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How To Get Your First Guest Blog Post & Easily Boost Traffic & Subscribers

Land Your First Guest Post That Builds Traffic, Subscribers and Links

Do you want to get your blog endorsed by big players in your niche?

Today I am going to show you how to start guest blogging so that you can increase your blog’s traffic, social shares and subscribers.

You need to start getting your blog out there and make a name for yourself. Nobody is going to hand you a successful blog, that comes when you do the hard work.

In my post about blog promotion tactics I shared 17 ways to drive traffic to your posts but I never mentioned Guest Posting.

This was for one reason… everyone does this. It is like the golden nugget to traffic.

It has been slated, it has been praised and everything in between but the truth is that it delivers on all levels.

Let’s learn how you can grab your first post that brings you the promised results with my guest blogging strategy.

Where To Start Guest Blogging

Nowadays there are so many lazy bloggers out there that will let you guest post to save them writing content. This leads to people getting zero traffic, zero comments and zero email signups.

What is the point in that?

If you are hoping to write a guest post you want it to deliver all three of these things.

You want traffic to come to your site and landing page, so you can get email signups. You want blog comments to show the audience that you care enough to talk to them.

Brad Sugars even wrote an article on Entrepreneur.com that states guest posting is the best way to get new customers and increase sales.

There is no one metric that can guarantee all three of these because even a top blog, with lots of comments and a brilliant domain authority, could send you nothing.

Maybe the audience weren’t keen on what you had to offer this time.

When I select places to write for I look at the vanity metrics and the engagement. This is before I even think of topics to write about!

Sue Anne DunlevieA Tip From Sue Anne Dunlevie:

One of the best ways to get more readers is to guest post for other blogs. In fact, I suggest that when you start blogging, you guest post even more than you write on your own blog!

Once you’ve developed relationships with other bloggers by doing a couple of round up posts, the next step is to ask them if you can guest post on their blog.

Of course, you need to do your homework on their blog to know if they accept guest posts or not. If they do, most bloggers include a page on what they are looking for from guest posters.

A successful guest post can bring in hundreds of new readers (and potential buyers).

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Is The Blog Relevant

Before you get all bitchy on the blogs out there, you have to make sure that the blog you are pitching too is relevant.

If I was to write a blog post about SEO on Pinch of Yum (A Food Blog). Do you think I would get much traction?

It may appeal to some but not enough to make it worth it. When you are starting out you want to post on highly relevant blogs, this is where your core audience is.

Look on Google for topics you cover on your own blog, the blogs that show up are relevant to your topic and are the best to target for a guest post.

Vanity Metrics

I am not big on these metrics because they can easily be manipulated. Having said this, it would be stupid to totally ignore. The only two metrics I am interested in is Domain Authority and Page Authority.

These are designed by Moz to help you predict how well the site will perform on the search engine results pages. It is basically a scale of 1-100, 1 being the lowest and 100 being the best.

The main problem with these metrics is that it depends if the site has been crawled recently. If the Moz spider hasn’t crawled a blog in a while the metrics could be inaccurate.

These are just a guide to say this site is definitely worth looking further.

Good User Engagement

So the site I am interested in guest posting on has a domain authority of 40 and a page authority of 45. In my eyes, this would be worth looking a little more into.

First I want to make sure that the blog is active. When was their last article? If they haven’t had an article in months I would steer clear for now as this looks quite inactive. The blogger could be taking a break but it’s best to wait until the content is fresher as their readers will be more engaged.

Take a look at their most recent article, does it have blog comments. If people are commenting you know that there is an audience to get to know.

Check For Engagement When Guest Posting

Was the post shared on social media? How many times was it shared?

If the post is doing well on social media it means that their audience is happy with what was produced. It is also another signal there is an audience to engage with.

Lastly, I will check out their social media profiles, does the blogger get involved and answer questions. This again shows signs of engagement.

If I can tick the box on all these things I would definitely start to get to know the blogger.

From Adam Connells guest blogging strategy post he lists questions that he asks himself before he gets involved…

Adam Connelll - Link Bulding StrategiesA Tip From Adam Connell…

You need to vet each blog and when you’re thinking “should I pitch them on a guest post idea?” ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they have an engaged audience? Comments are a great indicator but pay close attention to quality – a load of spam comments are a red flag.
  • Do they reply to comments? This is a sign that the blog owner cares about engaging with their audience, and the blog is active.
  • Do they adequately share their own content? If they don’t put time into sharing their own content, they probably won’t spend much time sharing yours.
  • Does my ideal audience align with this blog? You need to have an “ideal audience” that you want to reach, and the blogs you contribute to should speak to that same audience.
  • Do they give writers credit & a link to their blog/landing page in an author bio? You’ll put a lot of effort into writing content, so the least you should get is a byline with a link back to your site.
  • Do they have the potential to drive traffic or are there too many distractions? Too many distractions may mean they won’t refer as much traffic as a blog with an ultra-clean layout. Some of these sites are still worth contributing to because they have engaged audiences and provide great social proof. Sure they’ll send you less traffic, but the quality is important too.

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Break The Ice To Get On Their Radar

When people think of guest posting they immediately think of pitching an article to a blog owner. This is true but to really get value from this tactic you should build a relationship with the owner.

Brian Dean BacklinkoA Tip From Brian Dean…

If you’re desperate for a link from a particular site (or if the site gets a lot of guest post submissions) you want to get on the webmaster’s radar screen before your pitch.

That way, when you reach out, they’ll be like “Oh yeah, that’s Jim, the guy who leaves all those awesome comments.”

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When someone likes you they are more likely to help you and accept your pitches.

So to get started you should go through your hit list of blogs and start to get on the radars of the blogs you hope to write for.

Blog comments are a great way to do this, especially if you see the owner interacting with the comments. Give value and help their audience, trust me it will not go unnoticed.

Blog Commenting On Successful Blogging

Go over to Twitter and follow the blog owner. Simply start to engage with the blogger. Retweet their posts, share their content and like their tweets.

John Lee Dumas On Twitter

Some busy Twitter accounts might not notice every Tweet but is still a valid method to start to get on their radar.

Jason QueyA Tip From Jason Quey…

An expert quote is a quote from an influencer in your field that provides an extra boost of authority.

Shanelle Mullin was one of the first I observed doing this on ConversionXL. In her article, “How to Write Copy People Will Actually Read,” you can see how she highlights Sujan Patel. If I were Sujan, I’d promote that piece because of how well it highlights me.

“There are obvious promotional benefits, but the main reason I include expert quotes in my articles is because it’s genuinely helpful to our readers. I don’t reach out to the experts who have the most social influence, I reach out to the experts who are most qualified to offer useful advice on the topic.”

Focus on creating helpful, thorough content before you reach out to experts. Your quotes should complement the article, not the other way around.

Read The Full Post Here | Click Here To Tweet This!

Another way you can get onto a bloggers radar is to ask one of your blogging buddies for an introduction. Jason Quey personally put me in touch with John Rampton and William Harris for my expert roundup post.

Jason Quey connected me to other inluencers

Alicia Rades has used this strategy to get in touch with Adam Connell at Blogging Wizard too.

Stroke Their Ego

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling I get when someone tells me I’m great. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Everybody wants to feel loved and wanted!

Even those big bloggers with thousands of followers. This is your not so secret weapon here. By stroking the ego of the blog owner they start to get more positive vibes when they see your posts.

When you share one of the bloggers on Twitter why not reach out to them by email and let them know.

Hi Blogger,

I just wanted to personally thank you and let you know I have shared and linked to the post you wrote about creating a link building campaign.

Your post taught me so much!

I have never considered a broken link building strategy but now  I will definitely implement it now.

Once again, Thank you!

Take Care


This is such a nice email to receive, you aren’t asking for something or being too forward. You are just being nice… This is a great way to make a connection with an influencer and I used this when I first spoke to Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel Outreach example

If you get an email back, pat yourself on the back, you have just taken your relationship to a new level.

Your Secret Weapon To Increase Your Success

When you are able to reach out to someone and get a reply you are ready to deploy the next tactic.

You are going to let your new blogging buddy shine on your blog. I mean if you want to write for them they must be worth some love from your blog.

I am talking about an expert roundup post. Jason Quey also references this method in the Sumo Me article. This post type because it just works so freaking well.

This is your first proper ask so far. By letting your bloggers shine you are showing them how much you appreciate their effort and hard work.

Sue Anne DunlevieA Tip From Sue Anne Dunlevie:

Come up with a compelling question and then send it to 20 or more bloggers in your niche. Then create a post compiling all the answers you receive.

Here’s an example of a roundup post on Successful Blogging where we asked 110 Entrepreneurs to share their best social media strategy with us.

Click Here To Learn More  | Click Here To Tweet This

If you do a good job here and you pitch correctly there is no reason why they won’t accept your post!

Click here to see my post on expert roundups.

Know Exactly What The Blog Wants & Give It To Them

If you want to smash through the crap and get featured as a guest blogger you really have to make your pitch awesome.

To do this you need to make sure you know what the blog’s audience want. When you know what they want you just create a guest post that gives it to them.

If you are starting to get a good rapport with the influencer then it’s time to start to research a guest blogging opportunity.

If that blogger has been featured in an expert roundup for you, you have a good enough rapport to start preparing for a pitch.

Buzzsumo Homepage

Head over to Buzzsumo and see what their most popular piece of content was. Simply just put the blogs homepage URL in the search box and it will return the most shared posts.

Buzzsumo Successful Blogging

When you know what performs well you will have a rough idea of what to pitch.

Do they share list posts or roundups?

What are the topics of the most popular articles, do they match the topic you are wanting to write about?

By knowing the audiences favorite kind of content to share and also the popular topics, you really can’t go wrong.

Well unless you screw up your pitch…

Alicia RadesAt Tip From Alicia Rades…

Pay attention to the types of topics and headlines the blog publishes as well as the tone authors take. Take note of any styling elements they use, such as including screenshots, embedded tweets, offset quotes, numbered lists, etc. Finally, check the word count of a few different posts. That way you know what word count to shoot for and can develop your topic and outline based on how in-depth they want their posts to be.

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Download My Free Blog Post Promotion Checklist To Get More Traffic To Your Next Guest Post From Day One!

Crafting The Perfect Guest Posting Pitch To Ensure You Get Published

When it comes to creating a guest posting pitch, you need to keep it brief and to the point. You also need to show that blogger why they should let you contribute on their blog.

Karol KA Tip From Karol K…

Here’s one for you: why would you believe that a blogger is capable of writing a quality article if they’re apparently not able to send you a well-written email?

It doesn’t make any sense, right? If you can’t do grammar in an email, or can’t convey why you’re contacting the editor, or can’t explain what your post is going to be about, why would anyone believe that you can deliver?

In a word, proofread. Then proofread again. Sending a complete article that has some grammar issues is okay(ish). Sending an email pitch that has them is not.

Check Out The Full Post Here | Click Here To Tweet!

The subject line is the first thing the blogger will read, if you don’t create a spark then you will get a one-way ticket to their trash.

I find sharing a benefit for their readers and creating curiosity works well. The benefit shows them what’s in it for them and the curiosity helps push them to open the email.

What is better?

Guest Posting Pitch For You


Arm your fans with this traffic generating trick

The second of course.

The benefit is the traffic generating trick. Curiosity will start to be generated because they will want to find out about this trick.

The second is clearly targeted at helping their Fans/readers!

The Actual Email

Now you have an irresistible subject line it is time to show them what you have got.

Introduce yourself very briefly, bloggers are busy and they just want to know the facts.

Hi Name,

My name is Joe Elliott and I write over at One Man Wiki.

That’s enough!

Now tell them why you want their attention. Again think about what the blogger would be wanting from a guest blog post.

Happy readers that are getting value!

I just wanted to get in touch to run some ideas on a new blog post idea that will help arm your readers with some more traffic.

Ok from this I can tell you want to write for me and I can see you want to help get my readers some more traffic.

If you have done your homework and traffic generation is a hit on this blog you are onto a home run.

Jess OstroffA Tip From Jess Ostroff:

If you really care about getting your article published, then you must understand that your relationship with the editor is just as important, if not more important, as the quality of your writing.

Make me care about you, as a human, and I’ll be much more likely read what you have to say.

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List Your Ideas

It is now time to share some ideas and from my experience three is the magic number. It’s the sweet spot!

It gives the owner some choice but not enough that they need a week to think about it.

Here are some of the ideas I had for your blog.

  1. Is Link Building Dead Or Does It Still Help Me Rank – I will show why we should still link build and share methods that help build links in 2017.
  2. 50 Traffic Generating Tips From 50 Traffic Experts
  3. Plan Your Broken Link Building Strategy For Massive Growth

If some of your titles spark curiosity then be sure to give a little description. You don’t want the author to have any questions but you also don’t want to write a novel as your pitch.

Including a roundup when you don’t know the person that well is a good way to get your post. These types of posts take a lot of outreach and if you are willing to make that kind of effort then they will know you are serious.

Show Them Your Greatest Work

You want them to be sold on you by now, but if they have any doubts your writing samples should blow them away.

You want to show your best pieces of content! A lot of people say only show content that has been featured on other blogs.

I say show them your best wherever it is published. Your blog is your stamp on the web, it should be your best work.

Showing content that has been published elsewhere shows the owner that you provide the same standard as on your own blog. Which is better for them.

If you are new just show your best blog posts.

As this is the first time I have spoke to you, I thought it would be good to show you my recent blog posts…

  1. Awesome Writing Example
  2. Fantastic Writing Example
  3. The Best Writing Example

Next, it is time to leave it up to them…

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my post for your blog. I hope I can write for you in the near future

What do you think?



This is where you inject some personality back into the pitch by thanking them for their time. This shows you are a nice person to work with.

Leaving the email with a question is just to help spark the conversation between you and the blogger.

Marianne guest blogging approval

Hopefully, the next email will be asking you to write for them.

Penelope TrunkA Tip From Penelope Trunk:

I get 25 guest blog pitches a day. So you have to stand out. If you don’t address me by my name then I assume you will not have a pitch tailored to my blog, so I don’t read any further. Most guest posts on my blog get at least 100 comments. The reason for this is that I only publish posts that have a fresh opinion, a personal angle, a way for people to improve their lives, and a clear relationship to my blog topic. It’s really hard to do all that in a post, but the guest posts on my site are always great.

Click to see more Expert Guest Blogging Tips | Click Here To Tweet This!

Add The Secret Ingredients For A Successful Guest Post

A guest post is no different to a blog post on your own platform!

You should treat it the exact same. If you are wanting to bring the audience back to you then you really have to blow them away.

From my own guest posting experience, I have found that creating Skyscraper types of content, expert roundups and case study type tutorials work best for internet marketing niche.

Just remember to do everything you can to really nail it.

Create A Headline That Draws The Audience To You

The headline is so important, it’s the first chance you have to introduce yourself to the reader.

You have to make it epic!

I always want to include two things in my headlines…

The keyword


A benefit they will get from reading the post.

If you are writing an article about high protein recipes you might get something like this…

23 High Protein Recipes That Will Torch Fat

16 Tasty High Protein Recipes That Will Make You Big

Look at the second one. I have added the word tasty, this is to help me connect with the reader’s emotions.

What happens when you think of TASTY food. You start to crave it, your mouth will water and you will do anything to get your hands on it.

When I submit a guest article I will always provide a few headlines. The editor of the blog knows their audience better than you, let them pick the one they will respond too.

Include Authorities In Your Post To Get Some Easy Traction

It is so easy to get your post shared if you help others they will help you. This is the biggest reason to link out to others from your articles.

Well, in my eyes.

If you are writing on a site that has a lot of authority the bloggers that you link to will be ecstatic to be featured. Remember play to their egos.

Guest Blogging Expert Roundup On Blogging Tips.com

If you think someone should be featured then go for it but only if you are going to email and let them know.

Another reason to link out is to back up what you say. If you say something like…

22% Marketers live in Miami.

I’m going to be like is this true? But if you link to the source of your fact and they are reputable, I will trust what you say a bit more.

Sprinkle With The Extras To Really Stand Out

By now your article should be looking rather awesome but there is one thing you can do to increase its value.

Add images!

This helps break the article up. They add that finishing touch to your guest post.

They are also a great way to prove you know your stuff or to make something a bit easier to understand.

If you really want to get the closest type of connection with your audience, though, you should consider adding a video.

The audience can hear and see what you’re up to and the blog owner will think…

Wow, this guy has gone over and above here.

It makes you stand out and build a connection with the readers but also the blog owner.

Your Author Bio Is The Key To Success

Everything up until now has been about getting the best guest post possible. To meet our goals we need to drive traffic and email signups.

Your author bio is the best place to do this. This is the one place on nearly all blogs you can definitely link to your landing page. This is where you want to get your new audience to your email list.

Gregory CiottiA Tip From Gregory Ciotti:

An incredibly simple tactic I use for guest blogging is to close my articles in order to avoid “byline blindness.” It consists of 3 elements:

  1. Closing subheading: Let people know that the article is done and it’s their turn to do something. I typically use “Over to You” or “It’s Your Turn.”
  2. Ask a question: Creating two bullet points, you should use the first one to ask a simple question that relates to what you wrote about.
  3. Place a small CTA: In the second bullet point, offer the readers a way to “get more” with a simple CTA, such as a download from your site.

Click to see more Expert Guest Blogging Tips | Click Here To Tweet This!

Visiting your homepage or an article is great, it accomplishes the traffic goal.

To get the sign-up goal you should use your author bio to forward your new reader to your landing page.

Once they have signed up they are now your subscriber and unless they unsubscribe they can see whatever content you put in front of them.

Here are some examples of great author bios…

Tor Refsland Author Bio

This example is by Tor Refsland at Time Management Chef. Look how clear the call to action is!

Sue Anne Dunlevie Author Box Example

This one comes from Sue Anne Dunlevie at Successful Blogging.

Katherine Sullivan Author Box Example

Next, we have Katherine Sullivan from Marketing Solved, she uses a different approach by sending people to her Facebook group. This works because she can reach out at any time to her new audience.

Jason Quey from The Storyteller Marketer is up next…

Jason Quey Author Box Example

Be Ready To Comment

Some people might not be ready to sign up to you after reading your post. They maybe want a bit more, so they leave a comment.

If you don’t hang around you are missing out on the perfect opportunity to build trust amongst the community.

If you provide immense value as you write your comments this could seal the deal for them to check your site out.

Answer as many comments as humanly possible when you guest post.

Adam Connell at Blogging Wizard publicly posted how much it annoys him when guests bloggers don’t answer comments… he states that he will not have you back!

Promote Your Post To Increase Your Guest Blogging Results

I hope you have really put the effort in because your brand is what will make you nowadays. If your producing shabby content all over the place people will distance themselves.

Create stellar content and promote to increase their audience as well as your own.

That is how you get results!

Do Some Outreach To Get Some Eyes On Your New Post

Now promoting a guest blog post shouldn’t be any different from promoting your own. So the first thing you want to do is to start making a list of all the links you have featured.

Split it into two groups, one side external links, and the other side quotes.

If they are in the links column reach out and tell the bloggers you have mentioned and linked to them.

If they are in the quotes section reach out and tell the blogger you have featured a point they have made.

Simply ask them to check it out and ask for feedback! Do not ask for shares or links (For links you could try one of these 50+ tactics). Most will share without prompting.

If they give you good feedback ask them if they would mind sharing with their audience.

Next, I will tell my existing network about the guest post. If people follow you on your own blog they would love to see your other work.

Plus this adds social proof, they see you are associated with a certain blogger.

If the blogger is well known, well say hello to some more trust and authority from your network.

Who is your existing network…

  • Your Mailing List,
  • Your Social Media friends and followers,
  • People you have featured on your blog before,
  • People you have reached out to before and that have shared your content.

As long as you are not always on the scrounge for likes and links most people will be happy to take a look.

It’s Over To You

Well done for getting this far, it is time to get the pen out and start making notes of where you can guest post.

Start building relationships and look at ways you can make the blogs you want to write for shine.

The biggest tip for creating an outstanding guest post is to go that extra mile. Remember it is so much better to give than take.

Now go and start guest blogging the right way.

Click Here (or Click the image below) to download your Free Blog Post Promotion PDF Checklist, get the right exposure from day one!

Free Blog Post Promotion Checklist


What is your biggest struggle with guest blogging? Let me know in the comments below…

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How To Create A Killer Expert Roundup Post That Builds Links & Social Shares

How To Create A Killer Expert Roundup Post That Builds Links & Social Shares

I want to share with you one type of blog post that can really transform your blog… the expert roundup blog post. Gone are the days where you could publish an article and stuff with keywords to game Google.

When you are starting a blog you are a nobody, I hate to be so blunt.

You are building an audience from scratch and for most this can seem like an impossible task.

You share on social media and get nothing but crickets. Google will not rank you for any decent keyword because you have no links or track record. You have no connections to get help, are you doomed?

It seems like the interwebs are against you.

Well, nobody is against you… well yet. Nobody knows you and this is the issue that needs solving.

Below I am going to show you how to catapult your blog from nobody to rising star with one expert roundup blog post. If you have been struggling then this should give you that boost you need.

Download My Free Blog Post Promotion Checklist To Get More Traffic To Your Next Guest Post From Day One!

Ok, Joe What Exactly Is An Expert Roundup Post

An expert roundup post is exactly what it sounds like a list of expert tips, tricks, and opinions.

Your job is to reach out to influential people in your niche and get them to contribute to your post.

Simply start by asking them a simple question that they can answer easily. The more experts you can get to answer your question the better the end result will be.

Compile all the opinions into one post, add an introduction, conclusion and a killer headline and you are set to go.

If you have say 50 experts, that’s potentially 50 eyes to the post as soon as you publish. Now a good amount of them will share and this will increase your traffic more.

Let me share with you some of the results that are possible with this magic post type…

Use Expert Opinions Whenever Relevant

Now you could simply just list out the expert opinions and this would be a great post on its own but you can do so much more.

Look at this post!

It really is an expert roundup post but I also have written a post that could do well on its own.

I call this post type an Expert Fueled Post because it’s a blog post that is fueled by expert tips. Not just one or two, though.

You can turn any post you write into an Expert Fueled Post and then you can ride the wave of the roundup post on your own content.

For this post, I created about 10 questions and sent one to each of the experts. This adds more value to the post and it diversifies the answers I get back.

A Good Question Is Needed To Dominate This Post Type

The question is the foundation of your roundup, it determines who will contribute and if the post will do well with your audience.

If you choose the wrong question your results will show this.

The best way to work out your question is to do a little research to see what your competitors are doing. Look at other roundups and see what the questions are like.

Next is to go to where your audience hangs out and see what questions come up over and over again.

Before you decide on a question make sure it will interest your competitors (as they may contribute or link to it) and your audience (they will consume it).

Most bloggers make the mistake of only appealing to their audience and then they wonder why no one is sharing.

Successful expert roundup posts are all based on proven topics and this is the secret ingredient. Base it on a proven topic that has shown that it performs well in your niche.

How would you create a killer question for your next expert roundup?

Andy CrestodinaAndy Crestodina

Check him out at https://www.orbitmedia.com/ and you can Follow Andy On Twitter here.

Some questions, the answers aren’t just stories, they’re data. For example, a question about “your favorite tool” can turn into a mini-survey. Analyze the answers as if they’re votes, then pull them together into a list of the top tools. This is a good way to add insights and additional value.

This is what Robbie Richards did for his “Best SEO Tools” post. Here’s what his analysis looks like.

Andy Crestodina Top 10 List Example

It also looks like he optimized it for the phrase. Looks like it’s ranking somewhere near the top of page two. Smart!

Adam Connelll - Link Bulding StrategiesAdam Connell

Check him out here https://www.adamconnell.me/ and you can Follow Adam On Twitter here.

Most expert roundups fail in delivering clarity to both readers and participants.

Your questions should be specific and highly relevant.

For example, “what are your best reader engagement tips?” doesn’t tell us much at all.

The question doesn’t say anything about who the post is for, and it’s really open ended.

So, here’s an example of how this question can be made more specific and more relevant:

“What advice would you give to a blogger that wants to use social media to encourage engagement with their readers?”

Now, this question tells us:

  1. The target audience – bloggers
  2. The challenge – better reader engagement
  3. Additional information – advice can only apply to social media strategies/tactics

Reader engagement has been written about a lot. Now, the question has a more unique (and specific) angle.

And it’s clear who it’s written for. Without knowing the post is aimed at bloggers, participants could give answers that are more relevant to authors, journalists or someone else. Now, they are clear on who it’s for.

This is a big benefit for readers too because they’ll know the post is written with them in mind, even before they start reading.

Zac JohnsonZac Johnson

His blog is http://zacjohnson.com and you can Follow Zac On Twitter here.

When creating an expert round-up for your site, or a client, it’s important to think about what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.

For example, when I run a roundup, I want to provide my audience with answers from different experts, giving them valuable resources and also potentially rank for a few target keywords in the process. In the online marketing and entrepreneur space, this is pretty easy since there are so many topics to cover. However, the more specific or niche you get, the better the content could be.

To see how other sites in different niche markets are pulling this off, be sure to check out these 17 roundups around the industry.

Albert MoraAlbert Mora

Check him out at http://www.seolution.com/ and you can Follow Albert On Twitter here.

Build your house on solid ground”, in other words, choose the right topic for your roundup. If the question you ask in your roundup is not the right one, all your efforts will be in vain

Follow these steps:

  • Determine what’s your main goal (What type of visitors do you want to get?, Is the topic related to your products/services…
  • Choose a topic that fits the interests of your target audience
  • Use http://buzzsumo.com/ to discover most popular posts around that topic
  • With all the above information, choose the right question

Eli SeekinsEli Seekins

Check him out at http://launchyourdream.com/and you can Follow Eli On Twitter here.

It’s all about what’s trending in your tribe. What you’re audience wants to know.

To create ideas for my roundups I do market research to see what content my target audience is interested in and what questions they have.

Most importantly I pay attention to what my email list is saying. And I’ll even send out an email survey. Just a quick question. Something like, “what’s frustrating you the most about (insert specific topic) right now?”

Once I have found a common question that’s asked repeatedly, I ask it in a way that I think will be beneficial to everyone in my audience and inspire great responses from experts.

Choose The Right Contributors For Speedy Massive Growth

When I am doing my research I will look at how many contributors previous roundups have. I want my post to do well so I need to gauge if I can get more than what is out there.

In my last roundup on link building strategies, I noticed that most results on the first page for link building strategies had 1-25 contributors or tips. The finished post had 59 expert opinions.

This is like utilizing the SkyScraper Technique for roundup posts.

Look at what’s out there and then beat it in any way you can.

You want to have a varied group of contributors but from the get go focus on the “bigger bloggers.” They are busier and will require a bit more effort from you.

Next look at previous roundups and contact as many experts as you need to beat your competition.

This means you have the big bloggers with a decent following, you have the medium ones who will have a decent sized following and lastly the newbies who really want to impress the big boys on your list.

How do you choose contributors for your expert roundup posts?

Mike Allton The Social Media HatMike Allton

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When looking for contributors for expert round-ups, I want to make sure that I speak with the best and brightest minds in the particular niche that I’m talking about with that post. Fortunately, since I am a social media marketer who writes about blogging and social media marketing, I’m very familiar with the experts in my niche and can name them from memory.

Not everyone can do that, though, so it would be important to define some characteristics or even metrics up front when determining who you should be asking. While you wouldn’t want to consider social network audience size, you might want to look at website traffic, whether they’re published, number of citations, and other indicators that they have real, proven expertise in their field.

It’s also important to me that the resulting piece is thorough, so I try to get experts who I can predict will be coming from different perspectives or approaches.

A great example is a roundup I did in November for https://trafeze.com where we brought in over 50 experts and invited them to talk about how they make money online. Many were bloggers, but there were also quite a few product entrepreneurs, consultants, authors and video creators. It was titled, “Boost Your Income: 52 Influencers Reveal Their Best and Worst Monetization Secrets”  and, as expected, the answers varied wildly.

Jason QueyJason Quey

Jason Quey is the founder of Cofounders With Class, a business that helps entrepreneurs feel confident, impress clients, and close more deals by providing bold and classy clothes to help them dress for success. Follow Him On Twitter Here

For me, finding the right contributors to an expert roundup begins by doing good research. It’s too easy for people to give advice without knowing a thing about the topic.

One way you can filter experts is simply looking for articles on the subject. From there, scan the article to see if they know what they’re talking about, or just adding a bunch of fluff.

Janice Wald - Mostly BloggingJanice Wald

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Interesting you ask since I am in the process of getting two expert interviews underway.

I learned early on that not everyone responds; apparently, not everyone wants to take part in the roundups. However, when I see bloggers in my niche taking part in other people’s interviews, I become aware that way that they are willing to participate.

My niche is pretty multifaceted, so I try to make sure the person is knowledgeable in the area I’m interviewing them about. For example, my last expert interview was about Pinterest. I tried to get people knowledgeable about Pinterest or social media in general to interview. I did this by researching on Twitter and on search engines.

John RamptonJohn Rampton

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I choose contributors for expert roundup posts based on my network, including those I have met and interacted with at conferences and events as well as at networking events.

I’ve also met and connected with other experts through social media platforms, especially Twitter where I have made the most contacts.

I’ve also had experts come to me to see if there is any place I can include them.

William Harris ElumyntWilliam Harris

You can check him out at http://elumynt.com/ and you can Follow William On Twitter here.

I’ve met a lot of influencers so I usually just reach out to my network.

I create a google form with the question I want answered and send them an email/ slack message/ Facebook message letting them know what I’ve got going on.

If it’s a niche that I don’t have a good groups of contacts in, then I like to use BuzzSumo to find influencers for the keywords I’m targeting.

David LeonhardtDavid Leonhardt

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The more successful the expert, the less likely they are to open an email from a stranger. The best way to promote an upcoming expert roundup, therefore, would be to start with people you know. Ask them.

Then, ask them who they know. Get an introduction, to at least be able to say “Joe Elliot referred me to you.”

At least they’ll open your email that way.

Of course, if you know in advance that you’ll want to reach an expert, it always helps to follow them on social media and interact if you can, share their content, as well as commenting on their blog. Everybody is more likely to respond to somebody they know, so make sure they know you.

Sean FalconerSean Falconer

You can check him out at http://www.proven.com/ and you can Follow Sean On Twitter here.

Ideally, I look for people that known within the niche I am working in and have the power to either link back to me because they run successful blogs or websites or have significant social media presence where a share will help promote my article.

However, you might not always be so lucky as to be able to reach enough of these experts or have them respond.

In that case, I think it’s worth contacting anyone that might have something interesting and constructive to say about the topic you are writing about.

In my first ever roundup, I had to work hard to get 16 people to respond to me. I had to settle for some responses from Twitter or on Reddit when I couldn’t reach people by email.

But it got easier as I built up my blog and reputation.

Codrut TurcanuCodrut Turcanu

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To choose my contributors for the expert roundups I run via a simple formula:

I check to see if they have a content-rich website where they share tips from their expertise.

I also check to see if they’re active on Twitter and if what they’re sharing is worth spreading around.

I then create my list ready for outreach.

Evgeniy GarkaviyEvgeniy Garkaviy

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This may sound obvious, but I usually start by identifying experts in the niche the expert roundup post is about. Apart from having some expertise on the topic, I also look at their social media profile. Experts with good social media following tend to make good contributor.

I tend to prioritize those who respond quickly to my invitation to participate in a roundup. Because I have done and participated in many expert roundups, I have a small database of experts: who have contacted me to let me know they are available to participate in roundups. I usually choose the experts I have in my database first, if they have expertise in the roundup I am working on.

Another very obvious thing is to look at other roundups in the same niche. And look at the contributors there. In this way, I know what kind of response I can wait from them. Also, it tells me that this person probably would be happy to participate in my roundup.

Adam G Steele - LoganixAdam Steele

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I see what my peers are doing, and copy them. Lots of round ups out there these days, so it isn’t hard to have a VA round up the round ups and create a list. From there I have to assume a big % will not answer or say no. However I know if I can lock down a few big names, then the rest will follow the limelight. So I focus on those few, get them onboard, and in my emails to the rest, let them know who’s agreed so far.

From there I have to assume a big % will not answer or say no. However I know if I can lock down a few big names, then the rest will follow the limelight.

So I focus on those few, get them onboard, and in my emails to the rest, let them know who’s agreed so far.

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How To Find Email Addresses & What To Do If You Can’t

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the internet, a lot of people will make dummy email accounts to catch spam emails. This can make it harder to get your request in front of your expert.

I have a three-step strategy for getting experts…

Step One: Scan the website for a real email address (name@domain.com or name@gmail.com).

Step Two: If no luck I will enter the first name, last name, and domain into this tool (findanyemail.net). I have found a lot of emails with this one.

Step Three: If you are still unable you have to options, try the contact us form if available or tweet something like…

@username Hi Name, I am writing an expert roundup and would love to feature you, what’s the best way to get in touch?

After these three steps I usually have a way to get in touch and if not I will move on. You don’t want to spend too much time searching for contact details. Get it done and move on…

Do you use any tools to help you find email addresses for an expert roundup post?

Tim Soulo link buildingTim Soulo

Check him out at http://ahrefs.com and his cozy little blog http://bloggerjet.com/ and you can Follow Tim On Twitter here.

We do use a couple of very awesome tools that help us in finding email addresses of people that we want to connect with.

Our favorite ones are https://findthat.email/ and https://hunter.io/

But actually, our outreach team at Ahrefs has a great 9-step process of finding the email address of just about anyone. We recently documented all our best tips and strategies in this blog post: “9 Actionable Ways To Find Anyone’s Email Address (8 of them are FREE)” 

Greg ElfrinkGreg Elfrink

You can check him out at https://empireflippers.com/and you can Follow Greg On Twitter here.

No. Not currently, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend them. The niche that Empire Flippers is in (the make money online niche) is very competitive, so mass emails tend to not work super well and often these people hide their emails very effectively. Instead, I try to build a personal relationship with the person on facebook, if they have a group I’ll add things to the group that can add value. Sometimes this leads to getting a guest post, sometimes leads into doing something else entirely – such as doing a webinar very soon with someone ELSE in a group that I ended up connecting with. Personal relationships I think are key in this space.

If I was in another space, though, I would probably use something like Gmass to reach out and Buzzstream to find them.

Patrick Coombe Elite StrategiesPatrick Coombe

You can check him out at http://www.elite-strategies.com/blogand you can Follow Patrick On Twitter here.

I’ve always been fairly vocal about the tools, or lack thereof that I use in my repertoire. Even for SEO, I only use maybe 3-4 tools on a week to week basis. For blogging, I still default to my favorite tool: Twitter search. I use the advanced search to find the posts that Google loves, and mimic some of the details that these posts have. Robbie Richards by far wins the prize for the most successful roundup post ever. He has a rotating system where he shares the post multiple times per week, each time looping in people involved with the post. The post is already a month old but I still see it popping up in feeds everywhere. I can’t speak to the effectiveness on his end, but I definitely see it everywhere I look!

I know I’m probably being boring, but my second favorite tool is Google search. I have a few custom command line scripts I use when I need to scrape large amounts of data, but it still doesn’t amount to much more than an advanced Google search. Google still does the best job at indexing practically everything, even Twitter posts. Also, email isn’t the only way to reach out to people. I get a lot of Twitter messages, Facebook messages and even Skype messages about roundup posts.

Matthew AllenMatthew Allen

You can check him out at https://dumbpassiveincome.comand you can Follow Matthew On Twitter here.

I don’t exactly do roundup posts.

But I happen to know that outreach is essential for them and one tool that I use for outreach is called Ninja Outreach.

I can literally find hundreds of prospects and have the tool automatically send out emails to all of them in a tiny fraction of the time that it takes to do this manually.

Mike MartynsMike Martyns

Check him out at http://www.soccergearhq.com/ and you can Follow Mike On Twitter here.

I start by trying to find their email addresses or contact forms directly on their websites. If can’t find any of them, I go and take a look at their WHOIS information to learn if they have any contact information there.

If they don’t, I do a Google search for “their name + email address”.

If I still can’t find their email address, I try to guess the email format they must be using and with the good help of the Rapportive plug-in and Gmail I check to make sure if that’s really an actual email address or not.

I usually get good results from using my methods.

Louie LucLouie Luc

Check him out here http://buzznitrous.com and you can Follow Louie On Twitter here.

To help me find email addresses for an expert roundup I usually use VoilaNorbert or simply try to find them on the blogger’s website (by checking out his/her “About” and “Contact” pages) or on his/her Facebook page. If that doesn’t help, I try to send them a tweet and ask them directly.

I also use Ninja Outreach from the well-known Internet marketer Dave Schneider. It is still a relatively new tool but it’s destined to do great things. It allows you to search on an ever- growing database of bloggers for their contact details. You’re able to reach out to them directly from the tool itself, which is great to help you manage your outreach campaigns much more easily.

Dom WellsDom Wells

You can check him out at https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/ and you can Follow Dom On Twitter here.

This task can take a bit of work and when you have a busy schedule it is best to outsource. The great thing is that you can get this job done for $5 on Fiverr.com

I would then verify using the tools inside quickmail.io. I think you can also use tools like hunter.io but I’ve never personally used it.

Tim BlausteinTim Blaustein

You can check him out at http://Toolfever.com/ and you can Follow Tim On Twitter here.

It’s really quite simple when you think about it. Just subscribe to their mailing list, wait for their welcome message and hit ‘Reply’. Most of the time, they’ll answer you back because they know it’s important for them to get back to their subscribers.

Talking about tools for this sort of purpose, my favorite and the one I use and have been using for quite a while now is Buzzstream whose service is mind-blowing. I recommend it to everybody who is at a higher level of knowledge and has enough funds to support it. It is not a very cheap tool but I think it’s an important addition to your SEO arsenal.

Katy MannicheKaty Manniche

You can check her out at http://Tattoooy.com/  and you can Follow Katy On Twitter here.

If the bloggers you’re trying to get in touch with make it tough to find their email addresses, it probably means that they don’t want to be bothered at all. When that’s the case, I google for their name followed by “expert roundup” to understand whether they have answered to this kind collective blog posts before or not.

Usually, if I can’t find any footprints that confirm that, I say ‘adios’ and let them go. There are some exceptions, surely, especially when they are really important to add value to my expert roundups. But I rather not lose time and focus on those bloggers that open to be reached.

Clara JeronimosClara Jeronimos

You can check her out at http://Travelredux.com/ and you can Follow Clara On Twitter here.

I mostly always create expert roundups for the travel niche. Travel bloggers are accessible, friendly and they’re always happy to participate. So it’s pretty straightforward to reach out to them. Their email addresses are usually on their contact pages or you can use their contact forms as well.

Since I’ve been around for quite some time now, I have a lot of LinkedIn connections too. When I need to get people’s email addresses I make use of a little know LinkedIn feature. I head over to Settings and I export my list of connections in a CSV and import it with Microsoft Excel. Here are a few other ways to export contacts from LinkedIn. (Just try not to abuse this tactic by adding people you’re not that close to.)

Nathan GotchNathan Gotch

You can check her out at http://www.gotchseo.com and you can Follow Nathan On Twitter here.

My favorite tools for finding email addresses are Viola Norbert, Sellhack, and Email Hunter. Another effective strategy is to subscribe to the influencers email list. Many bloggers email their list with their personal email address. Lastly, you can validate an email address using Rapportive (a browser add-on).

Blogger Outreach That Will Make It Impossible To Say No

Look at you! You are on fire and if you have a killer question and an awesome list of experts you are on to a winning post that is bound to catapult you into the spotlight of your niche.

This is where the real work begins though because the success of the post lies on how well you can outreach to your experts.

No expert replies, no post.

If you can’t win any of the big boys over then your blog post results will be very limited.

Nail your outreach campaign and you will nail your expert roundup.

My one tip is to treat every blogger on your list like they are a big boy. This makes them feel important and they will be happy to jump on board.

Remember people are busy and more established bloggers will get thousands of requests. What makes yours stand out?

Try and personalize each and every email as much as you can.

Make it easy for contributors to reply with their answer. Keep your request brief… One simple question to each blogger. The more questions or tasks you give the expert the less likely they will be to respond.

If you have a relationship with the person do not be afraid to ask them for screenshots, proof, analytics etc… This will make your finished post better.

I usually end my email with something like…

“Your Killer Question?

If you have any images, screenshots, proof etc… please feel free to attach it”

Some bloggers won’t offer this stuff because they don’t know if you will publish it. Others just won’t because they are too busy.

Let them know that it’s welcome but also let them know it’s optional!

If you make too many demands your post is just too much work for most bloggers.

What tips would you give to someone who is outreaching for an expert roundup post, to ensure their email is opened and that they say yes?

Dave Schneider

Check him here http://ninjaoutreach.com/and you can Follow Dave On Twitter here.

Before a reader gets to the content, the first thing he/she sees is the email subject, so use a subject header that’s concise and that the receiver will immediately understand.

Don’t let it be something as ambiguous as “Inquiry” or “Expert Roundup”. Instead, write something more specific and understandable like “Request for Promotional Link Exchange” or “Upcoming Expert Roundup Post: Would You like to Participate”?

Also, keep it short. Don’t use unnecessary big words or jargon (unless you’re reaching out to thought leaders in highly technical fields), and PROVIDE VALUE.

Dedicate one short sentence to intro yourself, another sentence to inform your receiver that you’re planning to publish an Expert Roundup about X on X date, another sentence or two to explain what your reader is going to get in exchange for participating (in other words, what VALUE you can provide for them by saying yes to your request) and finally, one or two sentences asking them if they’re interested and what medium would they like to use to participate in the roundup (via call, chat, or email interview).

Gael Breton Expert roundup Gael Breton

Check him out at http://authorityhacker.com and you can Follow Gael On Twitter here.

So we’ve sent somewhere close to 1 million outreach emails in our career with Mark and here are 3 things that helped us get more opens and replies:

1 – Descriptive subject line.

If you’re like me or a busy editor getting dozens of emails daily, you appreciate someone that goes straight to the point in the subject line and just states the main intent of the email instead of being flattery of saying “hi”. I usually put the descriptive ones on top of the pile if they’re not blatantly begging for something.

2 – Short email

That essentially goes with point 1, along with being descriptive, be concise. When you get a lot of emails you don’t need to hear the usual flattery people usually put before asking something like saying they’re huge fans or which one is their favorite post on your site. It’s nice if you just started but trust me it gets old. Keep it to the point, less than 100 words if you can.

3 – explain what is in it for THEM

That’s the #1 mistake I see people do when they outreach. They ask something that is seemingly only beneficial for them while you’re the one doing the work. Explain the kind of exposure people will get for answering to your roundup, if they’re big in your niche offer them some extras like access to your email list or Facebook page. Maybe also put some ad budget behind the post to ensure more exposure.

All in all, make it worth their while to take the time to answer. These people are often billing hundreds of dollars per hour so taking 20 minutes of their time is often worth $200 or $300. Can you provide value that matches that.?

We talk about a lot more outreach tactics in this post if you want to check it out.

Greg NarayanGreg Narayan

Check him out here http://www.dearblogger.org/ and you can Follow Greg On Twitter here.

Joe’s method is good!

When he emailed me to contribute here he kept his emails and questions brief enough to get through my Inbox of 12,000 emails.

If you are struggling to get a reply though you could try Tweeting, Facebook page, YouTube and blog comment the candidates too so that it is impossible to miss their radar.

Lisa IrbyLisa Irby

Check her out at https://2createawebsite.com and you can Follow Lisa On Twitter here.

The subject line should be personalized. I’m much more likely to open if I see something like “Lisa, can I get your feedback” than I am if I see something generic like “Expert Roundup.”

Also, make sure the questions don’t require long answers or a lot of answers. I never answer round-ups that have too many questions.

The bottom line…. make it EASY for them to answer and don’t take up much of their time with the questions.

It also doesn’t hurt to add something personal in the email, such as, “I enjoyed your last post on X.” Who doesn’t love a little ego stroke every now and then? 🙂 Plus, it makes the request seem more genuine and personal.

Finally, space your requests out. There are people I had to stop answering because they had a request almost every month. Too many requests can wear people out, and you have to remember that there are others emailing them too.

Greg RollettGreg Rollett

You can check him out at https://Ambitious.com  and you can Follow Greg On Twitter here.

I would make it as easy as possible for the expert to reply. This includes giving direction on exactly what you want the reply to look like…

  • From how many characters to the tone and who the audience is that will be reading it.
  • I would also share an example of a great answer that you would like the expert to model so they never have to think if what they are writing is going to work.
  • Finally, I’d make the next steps as clear as possible. This includes the deadline, who to reply to, where the post will go up and if you need anything else from the expert.

Remember that people are busy and the more work you can do for them, the easier it is for them to respond and help you with your roundup post.

James NorquayJames Norquay

You can check him out at https://prosperitymedia.com.au and you can Follow James On Twitter here.

Send emails as a credible person, also reach out on social media first use nice headings like “quick question for you James?”

Ensure you tell the person why the post is worth getting involved in who’s involved, the sites traffic, how you will seed it.

Seed the post via those involved make it easy, add paid boost on Facebook, seed via growth hackers and inbound.

Ravi ChaharRavi Chahar

Check him out here http://BloggingLove.com and you can Follow Ravi On Twitter here.

Influencers are too busy with their own businesses and if you want to have a glance at your email then it should be more authentic than ever.

It should be the combination of passion and quality. No one would ever reply to your email if you’re about to ask something unusual. Pro bloggers like uniqueness.

And the most important thing is how you represent yourself. If you’re a person who is so lame that you can’t even elaborate your question then it won’t work.

Tell something about you, your previous work, your blog and then come to the point.

It’s all about the direct approach with the true intentions. An influencer should know where are you going to spread his/her words.

The basic concept is making bonds. Comment on other blogs and then try to ask for their contribution for your roundup post.

Suppose someone sends you a random email and you don’t know that person. What would be your first response? Would you even think about it once? Well, no one would.

Jumping directly just because you want to embrace the creditability of your roundup post isn’t good.

“Make connections, get noticed and then go for your question.”

How To Arrange Your Post For Success

There is not much that you have to do when it comes to putting your post together. That means the tasks you have left need to smash the socks of your reader.

The first task you have to tackle to make sure you get the best from your roundup is the headline.

So many people stick with the norm!

This is ok but it’s boring, check keywords that are a good fit for your roundup and spice it up. What sounds better to you?

100 Link Building Tactics That Will Make Your Blog Rank


100 Expert Link Building Tactics

The first one is benefit driven and doesn’t sound like… the norm!

Once you have crafted a kickass title you need to move onto your intro because this is the next chance you have to hook your readers in.

Did you know that 55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website? So those first sentences really matter.

The format I use for my intros is to let the reader know exactly what they will get.

Today I have the best link building tactics to share with you today. Not just one, though, today we have 100.

Next is to address the problem your audience face…

Google can send you a tremendous amount of traffic but the truth is most never get to experience the Google Effect!


Because it is so damn hard to rank.

Before you dive into your roundup you want to let them know that your blog post delivers the answer.

I had to work out how some people could rank easily and others couldn’t. I simply reached out to SEO experts and asked them this one question…

What is the best way to build links that help a site rank in Google?

By now your readers will be desperate to know what you have for them. So give it to them…

The wait is over here is 100 link building tactics to help you rank your new post.

Bang we have given another benefit to the reader and the post begins. Let’s see what our experts thought on this one… Give your best tips on how to write an attention-grabbing title and intro…

Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph

Check him out at http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ and you can Follow Ryan On Twitter here.

My best expert round up posts are always created from a space of manifestation, not manipulation. Meaning I focus heavily on having fun, giving rocking bloggers some shine and not being concerned at all with getting traffic or social shares through the post. This means I use simple, clear, clean titles and basic, clear intros without much fluff and without delving too deeply into pain points, and maybe even, injecting humor into the lead in.

So many bloggers mean well but see expert roundups as a way to get stuff. I see them as a way to give love. Making that energetic shift will do wonders for your ad copy, your titles, lead ins and any aspect of your blogging campaign.

Keep things simple. Keep things authentic. Your moral compass will make you more moolah than you ever dreamed of.

Jordan KastelerJordan Kasteler

You can check him out at http://www.jordankasteler.com  and you can Follow Jordan On Twitter here.

Every expert roundup post follows the same sort of format (e.g. “100 experts share the best…”) which is getting pretty tired. It’s hard for people to read through 50+ experts, and when they see that in the title in can discourage them from clicking and reading.

I recommend keeping it to just a few uber-influencers and have them contribute more than just a paragraph of a tip. I also recommend making their contributions an integrated part of a bigger piece of content rather than being the sole focus.

Thus the intro should dive into a deeply explored topic and the influencer insight should be just a slice of the pie. If the article only focuses on what other people are saying it doesn’t have a good flow and story.

Once you have nailed your title and intro you just have to list all of your answers. If you have a list of over 50 experts I would suggest you add navigation to improve your user experience.

Sue Anne DunlevieSue Anne Dunlevie

You can check her out at http://www.successfulblogging.com and you can Follow Sue On Twitter here.

The best headlines focus on the readers and what they’re going to get out of reading the post.

Think of what your reader is struggling with most, and write a title that promises them the answers they have been looking for.

Beyond that, writing titles that are different, appeal to the readers’ emotions or have a sense of urgency tend to be interesting and do well.

Jennifer Van IderstyneJennifer Van Iderstyne

You can check her out at http://overit.com and you can follow Jennifer on Twitter here.

It all depends on what you really want in the long term. Do you want to rack up the rabid fascination clicks? Or are you looking to become a highly credible source of informed insight?

In the latter case, you’re going to want to think about titles which are more focused on addressing current industry events, trend, and concerns. It also helps to provide detailed how to’s and answering questions to common problems in the space where you are trying to build authority. It’s not as sexy, but it is a more solid foundation on which to build.

If the goal is to get clicks, then capitalizing on impulse and emotion is a proven tactic. Over the last couple of years, we’ve really seen titles as click bait evolve to cliche levels. The formulas like “number” + “superlative” + “adjective” + “popular subject” for – “25 of the best adorable kitten pictures” – “30 of the most horrifying Instagram fails” etc. There’s also the fear of loss and shock techniques “You won’t believe what these kids did” – “You have to see what happened to this man at Walmart”. We can look at these and see them for exactly what they are. We may even chuckle at the blatancy of it, but we’ll still click.

Strategies using these techniques may be entirely obvious but we wouldn’t have seen their meteoric rise on social if they didn’t work. So can you use them? Sure. But do you want to be “that guy” in the space? If so, then it still works to shock, titillate and appeal to guilty pleasures and schadenfreude.

Sean Si Blog Promotion TacticsSean Si

You can check him out at https://seo-hacker.com/ and you can Follow Sean On Twitter here.

A killer title would be a title that scratches the itch of many people.

For example Office gossip.

I don’t know about you but here in my country, office gossip is so prevalent and is a cancer to the workplace that it is a very itchy topic.

Articles that have titles to address that are an immediate hit!

Of course, the title would direct the rest of the article so you need to put in as much time crafting your title as you write the body of the content.



I asked some experts what their number one tip was that ensures your roundup looks epic?

Lilach BullockLilach Bullock

You can check her out at http://www.lilachbullock.com/ and Follow Lilach on Twitter Here.

In order for a round up post to be successful, it usually needs two main things: firstly, a really good question that your audience wants answering, and secondly, a host of experts whose opinions they trust.

In terms of the look, though, I would recommend you create a shareable image/banner to add to the beginning of the post and to be used when promoting it.

Where possible, try to also group the answers with subheadings – this makes for an easier, more pleasant reading experience.

Donna Merrill TribeDonna Merrill

You can check her out at http://donnamerrilltribe.com/ and you can Follow Donna On Twitter here.

Most roundup posts look pretty much the same.

They often have photos of the guest contributors.

Maybe there’s a bio of a few sentences about each writer, with a link back to their blogs.

They include, of course, contributors’ responses to a question like “what’s your favorite tactic for …”.

Now, to make a standard roundup post like this appear to be more epic, I believe you need to include more images, graphics, and even videos.

For instance, you might get some screen captures from contributing bloggers’ own websites.

Maybe from their About Me page.

You could even include a two-minute video interview with each expert.

Ideally, the contributing expert bloggers would submit their own images and graphics… maybe a screen capture from a blog post they wrote on the topic of the roundup, or an original image to illustrate a point.

You could also suggest that they submit their own 1 to 3-minute video giving an overview of their response, or expanding on it.

There’s no need to make it mandatory to add media clips and images, simply point out, as added incentive, how they could benefit your contributors.

To the extent that they get enthused about beefing up their statements with these media upgrades, your roundup will acquire an added dimension and the appearance of being truly epic.

Plus, as I mentioned, asking each contributor to include something special like an infographic or an image pertaining to their answer should be offered as an opportunity to promote themselves beyond just their text statement.

Donna Merrill Expert Roundup

You can also make your post look more epic by asking contributors to adhere to a minimum number of words.

An alternate way of accomplishing this would be to ask the authors/experts to “list their top 5 methods” or their “top 3 methods” or some similar guideline.

Lists will serve to lengthen the responses you get, and at the same time, will help contributors be better organized and more complete in their answers to your roundup question.

Using bullet points in your roundup posts also make them more readable for your visitors, and gives your entire presentation look more professional and detailed.

A final way I’d suggest for making your post appear more epic is, of course, to invite more bloggers and experts to contribute.

Multiply the effect by asking each contributor to give you 2 other names of people they think would be good choices to be included.

Then you can contact those new prospective bloggers and introduce yourself, telling them you were referred by … whoever referred them.

While making your roundup post look epic is a great content marketing idea, don’t ever let it detract from your main mission… to give your readers great value, help them solve their problems and improve their lives and businesses.

Here is an example of a roundup I did to showcase my readers!

Maddy OsmanMaddy Osman

You can check her out at http://www.the-blogsmith.com/ and Follow Maddy on Twitter Here.

If you’re not afraid of the extra work and have some money to spend on a graphic designer, I’m especially impressed by expert roundup posts that create custom cartoon illustrations of all participants. This doesn’t have to be expensive there is a lot of free tools that can do this.

Sometimes they look a little goofy, but they definitely make the post stand out amongst many others!

Tori ReidTori Reid

You can check her out at http://www.bootstrapmillennial.com and Follow Tori on Twitter Here.

All written contents’ aesthetics should be maximized with white space and subheadings to ensure the reader has a smooth ride down the page. In specific reference to expert roundups, I’d say try to include contributor photos (headshots) if you can and make sure they each get their own section in the piece.

Sometimes that can be a little difficult, but as long as you make the reader’s ease of journey a priority it’s okay.

Ben BrausenBen Brausen

You can check him out at http://benbrausen.com and Follow Ben on Twitter Here.

Make your roundups look their best by including quality pictures of each expert. Don’t just grab their photo from LinkedIn or other social media site. Ask them to provide a quality headshot that’ll add a professional look to your post.

Be sure to focus on formatting and page layout to make sure everything looks great and reads with ease.

Brian LangBrian Lang

You can check him out at http://smallbusinessideasblog.com  and Follow Brian on Twitter Here.

Include less known people that have written compelling content.

Most people doing roundups are asking the same people the same questions and getting the same answers.



Once you have all your awesome answers it is time to write the conclusion. This is your chance to thank your readers and your experts. They have given you time out of their day, let them know you appreciate it.

I would also add in a short summary or tip that just finishes the whole article off, this could even lead your readers to opt-in…

These link building tips are great especially the guestographics method. You are adding value to your readers and infographics are loved by all. Why not try my checklist for promoting your next infographic.

Just keep it simple and be helpful!

Download My Free Blog Post Promotion Checklist To Get More Traffic To Your Next Guest Post From Day One!

Blog Post Promotion That Will Blow The Crickets Far Far Away

You are on a one-way ticket to free promotion. Remember this is not a one-sided thing, though, people aren’t contributing to boost you.

You need to help each other… a roundup should show off the experts. Yes, you will get a lot of benefits but if you don’t let them shine it’s basically all about you.

That won’t work for anyone.

I always suggest starting with the easiest traffic first to get the ball rolling. The easiest for this type of post is to email every single one of the experts. Tell them that the post has gone live and that you are starting to promote it.

Here is an example…

Hey Expert,

We are Live! How good does it feel?

Thank you for all your help on this post I really appreciate it. Here is the link…


If you need anything amended please let me know and I will put it straight for you. 

I am working on promoting this hard, if you know anyone that it would help please share with them, I certainly will 🙂

If you have a resource list it might fit it be great if you could add it 🙂

Once again I really appreciate your answer, let’s smash it!



This email is to the point you have offered ways that they can help you but you have also assured them that you will be sharing the post too. Your job is to get this post in front of as many people as possible.

People will be well chuffed if they get a traffic spike thanks to your post!

Once you have emailed the experts and shared the post on all your profiles it is time to mail out your subscribers. These are people that have shown they love you, send them the link and ask them to share.

This get’s some more easy traffic to your roundup!

Now if any post deserves some sort of paid promotion it is this one. You are dropping a massive value bomb with this one!

Once again I want to give you the best tools, so let’s see what our experts do to get traffic to their post…

If you were to write an expert roundup post tomorrow, how would you promote this post to get more traffic?

David RiselyDavid Risley

Check him out here https://www.blogmarketingacademy.com/ and you can Follow David On Twitter here.

Well, the most obvious thing would be to email everybody that you featured (aka the “experts”) and inform them that the post is live with the hope that they’ll share with their own audiences. That said, many of them (depending on niche) participate in enough of these things where it will be harder to get them interested in doing so.

So, think outside the box a bit. 🙂

For instance, one way to maintain more interest would be to ask an atypical question that will stand out to the experts and get them more interested in sharing it.

You could also explore trying something like Twitter ads, but highlighting the expert’s name in the ad and targeting their Twitter followers. Twitter ads are ninja like that. 🙂

And, of course, if you have a strong call to action in the post and there’s business sense to it, you might even explore other forms of paid content amplification, such as Facebook ads targeting the specific interests of your target market.

Zac JohnsonZac Johnson

His blog is http://zacjohnson.com and you can Follow Zac On Twitter here.

The promotion of your round up starts before you even go live with the actual post. When starting a roundup, you should have a number in your mind of how many people you want to feature when your post goes live. To achieve this number, you will likely need to send out emails for 3-4 times that amount. This is important, as when your post goes live, you will follow up to all of these contacts again (the ones who answered you) to let them know they were featured on your site. Inside this email you should also include a request for a social share back to the post.

Another good tip is to set up continued social sharing through all networks. When using Twitter, be sure to tag everyone in your round up post. This will likely require setting up multiple tweets. Every time you send these tweets out, there is a good chance a few of the experts will once again retweet it out to their lists.

Lastly, also promote the roundup to your own mailing lists, link to it from other articles on your site and maybe even leave it as a sticky post at the top of your page. These are all actionable tips I’ve used for my latest blogging roundup, which has well over 700 social shares already.

Lee OddenLee Odden

Check him out here http://www.toprankblog.com/ and you can Follow Lee On Twitter here.

Promotability of expert roundups starts with the credibility of the site publishing the roundup. You have to consider, “Would these people be honored to be featured on the site?” Is it well designed? Does it have a great name? Is the content high quality?

Being selective about who is included with legitimate criteria is next followed by making it easy for participants to share. Also, be sure to connect with the participants on other social channels in a meaningful way beforehand and communicate with empathy – it must be all about what’s in it for the contributors. What do they get out of participating and promoting?

Sure, you could try all kinds of promotion tactics yourself, but why not do a fantastic job of creating something people will be highly motivated to promote for you? 25 people who are proud to be included in your roundup will be far more effective at promotion than 25 different tactics you implement yourself.

It’s Over To You

What are you waiting for it is time to start brainstorming your first or next expert roundup blog post. This is by far the easiest way to get in front of the right people and fast.

Think about it, you have a group of people eager to see the finished article because they have been featured in the post. The more experts you feature the more initial views you will have,

In the beginning, this is key because your visitors never want to be first. So by attracting shares from you experts, you are taking that going first away from your readers. This makes it easy to get people over to your blog.

When you download the pdf guide you will find all the awesomeness that you find here and some extras to make your roundup rock…

Click Here to download the PDF or you can click the image below…

Download The Expert Roundup Guide

, ,

17 Blog Post Promotion Tactics (That Actually Work)

17 Blog Promotion Tactics That Actually Work

What is the point in writing a blog post if nobody actually reads it?

Well today, I am going to share with you 17 blog post promotion tactics that will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

The number one question I see being asked and that I get asked all the time is…

How can I get more traffic to my blog?

You can post on social media, you can improve search engine visibility, use Scoop.it or something similar.

But do these things really help?

The problem really is that most people do a bit of this and a bit of that… Heard the saying, “Jack of all trades master of none.”

Let’s put a stop to this as I reveal 17 blog promotion tactics that you can employ straight away.

1. Tell Your Mentions They Have Been Featured And Get Some Easy Traction

When you write an epic blog post you should always link out to authorities in your niche. Not only does it satisfy Google but it also helps you get your content in front of a big audience.

Blog post promotion tactics - Email Outreach Example

How can linking out bring YOU traffic though?

Now I will be honest… not everyone you mention and reach out to will share your content. To be honest some might not even read your new post themselves but the majority of people will especially if you have linked to them.

Think how you would feel if you woke up to an email saying that one of your blog posts had been featured on another blog.

I know I would be well chuffed and I would definitely share with my audience.

Let me show you how you can really make this work for you.

Step One: Write down all the main points in your article and head over to Google. Enter the first in and look at the first page, these are potential external links for your article.

Step Two: Once you find an article that would be a good resource for your blog you need to find the contact details for the blog.

If it’s an authority site like Hubspot or Inc just link to the article and look for contact details of the author. If it’s a blog like this one then just look for the owners contact details.

I always look for an email but if I have no luck a simple Tweet to the person can do the trick.

You can use this nifty little tool to help you find emails. It’s free! I have found most email addresses with this tool but sometimes it doesn’t manage.

Step 3: When it comes to adding the link you can make it a contextual link that blends into the article.

However, I like to add quotes, picture, and link. This just adds a little more value to the blogger as it makes them stand out on the post.

Step 4: Once you have added all your external links to your article, it is time to reach out and tell them about it.

Obviously publish the post too.

Here is an example script you can use…

Subject: I just featured you…

Message: Hi Name,

I just wanted to reach out to you because I read your post BLOG POST TITLE. I loved every bit of it especially THE PART THAT MADE YOU LINK 

I had to feature your post on my latest post BLOG POST NAME, here is the link LINK

If you have a moment I would love to know your feedback



This email is personal to the blogger, you are not asking for anything apart from feedback. Being too forward can be off putting, take it slow and gentle and you will get better results.

I would say 8 out of 10 times people will share without being asked.

Step 5: Now when you get some awesome feedback or a well done, simply re-write the feedback as a testimonial and ask the person if you can publish this.

Tell them you will link again to them.

This adds some social proof your blog and helps  build your authority. You just got yourself a testimonial from an expert in your field.

Plus a share.

It’s a win win for everyone!

Adam Connelll - Link Bulding StrategiesTip From Adam Connell:

“People love to share stuff that makes them look good. So when you say cool stuff about them in a post, chances are they’ll share it with their audience. Not always, but sometimes.”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

2. Tell Your Existing Network And Let Them Tell The World With This Blog Post Promotion Tactic

Believe it or not, you actually have your own promotions team already.

No, I have not gone mad.

Think about it, though, how many friends do you have on Facebook? How many of them will share just because it is you?

I always ask my mom to share my stuff. She is from the era when typewriters were the IN thing. She is not interested in any of this marketing mumbo jumbo.

…but she always shares my content, and guess what? Some of her friends read my stuff and share it on.

This is the easiest ways to get some eyes to your content.

If you know them ask them to leave a comment and this will give your post some social proof too.

So how do you nail this tactic?

Sean Si Blog Promotion TacticsTip From Sean Si:

“There’s nothing wrong with asking, in fact, initial shares from my posts usually come from people inside our office and my sister. Well, because I ask them to read and share it. In fact, by just asking, your social engagement can grow by 40+%!”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Step One: Go on to Facebook and find 10 people (or more) you know you will share your content. They don’t have to be directly interested because they may have people on their friend’s list that are.

Just find people you know will share!

Step Two: Reach out to them via private message and ask them to post a status on their timeline. something like this…

Hi Name, I have just written a new post on my blog any chance you can post this on your timeline…

Just read this cool article about TOPIC, if this seems like something you’d be interested in please check it out. <link>.

Thank you so much, if your not too busy you could leave a nice little comment on  the blog post too. 🙂

The more personal you can be the better. This should be easy because they are actually your friends.

Step Three: That is pretty much it but if you want you can set up the link as a bit.ly link for each person. By doing this you can see which person brought you the most views.

If you find that one person delivers more clicks then you know you have to share your content with them in the future.

If something works, do more of it!

3. Use BuzzSumo To Get Your Content In Front Of Influential People

I absolutely love Buzzsumo, it is a great tool to see what content really does well within your niche. It also shows you how many times a piece of content has been shared too.

It is also great tool to find out who to share your content with for maximum impact.

If a similar post to yours has had thousands of shares then there is no reason why yours can’t too.

Well if you know what you’re doing… This tool can be used to fine tune most blog post promotion tactics.

Step One: Head over to Google and in the search box type in your blog posts main keyword or topic.

Step Two: Take the first result and enter it into BuzzSumo. You can go straight to Buzzsumo and enter the topic also.

Blog post promotion tactics - Buzzsumo Example

Step Three: Click On the button that says view sharers.

View Sharers Buzzsumo


You now can see the people that have shared this post.

These people are super targeted to your topic which means they are much more likely to share your awesome post.

Step Four: Reach out to each of them. I use Brian Dean’s method for outreaching here because it is gentle and yields the best results.

First send them a permission email that introduces you and asks if they mind you sharing your link with them. Sending a link in the first email is just asking to be sent straight to the bin.

It’s just too pushy!

Here’s an example…


I just wanted to reach out because I saw you had shared BLOG POST. It’s an awesome post.

I have actually have just written a new post about TOPIC, would it be ok to send you over the link?



If they say it’s cool send them your link…

Awesome, here is the link http://example-post.com 

Would love to know what you think.



These are really soft emails, you are not asking for anything. Most people will share automatically.

When they get back saying what they thought about your post you can ask them to share if they haven’t already done so.

4. Use Ahrefs To Uncover More Explosive Social Sharing Opportunities

When most people think of Ahrefs they automatically think of uncovering backlink sources. This tool is also great for finding blogs to share your content with too.

Think about it.

If these people link to a certain page you can bet they will be more than happy to share yours.

Don’t forget they may actually link to you also. Two benefits in one for you here.

Step One: Take the first page results for your main keyword again and enter the first one into Ahrefs.

Step Two: Click on the section that says links. This will display all the links pointing to this page.

Ahrefs Backlinks Button

Some will be total garbage like from bookmarks etc…

Some will be pure gold, though!

Ahrefs Search Example

Step Three: Take the first high-quality source you find, put the author or blog into Twitter.

What is their following like. For maximum impact you want the author/blog to have a lot of followers.

Next, how active are they? Check their feed and see the last time they posted. There is no point reaching out if they haven’t shared anything for years.

Step Four: Reach out to the blog/author. You can use twitter or another social network but if possible I always try and stick to email outreach.

Like the Buzzsumo tip, I would use a two-step approach. The first email is to ask for permission and the second email is to deliver link if they agree.

I will say this again never post your link in the first email, it’s far too pushy and the recipient will suspect you are just after a share.

Camilla HallstromA Tip From Camilla Hallstrom

Whatever you do (outreach, writing content, creating a product….), you need to offer value. Very simply put, that’s how you stand out and get a following.

Obviously, there’s more to blogging, but if you’re just starting out and are puzzled about what you need to do, offering value will slingshot you far ahead of your competition (including more seasoned bloggers!). Just start reaching out to blogging peeps and offer to help them in some way. You’ll be surprised how far that’ll get you

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

5. Get Free Traffic From Facebook Groups

There are little micro-communities in the form of groups inside Facebook. I have found that you can drive free traffic very easily from these.

There is a group for most niches and some are filled with loads of members that are interested about your blogs topic.

You can’t just self-promote though, driving traffic from Facebook groups is similar to forum marketing. You actually have to get involved with the community for the best results.

As long as you have read the rules, and add value most group owners will be happy enough. Always check the Groups rules/guidelines first.

Let me share my tactics with you….

Step One: You first need to find a group that your expertise will fit into. The best way to do this is to look at your competitors and join some of the groups that they participate in.

Type their name in the search box in Facebook and go to their personal profile if you can find it.

If you can’t find their personal profile simply just search for your niche and pick groups with lots of members and that have been active in the last few days.

Find Groups of Facebook User

If you can find the personal profile locate the group’s tab and this will return a list of all the groups that they belong too. Like above join groups with lots of members and that have been active in the last few days.

List Of Facebook Groups

Step Two: Browse the groups for questions that you can add value too. This introduces you to the group and shows them that you are there to help.

Step Three: Give away information and tips without promoting your page.

Step Four: Do this for a few days and then create a small version of your post. This must give the group a lot of value and relate to the post you are promoting.

As tempting as it may be, do not post your link straightaway on the group post.

Step Five: If your post has been well received and you have had at least one comment you can drop your link in the comments.

This appears less spammy.

I shared a quick tip with a group and it started getting likes and comments. All I did was say in the comments…

Thanks guys for your comments, here is more tips you may find useful <link>

I started to get click throughs to the blog post and not one person complained about me doing this.

Add value and be genuine and this method can drive a lot of traffic. I would advise joining a few groups. Then you can post the status in multiple places and drive more traffic.

With Facebook groups you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.

Marianne Manthey Blog Promotion TacticsTip From Marianne Manthey:

“Two of my most successful strategies in growing my own network in the past year has been to join strategic Facebook groups and Twitter chats. These are both great ways to meet other bloggers and make new friends, especially if you’re an introvert!”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

6. Journalists Are Your Friends If You Want More Traffic

How good would it feel to wake up and realize that you have just received a link from lifehacker.com or Inc.com?

Awesome if you ask me. These are big publications that receive thousands of traffic daily.

The truth is though it is very hard to get featured on them. If you are a nobody it’s very hard to even get a link in one of their articles.

Unless you have good connections!

I am going to show you how to make life a bit easier with this tactic. Let me show you how to befriend journalists the right way.

Jock Purtle Link BuildingTip From Jock Purtle:

“To get massive results from massive authorities you really have to get on the editors radar. Simply get in contact and start asking them questions about the stories they have wrote.

Once you start to get to know then, simply, start to tell them your story. Once you have a relationship it becomes a lot easier to get featured on the editors platform.”

Read Article HereClick To Tweet

Step One: Go to the site you wish to be featured on, i.e. lifehacker.com, inc.com etc… Look at the last 20+ articles and write down all the authors names.

You will now have a list of authors that contribute to the site.

I would recommend aiming for around 10-20 authors.

Step Two: It’s time to find a way to get in touch with these authors. Most of these authors will be on Twitter or Facebook.

If you can follow them on Twitter and friend their personal profile on Facebook you will have better success.

If you can find an email for the writer even better. If they are staff you could try firstname.lastname@sitename.com

This is a popular email address format.

Step Three: Do not reach out and ask for riches. These people get this all the time and you are new to them. You have no chance!

You need to be patient but for the best results you need to play to their ego. How good does it feel when you get some kick-ass feedback.

Find at least 5 articles for each author.

First Tweet out…

@authorTwitter Great Article… Title and link #lovedit

This will get you in front of them and you are telling them they are great. Ego Boost One.

Step Three: Next you want to link to an article that they have written from a post on your blog or a guest post.

You just want to link from content you have produced.

Once it’s live Tweet again…

@AuthorTwitter had to feature this… Title, it’s here YOUR-LINK

This is you warming them up with another stroke of their ego. Most will share your link if it is good, first win!

Step Four: Now when you write your next post that would interest them ask them to check it out.

By now they are getting used to you, you are in their head.

It is a game of luck but when they need a source they will be more inclined to check you out.

Bang a link from a massive authority site! Just be aware this is not a quick strategy and you will have to work on the relationship for it to pay off.

7. An Even Easier Way To Land A Link On Authority Site For Immense Traffic

Ok, so the last strategy can take a while as you need to build a relationship. However, it is still really good to do this.

However, for the here and now, it’s a bit slow.

It is time to sign up for HARO as a source. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and is a mailing list that will send you twice daily emails. Within these emails are a list of journalists looking for sources.

I have seen sites like Huffington Post pop up on these emails, so if you aren’t on this you are missing some great opportunities.

Plus it’s easy to get started just make sure you have at least 10 decent Skyscraper type articles on your site.

Step One: Sign up for HARO as a source (Click here to go right now).

Step Two: Check every email from HARO to see if you can offer your expertise to any of the journalists.

Blog post promotion tactics - Example of HARO Email

If you see Anonymous chances are it’s a big source, but not always.

Try and get to these emails quick because journalists have deadlines to meet. If you are quick you stand more chance of getting your article seen.

HARO Query Excample

Step Three: Pitch your expertise to the journalist. You want to go over and above here.

These people are professionals and are going to get a lot of pitches.

Yours has to stand out.

Ensure that you give them exactly what they want and overdeliver as much as you can.

Start by introducing yourself briefly. Tell them what your expertise is and link back to your blog.


I’m a TITLE (make your title link to your blog) with YOUR EXPERIENCE ON THE SUBJECT


Hi Journalist,

I’m a gardener blogger with over 10 years experience in growing carrots in organic soil.

If you have any sort of qualifications make sure they know!

Keep this part brief, they will not want your life story, they are busy!

Now when you give them the answers to their query. You want to over deliver here as much as you can.

Keep in mind that if they like your answers chances are they will copy and paste so make it your best.


Query 3 types of blog posts that drive links from authorities

For this query, I would give them 6 with the best three first. For each type give a couple of sentences describing each.

End with your call to action.

Thank you for your time and if you would like to chat more about the SUBJECT feel free to email me or call me on this number TELEPHONE.

The phone number is optional but looks a lot better, most will email you but it’s good to offer them more than one option.

Step Four: Send your pitch. Once the pitch is sent you can wait for a response but this doesn’t always happen.

Set up a Google Alert for your name and get ready to do the happy dance.

You may also want to keep an eye on the publication and AHREFS for your site. That way you can see if there are any new backlinks for you.

Obviously, you might just get a surge of traffic which would suggest you’ve been featured.

8. Share Your Expertise On Quora For A Viral Epidemic Of Traffic

A lot of bloggers think Q&A sites are a lot of work and don’t think the return is that great.

Well for me I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Did you know Barack Obama has answered questions on Quora? This is one Q&A site you shouldn’t leave out your strategy.

I have seen people launch their blog solely on their success from this blog promotion tactic.

The reason why people do not get results is because they answer one question.

They leave their profile empty, they basically do a half-assed job.

With a little bit of know-how, Quora can bring you significant results and I am going to share my best tips.

Are you ready to build your expert status and siphon traffic from Quora?

Step One: Optimize your profile for success. This is the biggest failing I see on most profiles.

They are left untouched!

This just looks like… can I have some traffic, please?

Not cool at all!

You are different though because you are going to create a profile that sets you apart from the herds of crap.

Your headline and profile bio is printed on every answer you write so you need to ensure that you make it grab people.

You will not get a link here but you want to let people know what you are about from the get go.


Blogger | Entrepreneur | Marketer |
Read my blog www.onemanwiki.com

People can always copy and paste your link here.

Quora Profile Example

In your profile summary, it’s time to write your story. Quora readers love stories so tell them why they should trust you.

I have seen some popular authors link to previous questions, this is so smart as it drives eyes to older questions. They might upvote the answer, this signals quora your answer rocks.

Step 2: Now you have a kick ass profile it is time to go question hunting and don’t look for shabby questions with little to no traction.

You want questions with huge amounts of traction.

Pick the right question and you could get well over 1000+ hits on your blog. Bigger questions lead to more upvotes and that means more people will see your links.

It’s like having a big mailing list at your finger tips says Imran

Step 3: It’s time to answer your first question. You want to treat this as a guest post on another site. So many users will leave one sentence answers. Now, when you come along with your kick ass answer readers will have a hard time ignoring it.

I mentioned above you should use stories in your bio and this is the same for your answers.

How popular is reality TV?

People love stories, so tell yours in your answers.

Quora Question Example

I would say as a rough guide aim for 500+ words on each answer but more is definitely a good idea.

You want to make a good impression, use images, emphasize parts.

Do what you gotta do to make your answer stand out.

Imran Esmail Blog Promotion TacticTip from Imran Esmail:

“Most answers tend to be repetitive, causing readers to think, “Been there, done that.” So when someone comes along and says something truly different, everyone listens.

Be that someone.

If you can, make your first few lines controversial. When readers who are following the question get notified, they will receive a preview of your answer, and if the intro is intriguing, they are more likely to click through to find out more.”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Step Four: Post your answer and see what happens. Some will take off in a viral fashion others will not, the key is to stick with it.

9. Build The Strongest Connection & Tap Into YouTubes Epic Traffic

When you start a business blog the one major difference from traditional businesses is that your customers can be anywhere in the world.

You will not meet most of them.

And if you want to make money then they need to trust you but they have never met you.

Video is your secret weapon, they can see how you react, they can hear your voice and this is how they feel connected to you.

It is possible to do this without video but it will be a lot harder and it will take a lot longer.

From a traffic point of view, YouTube can be explosive.

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google.

So how can you open the floodgates and let YouTube traffic onto your blog?

Step One: Your channel on YouTube is the equivalent to your blog… it’s the video version. That means that the content on here has to be just as good, your video has to be epic.

No, I don’t mean you need a high budget video set that has a million dollar director.

Your iPhone will do!

The content of the video, however, has to hook your viewers in and keep them there to the end.

For maximum impact create content that teaches your viewers how to do something. That means they can implement after watching and see results… this will give them that quick win feeling.

Step Two: You want to make sure that you include a keyword or a term you want to rank for in the actual video, the title, description tags.

For the video, I would suggest that you say the keyword as soon as your video starts. This will tell your audience what the video is about straight away.

The title is like your blog post headline. It needs to grab your readers attention so that they can get hooked. Having a keyword here will help your video rank in Google.

For the description, I would suggest writing a mini blog post for the description that mentions the keyword a few times.

Do not stuff the keyword whatever you do.

Step Three: If I am video marketing I always make it go along with a blog post so that I can embed the video (which is good for video SEO).

Now it’s time to outreach to some bloggers in your niche. I give them the post URL and the video URL when applicable. This means that they can embed if they want or they may share it with their audience.

You need to actively promote your videos, especially if your channel is new. If the video goes with a post you can promote the two simultaneously (check me out using big words, it’s 11pm right now).

Step Four: Never forget that YouTube has a social element too. If you utilize this part of the network you will get better results.

Find similar videos with lots of views.

Simply leave a comment on these videos and the channel owner may visit yours and comment or like your video.

This will give yours a boost.

His audience could also see your comment and click through. It’s another step that could lead to a lot of visibility.

Is it really worth leaving out?

James Wedmore Blog Promotion TacticA Tip From James Wedmore:

“In the past 18 months, I uploaded at least one video to YouTube each and every week. EACH of those videos included some sort of Call-To-Action at the END of my video to tell viewers what to do next.

If your viewer stumbled upon your video and liked what you had to share, it’s only natural that they would want more, right?

Using both an “External Link Annotation,” and a link in your DESCRIPTION, you can encourage, motivate and inspire your viewers to become website visitors with just a click of a button!”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

10. Make It Easy To Share and Tap Into Social Media Traffic

Social media makes getting traffic a breeze. Simply share a link and encourage others to share it.


So why do so many struggle to drive organic social media traffic?

For the same reason people struggle to get traffic, they simply publish and wait… wait… and… wait.

This isn’t going to get you very far. You need to make it easy for people to share your content.

And in the beginning you need to get your social media accounts out there to get your first few likes.

Step One: Start by creating social media profiles that are applicable to your blog. So if you blog about plumbing pipes, well, Pinterest wouldn’t be a good fit for your blog.

However if you were blogging about food and had beautiful food photography, well, Pinterest would be perfect.

I would recommend that you set up a Facebook, Twitter and after that only focus on the networks where your business would fit.

If you set up a profile on every network you will never get any work done, you won’t be able to get fully engaged on each network and lastly, your results won’t be nearly as good.

Master Facebook, Twitter and one more and that should be plenty for most.

Step Two: Take all your profile links and add them to your email signature. Everytime you send an email the receiver will see your links.

You should also incorporate them into your welcome email of your autoresponder.

Step Three: Now to look at how to make getting shares easily. First start by installing the Sumo Me plugin for WordPress.

SumoMe Example

The Share app on this will add social buttons that show up on every page. Plus they will stay in view to make it  easy for your audience to share your content.

Step Four: Create a Tweetable! Have you mentioned something inspirational or have you said something that is key to understanding the topic.

Blog post promotion tactics - Tweetable example

Head over to Click To Tweet and create your first tweetable…

You simply add your tweet that includes your message, link, @username and any hashtags.

This program will generate a link for you. Place this on your blog and when a user clicks they will be taken to Twitter to post your Tweet.

This means your audience can share your important quote or message easily.

The easier you make it for people to share your content, the more people will share it.

11. Drum Up An Army Of Fans That Are Willing To Share Your Content

If you were list building, how would you get people to sign up.

You would offer them a freebie.

Well, you can use this tactic on social media too. It’s known as social locking.

All you need to do is create an upgrade for the content. If people want it then they have to share your post with their connections.

Now you have people that will share your content for you.

Again when your traffic is low you might not get much results but as you grow this can really boost your traffic.

Karen Evans A Tip From Karen Evans:

One of the most creative ways to promote your blog is by restricting part of your content and making people share your article to access it; Will Franco did this by creating an article and adding a “social locker” to his article; the result of this was 11X more shares compared to the average article on his blog.

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Step One: For this to work you have to think about what you could deliver to encourage your readers to share your content.

You are not creating a manual or a big ebook. Something short and sweet that will produce that quick win effect.

For example… a pdf version of the post, an audio version of the post, a video presentation, a checklist, cheatsheet or a list post upgrade.

If you had 20 high protein recipes your upgrade could be to get 5 more. This would encourage people to share.

Step Two: Install the OnePress plugin to create your social locker. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and on the right hand side click, Plugins, then add new.

Search for OnePress and install this way.

You can also click here, and download the plugin. Then head over to the plugins section of your WordPress and upload and install.

The choice is yours…

Step Three: Set  up your social locker. When you install and activate you will see a Social Locker link down the left hand side of your WordPress Admin. Click that.

When in your dashboard click add new locker.

Make the locker look as good as you can and then hit publish.

Step Four: Head back to your post. At the top of the WordPress Editor you will see a social locker button click this to add your tags.

If you simply want to hide a portion of the post add the social locker tags before and after the bit you want to lock.

If you want to offer a download then create a link that leads to your upgrade and place the social locker tags before and after the link.

That’s pretty much it set up.

12. Get Links And Traffic With Infographics

Earlier I showed you methods to get mega authority links and traffic from journalists.

Now I will show you how to make it a little easier because you don’t have to create shit loads of content.

When you offer a guest post in the form of an infographic you do not need to worry about duplicate content.

All you have to do is offer to write the introduction for the infographic.

See this method in action over at Backlinko.com

Step One: With this method your infographic has to stand out and it has to be really top quality. I would suggest finding a designer on Upwork to design your graphic for you.

If your short on cash you could head over to Canva and use their infographic templates. If you find one that will go with your viral topic idea then great.

Custom is always better here though. I would recommend spending between $100-$300 on a top quality inforgraphic.

Remember this is representing your brand. You don’t want to be known as the shitty looking blog, do you?

Step Two: Once you have your infographic head over to Buzzsumo and search for your broad topic.

For each result that is similar to your post simply reach out to them and ask if they would share your infographic with a link back to your post.

Once you have done that for all the results, click the view sharers button for each and start reaching out to these influencers.

Step Three: Turn it into a guest post by offering to write an introduction for your infographic.

Step Four: Reach out to your journalist friends you made earlier. They are always looking for sources and your infographic would be perfect for them.

See the Guestographic method in action over at Backlinko.com

13. Reach Out To Your Email List To Let Them Promote Your Blog Post

Are you building an email list?

I pray that you have answered yes. The one mistake I have made for years was not building a list.

Since I have started my list, I have gotten much better results. You have a list of people that have shown an interest in what you offer.

To get your list to convert to sales you need to build trust and strengthen your relationship with them.

Guess what?

Non-promotional blog posts do just that!

Think how much value you can add to a blog post.

Now this post is not about how to start an email list as that is a big topic on its own. Today I want to show you how to get your blog posts seen by your list.

Start Your Email List For $1 With Aweber, it’s what I use!

Robbie RichardsA Tip From Robbie Richards:

Sending out an email as soon as you hit publish is one way to promote blog content.

But, if the content really kicks ass add it to a relevant segment of your autoresponder so that every single person opting into your email list gets exposed to it.

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Step One: You want the best content to get to your subscribers. In my eyes all your content should fit into this category!

So when you publish a blog post you need to tell your email list about it. This starts the traffic wheel turning.

Craft an email that tells a story and hooks the reader into your blog post. Just remember to keep it as personal as you can and remember that you are only teasing them to get them to click through.

I like to talk to myself!

Yeah I’m not going mad, well maybe slightly.

I look at a picture of my friend because this helps me write in a way that is friendly and conversational.

I talk first and then transcribe because then all the quirky bits of ME are there. You can leave out the dorky bits.

Step Two: When my email is drafted it is time to come up with a subject line that is going to draw my subscribers attention.

Now you know they are interested in you so you are half way there.

I like to keep this simple. So for this post my subject could be…

I want to show you how to promote your blog


These tactics can drive masses of traffic


Try these if you have no traffic

I would use all three!

PRO TIP: Send out the first and see the result. Now the people who haven’t opened can get another email but I would test another subject line.

They won’t find this annoying as they never opened the last one anyway.

Step Three: Now before you do send that killer email that will drive your whole list to your new post you need to add your link.

I like to post once every 50-100 words, no more than three times though. Your email shouldn’t be that long that you need more than 3.

I aim for one at the start, middle and end.

Don’t just write…

Click Here


Read Now

Be Creative! What about saying something like this…

Tip number 13 is awesome for lots of traffic, have a look here

This creates an information gap and sparks curiosity. They will be like…

I wonder what tip 13 is…

Step Four: Encourage people to share your post and for me I think the PS part works good for this. All you have to say is this…

PS. If you enjoy the article please feel free to share with your friends.

You can make it easier for them by creating a Click to Tweet link.

You need  a bit of trial and error to begin, testing your emails is key. When you find out what works then nail it!

14. Use Push Notifications To Get Your Content In Front Of Even More People

Email marketing is great but sometimes no matter how hard you try certain people will just not subscribe.

But we still want them to see our epic new blog post, right?

On your smartphone when you get a new text you can just touch it and you see a snippet of the message.

This is a mobile push notification!

Pushcrew Example

You can do this on desktop and mobile too for your blog.

This is a much less obtrusive way to get in front of your readers but can yield some crazy results.

Blog post promotion tactics - Push Notification Results - Gael Breton

These are results that Gael Breton from Authority Hacker has seen with Push Notifications. Read his article here!

Step One: Join Push crew. They have a number of pricing options available, click here for a free trial of Push Crew.

PS. They have a free option too, but it caps at 500 subscribers.

Step Two: After you sign up you will be taken to your dashboard that runs you through the steps to installing on your blog.

I am using the WordPress Plugin. All you have to do is install the plugin and customize from your Push Crew Dashboard.

Do not leave the defaults, remember you want to stand out to your readers.

Step Three: Click the green button on the left that says…

“Send Push Notification”

You will not be able to send a notification unless you have subscribers, but the same rules apply.

Be personal and use a title that grabs your subscribers attention!

The description is similar to sending a tweet so remember short and to the point. Use triggers like curiosity to encourage the users to click through.

Step Four: Test and Test again. For me these are still pretty new but I can see the opportunity here.

As you send a notification keep your eyes on the stats and don’t be afraid to test and tweak things.

For little effort and price it’s definitely worth trying out.

15. Good Old Blog Commenting Still Works To Drive Traffic

Blog commenting has been a traffic method for years and it is still useful.

Before it used to be a great way to build links but now I would only class it as a small traffic and relationship builder.

The traffic you will get from blog commenting is not the best but you are engaging with your community.

The more you pop up the more people will take notice.

Yes, you can drive traffic to your blog but you also get on the blog owners radar. If you play nice and provide awesome value you can be sure they will notice.

Neil PatelA Tip From Neil Patel:

“Did you know that top brands often gain traction through comments? You may not be aware of this – maybe because you don’t see influencers’ names in the comment sections of popular industry blogs.

Here’s what some of these successful people do: They hire virtual assistants and other writers to help them write useful comments on recent blog posts. Yes, commenting can be outsourced in the same way article writing can be outsourced to freelance writers.”

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Here is how I use blog commenting.

Step One: Read the actual article and see if you can add some real value. No comments  like this…

Great Post!

These days are gone. However a post like this one I left on Successful Blogging works great…

Successful Blogging - Blog Comment Example


Because I have given a tip that wasn’t mentioned, it adds more value to the readers. I have received a small trickle of traffic but it enhances my relationship with Sue also.

So when I reach out to Sue, she will know who I am and she will know I have added value to her readers.

Step Two: Look for comments that are unanswered or that you can add more value to.

Yes I am asking you to read comments, not only is this great to get on the blog owners radar but the person who you are helping will notice you too.

Look for a question that has been left in comments and get in there and answer it.

Step Three: Any time I comment you can bet your dollars I will have shared as well, or at least added to my buffer Account.

Don’t let the gesture go, tell the owner you have shared it in the comment.

Relationships bring more traffic than any other method! So if you want to get noticed by an influencer, start commenting on their blog.

16. Tap Into Massive Traffic By Re-purposing Your Content

When you create one piece of content you have one asset, but by re purposing your content that one piece of content becomes many asset.

With this method you do not have to worry about duplicate content as it is in a different format.

For Example: You write a blog post about 20 high protein recipes, you create a video of you cooking one of the recipes and post on YouTube.

This is re-purposing your content. If you have 20 recipes that could be 20 videos siphoning traffic back to that one blog post.

This would be overkill but you get the idea.

Step One: Publish an epic blog post that teaches your audience to complete a task that provides instant benefits.

Remember focus of the quick win feeling!

Step Two: Set up a microphone and download Audacity. Now record an Mp3 of you reading the blog post.

For quotes you can say things like…

According to this expert


see a list of resources in the description

Megan MarrsA Tip From Megan Marrs:

Once you’ve blogged a lot about a specific topic, consider repackaging those blog posts into a fresh new guide. For example, you may have written in the past about how to upload images to Pinterest, how to use hashtags on Pinterest for better searchability, and how to upload cover pics to Pinterest that use text over images for improved click rates. Take those blog posts and turn them into “The Complete Guide to Pinterest Perfection,” which you can then use in your email marketing and lead gen efforts.

Depending on how old your blog posts are, you might want to update them a bit and give them a new coat of polyurethane so they really shine. When you work hard on crafting quality blog posts, you don’t want them to become lost and forgotten. Recycle those old blog post and they’ll remain immortal forever!

Read The Article Here / Click Here To Tweet

Step Three: Post the finished Mp3 File on Soundcloud. You could even start your own podcast with these files and upload them to iTunes.

Step Four: Create a video of you doing the task that you are teaching. Explain every thing and show the finished results.

Step Five: Simply Head over to YouTube and upload the video.

Step Six: Post your blog post onto Medium.com just use the  import feature. When you use this feature it adds the canonical url tag which tells Google that your blog post is the original.

Duplicate content on other platforms will not cause a Google penalty but they may show the other platform first in the search results.

By setting the canonical tag as your blog you tell Google that the Medium post is curated and the original is at your blog.

Now that one blog post has turned into lots of little promotional pieces. This is how to get the most out of your content.

17. The Expert Fueled Post Drives Huge Traffic

Do you want a huge network of influencers at your disposal?

Well, with an Expert Fueled Post that is exactly what you get. If you are new you can test the water with an expert roundup list post to test the water.

Roundup list post is exactly what it sounds like… a list of experts that have answered a certain question for you.


You simply write a introduction, a bio for each expert and a conclusion and you are done.

This works like a treat now let’s fuel it.

I will be publishing a case study on the Expert Fueled Post soon but here is a quick run down.

Check out this post about blogging success, it features 82 experts, that’s 82 potential shares to massive audiences.

Can you really ignore this strategy?

Step One: To get the most out of this post you need to find a proven topic that does well in your niche.

I will normally create a list of people I would like to feature and run each of their sites through Ahrefs.

From there I will click on Top Pages and create a list of topics that have done well.

Just pick a topic that comes up on the majority of blogs.

This topic is the top page on these blogs so you know it works. You can use Buzzsumo here too.

Step Two: Conduct some research to see what the posts tend to cover. Your job here is to make it better.

Can you make a longer post? Can you add a graphic that enhances it? What about a video?

Once you know what others do  you can put your own spin on it.

Once you have all the info needed it’s time to write the actual post.

Step Three: Write this like you would any other post. Go all out, disclose as much as you can.

This is what makes it different from the list type of roundup, it’s already a killer post on it’s own.

Step Four: Compile a list of experts. Now you want to broaden your topic a little here and get a massive list of experts.

I would aim for 100. If you have done a few list type posts then this should be easier because already you have a connection with these people.

Do not judge them too much, if they know your topic and can give a great insight then all is good.

Step Five: Look at the post and for each part of the post ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve here.

So if a subtopic is how to write a kick ass headline you want to ensure your reader can do that. Look at your list of experts.

Which ones have covered this the best?

Send them the question…

What is your number one tip for creating a kick ass headline?

If you know the expert ask them if they have proof, statistics or anything like that. If you don’t know them you can ask but remember you need to build a relationship.

Don’t be disheartened if you get just a tip with no extras.

Incorporate these into your post to enhance what you say or as an extra PRO TIP!

Next let’s look at the next subtopic, create a new question that is specific for this one.

Look at the experts that are left, which ones would be best for the job.

Again reach out with your new question.

Rinse and repeat until you have finished your article and used all 100+ experts.

Step 6: With these big posts I always add a content upgrade because you can bet you will get a lot of email sign ups.

This could be something like a free checklist or cheat sheet. Use Optin Monster to collect your emails (or Lead Pages, whatever tool you use).

Step 7: As soon as you publish the post it is time to email all the experts telling them the post is live and give them the link. Ask them to share your Expert Fueled Post and bang your in front of a massive audience.

This is 100+ eyes that will hit your content straight away. Then when the experts share you can get a massive spike in traffic numbers.

It’s All Up To You Now!

With this list of blog post promotion tactics you will never be short of traffic unless you don’t put them into action.

I have created a After Publish Checklist which shows the steps I take as soon as I press publish. This will show you how to get the ball rolling on your next blog post.

Simply follow the checklist and some of the methods listed above and your on to a winner.

Click here or the image below to download your Blog Post Promotion Checklist. Go on it’s free…

After Publish Checklist