#OMWTV – Transform Your Business With The Content Marketing Success Summit & Marc Guberti

Today I am joined by the teenage entrepreneur Marc Guberti who is also the host of the Content Marketing Success Summit 2017.

If you want to learn how to improve your content marketing and learn how it can transform your business, increase your ROI and brand awareness then this summit is exactly what you need.

The summit is free and will kick off on the 7th June 2017!

This is a virtual summit so you can kiss hotel costs goodbye as well as expensive travel costs. Simply load up the summit anywhere you choose as long as there is an internet connection.



Marc is famous for been a teenage entrepreneur and has accomplished so much already. From being on top affiliate leaderboards to building a combined social media following of 500K.

Pretty impressive, right?

His big goal is to prove to other teens that it is possible to become successful at a young age. To show that they do not have to turn to crime and drugs to feel good about themselves.

Transform Your Business With The Content Marketing Success Summit & Marc Guberti

Content Marketing Success Summit Explained!

I have been really excited for this event and it is a pleasure to get the inside scoop from Marc. Content Marketing has really taken off in the online marketing industry but some people are still asking…

What does a content marketing strategy look like?

There is so much information out there that causes people to overthink and overcomplicate their content marketing plans. The truth is that a content marketing strategy can be broken into 4 steps.

The truth is that a content marketing strategy can be broken down into 4 steps.

  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Promotion
  • Monetization

In Marc’s new summit we take a deep dive into each of the different stages! You will learn expert tricks, tips, and hacks to skyrocket your results.

But it’s not just Marc talking at you, he is joined by 50+ experts that are well known for their success. These guys do this daily and they are letting you into their biggest secrets.

Would you like to get special inside look at Ray Edwards content strategy? What about monetizing your strategy with Matt McWilliams or maybe create better content with Ana Hoffman?

This summit really is just oozing with value and if you want to up your game, improve your ROI and brand awareness then this training is for you.

The best part is your ticket for all the training is 100% free!



What You Will Learn Today

In today’s episode of One Man Wiki TV, Marc will share how content marketing has helped him grow his business and expand his reach.

  • How content marketing can grow your business to new levels
  • How a  virtual summit can skyrocket your growth
  • The importance of building relationships.



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