other marketing giants. He knows what to do on both sides of the coin. The most important thing to know is that he knows how to smash it and he continues to do it time and time again.

Back in 1988 in the Garden City (Christchurch) in New Zealand Sam was born a man that would make a massive impact on the IM world. He wasted no time and at age 13 had started his first business in his first year of high school selling drinks & chocolate bars around the school.

Selling was in his blood and at the age of 16 he imported MP3 players from China and sold them in his local area and online. From this venture, he was able to generate $60,000 profit.

As the years progressed Sam went from strength to strength and has built a real empire.

His JVZoo portfolio has been pretty sound too, he has had bestsellers time and time again. He has banked over seven figures on numerous occasions too.

He is the perfect person to show you how to smash your internet marketing goals.

JVZoo Academy Review: The Course Outline

It is time to unveil the fun stuff… What exactly are you going to learn along the way?

When you first enroll in the course you will be taken to your welcome page where you will be greeted with four modules. At the start, you will learn all about the fundamentals and foundations. Then we get into product creation and affiliate marketing.

Course Example JVZoo Academy

Module One: The Fundamentals

In this module, it is all about JVZoo!

You will start from the beginning and learn the best basic tactics and tricks from Sam to maximize your profits.

Before you start building campaigns it is imperative that you understand the JVZoo network. When you do that you will be able to increase your income steadily.

Module Two: Business Foundations

As you move on you are going to lay the foundations of your new online business. In this training, Bakker is going to take you from marketing A to Z.

This is not a quick win business. This is a long term and profitable business.

Most people struggle to master the basics but when you have such a successful marketer mentor you will ace this. You will be able to layer in the best techniques to really improve your strategy and bring you in more profits.

Module Three: Selling Your Own Products

It is now time to drill down in your training as we look at how to create a product and learn how we can have a successful launch.

You will start by learning how to select a niche. When you focus on a niche it becomes a lot easier to position yourself as the expert. It’s a smaller part of the market but it is a lot easier to get in front of these people.

Always niche down!

The Product Kickstarter Manual: JVZoo Academy Review

Module Four: Promoting As An Affiliate

Before you go you are going to learn how to smash your next affiliate promotion with Sam’s leaderboard winning tips.

It all starts with picking the right product. If you believe in the product then that is you half way there.

As you craft your offer you will be guided by a true master.


JVZoo Academy Review: 60 Day Action Plan

Do you know why so many marketers fail online?

Because they don’t even start!

Most people keep reading and reading… oh yeah and reading. When asked to take action they state they aren’t ready. If you think this could be you I would highly suggest you take this extra plan when you choose JVZoo Academy.

Having a structured plan is perfect to help keep you on track. Distraction is also one thing that can kill your marketing dreams so the plan will help focus you. If you feel like giving up just think… not much to go now!

If your only goal is to get to the money as soon as possible it may be wise to stop for a minute. You really need to understand the theory before implementing.

Keep this plan by your side and stick to it for optimal results.

JVZoo Academy Review: Live Training

If that awesome 60 Day action plan won’t keep you on track then you might get better results from having an actual mentor. With this add-on, you can get live training with Sam Bakker himself.

This could be priced a lot higher if you ask me, this guy has an immense amount of knowledge for you to take action on.

Now I will be honest I doubt this will be one on one training with Sam. I would guess that it would be small group training webinars, just remember that you can still interact with Sam on these.

This is a must to get every last drop from this training program!

My JVZoo Academy Review Summary

I think this has been a much needed product. We have not had a similar program for a while so it will be great to get our hands on this highly anticipated training. This product has been endorsed by JVZoo and Sam is a top quality marketer so you can be sure the content quality is there with this one.

You not only get great video training, but you also get downloadable workbooks and Sam’s work processes and cheat sheets.

One issue I had is that the program definitely puts more focus on the Product Creation part of the course. I would have much preferred more affiliate marketing tricks and tips. Having said that, you still have a great deal of value to get going from what is in the affiliate module.

Now when most people do a review they usually say the cost is the bad point but in this case, I actually think the core product is under priced. So I would say get it now because I think the price will go up in the future.

After the launch, Sam ensures that this product will be updated monthly which means that this product will get better as time goes on.

On the whole, I was really pleased with this product. I would not have expected anything less from Sam.

If you are new to the IM world I would highly recommend this course but I would also say it is ideal for intermediate marketers also. Now you have read this JVZoo Academy review it is time to take action, are you ready to enroll, click here or the image below!

JVZoo Academy Review