Social Ecom Classroom Review: Build Your 6-Figure Store With The Power Of Social Media

Social eCom Classroom Review

What the hell is Social Ecom Classroom all about?

Let me give you a full and in-depth Social eCom Classroom review. There have been so many social media training courses released. What makes this new course by Anthony Mastellone any different?

There are a lot of so-called gurus out there!

Anthony is different though he has been in the trenches building six-figure eCommerce stores using his special traffic formula. This training has been developed from his experience, he has been there and done it.

This already makes this course different from a lot of others available to you.

Let me take you through the program. In this Social eCom Classroom review, I will show you exactly what you will get if you purchase.

Are you ready?


NameSocial eCom Classroom
CreatorAnthony Mastellone
Price$47 during launch. After launch price will increase. Don’t miss your chance to get for this price
Rating4.5 out of 5 Stars
Official Websitehttp://socialecomclassroom.com/

What Is Social Media?

I know there is a lot of people out there who will already understand what social media is. If that is you please bear with me I will get to the fun stuff soon. I want this review to help the newbies to the industry too.

I want you to imagine you are at a party. Nobody knows about your business or your ideas. Your goal is to let the entire room know about what you offer.

The problem is you only know one person.

So it makes sense to tell him first. He gets so giddy about your business. He has to tell his group of friends.

Guess what they love it too!

So they decide to tell the people they are with about your business too and the cycle goes on. Now a lot more people know about your new idea.

At the same party, there is a celebrity that is loved by all the people in your niche.

If they mentioned your business it would really get the wheels turning. So you ask someone to introduce you.

They love the concept and share your new business ideas to the millions.

This is exactly how social media works.

This is an ideal description of what social media is. In the real world, it doesn’t always go this way, especially in the beginning. For a start influencers and celebrities are not that easy to get your paws on.

Plus not all your friends will share with their groups of friends. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

In Social Ecom Classroom you are going to be immersed in the best social platforms on the block. Anthony will show you his powerful social strategies to make your first or next e-commerce business an explosive success.

What Is Ecommerce?

With Anthony Mastellone’s new course you will learn how to apply social media to an e-commerce store. If you are new though the thought of having your own store might scare you slightly.

Let me start by telling you it is a lot easier and cheaper to start a store online than it is in the real world. For a start, you don’t have a building to maintain or utility bills to worry about. In some cases, you don’t even have to hold your own inventory.

You can start your very own store for a big fat zero dollars. Shopify offers a free two-week trial and this is the best e-commerce platform around at the moment. Two weeks is a very doable timescale to make your first profit.

Enough about starting a store!

E-commerce is basically hosting kickass products and selling them via an online store. You drive traffic to the store and hope they buy your kickass products. In Social eCom Classroom Anthony will show you how to merge social traffic with e-commerce to get your first sales.

Or to skyrocket your store from small sales to massive profits!


What Is Social eCom Classroom? Discover The Power By Leveraging Social Media

I hope that I have opened your eyes to the world of e-commerce with my very brief introduction. This a review of Social eCom Classroom though, so it makes sense for me to explain exactly what this program is.

When you sign up for the program you are signing up for training that will catapult you into the world of Social E-commerce.

The program begins with Social Media Mastery where you will learn to set up your social platforms so that they are ready for millions of followers. You will have a kickass platform to start your social marketing campaign.

Social eCom Classroom Dashboard

As you progress through the modules you are going to learn proven strategies to add to your arsenal. The strategies you will learn are strategies that the course creator Anthony Mastellone uses day in and day out in his businesses.

You will start with the easiest platform.

Instagram has a massive user base to introduce your store to. You will learn how to engage your following and build an army of raving fans. From killer images to amazing engagement tips, this is the best way to build your brand.

If you have ever looked into e-commerce you will probably have heard of using Instagram influencers. People wave this term around all the time, especially on Youtube. It is a very good strategy but when done wrong you could get nada sales and this is not what you want.

Social eCom Classroom Modules

Module two is where you will learn how to select the perfect influencers to target. Influencers that have a large following and that are willing to share your business.

What about PPC sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click marketing. When most people think of social marketing they normally think Facebook Ads. It would be crazy for Anthony not to cover this in this program.

Most people fail with Facebook Ads!

With this training, you will get proven strategies so that this doesn’t happen to you.

As well as learning kickass strategies to skyrocket your sales, you will also learn how to optimize your store for success. Testing and optimizing is an important part of your business.

Do not underrate this section of the course. You are going to learn how to transform your business from a few sales to ‘quit your job’ sales numbers.

Have you heard the saying…

‘The money is in the list’

Well, to finish the core training you will learn the cyclical sales process that utilizes email marketing. Email fits so well into most businesses but in the Shopify world so many people leave this tactic out.

Now you can learn how to utilize it for massive sales and growth.


Social Ecom Classroom Review: Is SEC For You? Will It Help Or Confuse You Even More?

Now it would be great to say that SEC is for everyone but then would this be a valuable Social Ecom Classroom review?

Anthony Mastellone has decided to focus his step by step training course on e-commerce store owners that are struggling to generate sales.

If you have yet to set up your store then this course will not teach you this. Here’s a video that will show you how to do that:

Click here for your 2 weeks free trial of Shopify!

Most people I have spoken to usually struggle with two parts when it comes to a new e-commerce business.

  1. Finding products that their audience want,
  2. Generating targeted traffic that wants to buy their products.

With Social eCom Classroom, you are going to learn how to drive targeted traffic by utilizing social media and influencers. When you get more of the right traffic you will see much better results.

I would consider this training if you are a new store owner struggling to drive traffic. The program will still be helpful if you have had some success. The formulas that you are taught within the course are not all beginner level so more advanced marketers may still find this program useful.

Who Is The Face Behind Social eCom Classroom?

Anthony started his life in New York and he has always had a love for business. He was born and raised with that entrepreneurial spirit. He never had that one idea, he had many!

Anthony was great friends with another Shopify master, Dan Dasilva. He introduced Anthony to the whole internet marketing business.

Anthony fell in love with the online business model!

Not just with the work and the learning but with the lifestyle it could bring him.

His goal in life and with his career was two things. First, he wanted to be able to help people solve a problem that haunted them. It’s not fun having freedom without a purpose.

This was his purpose.

The second goal was to have that freedom. He didn’t want to live the 9-5 lifestyle. He wanted to live life on his own terms.

Dan Dasilva managed to keep Anthony in the e-commerce world. With a friend like this, you have a world of knowledge at your fingertips. This led him to speak on eCom Dudes webinars about his business experiences.

Mostly this involved him sharing his process when working with influencers. The testimonials from these webinars were nothing short of amazing. eCom Dude members loved the insight that Anthony shared.

This is what led to Social eCom Classroom!

Since then Anthony has worked on eCom Dudes and has built his own following of over 6000 people. The comments on YouTube speak for themselves…

Anthony Mastellone Testimonial YouTube


Social Ecom Classroom Review & Walkthrough

I think that it is time that we take a look at Social eCom Classroom. Unlike most of the reviews you have probably read, I have actually got inside the program. That means I can give you a thorough review of Social eCom Classroom.

Your journey starts with 3 Free training videos that are going to show you the power of social media. The main focus of this training is to show you how you can utilize top influencers in your niche to grow your traffic and sales.

This is the kind of welcome you are looking for in my eyes. It is stuffed full of value.

On Day 3 of the free training, you are going to get a glimpse into a student case study. You will learn how one student managed to generate $24k in only 34 days.

This is living proof that Anthony’s strategies work. He is not claiming, he is showing you real results.

Once You Are Inside


So what happens once you jump into the program?

You are graced with the welcome page:

Social eCom Classroom Dashboard

Here Anthony will walk you through the first step you should take to get the most out of the training. During the launch period, this course is a small $47 this is a steal in my eyes.

I am told after the launch Anthony could raise the price by 125%!


Module 1 Social Media Mastery: Bulletproof Brand Building Strategies For Viral Traffic On Autopilot

This is where the real training begins!

In this module, you will be shown an overview of how to use Social Media for your e-commerce business. If you truly want to master any skill you need to have a deep understanding and this is exactly what this section is all about.

Module One Social eCom Classroom Overview

The focus of this module is to get you thinking about building a brand. When you have this mindset you will approach traffic generation differently.

He will dive into the different platforms, the importance of content, engagement hacks and then he will show you how to manage and automate your campaign!

When I say automate I really mean make your life easier.

SEC Module One Training Example

The content video in this part of the training really struck a chord with me. So many people focus on selling products that their message falls on deaf ears.

Anthony shows you how to warm your customers up. A warmer audience means you have an army of people who are a lot easier to sell to.

The actual videos are great quality and are slides based. Anthony does a great job when it comes to conveying the important parts. Each video is stuffed with value and is around the 5 -10 minute mark.

This helps make the content much more digestible!


Module 2 Instagram Expert: Flood Your Store With Hungry Buyers By Dominating Instagram

You need to understand what Instagram really is for your business. Anthony is going to show you how to turn your account into a virtual storefront.

The place where your customers fall in love with your brand.

When you do this properly you will build perceived and true value. What does this mean for your business?

It means that you are starting to build trust between your followers and your brand.

The reason we focus on Instagram first is that there is no barrier to entry. Instagram has pages for most niches whether that be turtles or fitness. That means your target audience is waiting for you.

Module 2 Social eCom Classroom Instagram Fundamentals

In this section, you are going to learn how to take your audience on a journey. You will be able to show them how your product can help them achieve their end goal. If you understand this you are already ahead of most of your competition.

That is not all that is covered we are going to learn how to grow your following. If your goal is to use influencers (which it should be) you need to have a great looking page.

Anthony will show you the strategies you need to know to accomplish this and get your first few followers coming in.

This is free growth before we get the influencers involved.

Module 2 SEC Training Example

This module is not just talking at you though. Once you know the strategies you will be taken through some real-life examples. I think this is great because you can learn the theory and then see it in practice.


Module 3 Influencer Marketing Mastery: Leverage The Power Of Influencers To Boost Your Profits

Working with influencers is Anthony’s favorite type of marketing these days. I can really understand why. Using this method I have built my own blog from a ghost town to a bustling blog.

The way Anthony teaches this section is flawless. He reveals a plethora of tips when it comes to working with influencers.

You can tell how knowledgeable he is about this topic from his teaching.

Module Three SEC Working With Influencers

I struggled for months with poor engagement and next to no growth. I was like a crazed lunatic continually checking Instagram every second of the day, only to see next to no results.

It was earth-shattering.

I felt like writing off Instagram!

If I had training like this I could have severely cut down the amount of time it took me to crack the code. He dives into the researching phase so that you know you are not wasting your time and money reaching out to them.

There is a lot of fake followers floating around.

Using the training you can push through the noise and get the best results.

Anthony even provides his own Rolodex to help you get started. Not to mention an influencer toolkit to speed up you’re learn time.

Social eCom Classroom Module Three Training Example

Everything is covered in this module from finding influencer, contacting them and even creating the featured post. It is in an over the shoulder style module and he breaks it down so that it is even easier to understand.

If you have been struggling to move the needle on your Shopify store sales then this section is one you should master.


Module 4 Facebook Advertising Success Strategy: Create A Viral Storm With The Power Of Facebook

When you go through an online course it can be very easy to skip through modules and pick topics that stand out. This is a surefire way for you to get disheartened.

If you follow the Social eCome Classroom course in the way it is prescribed you will get faster and easier results.

You see the first topics about Instagram are doing more than you can imagine.

On the outside, they may be sending you traffic and in some cases sales. These visits will also be doing something else.

They will build your Facebook Pixel.

In this module where Facebook Ads is the focus, your pixel is your route the Fastlane. You are building an audience that you can retarget.

Why do people buy from big brands?

Because they know, like and trust them.

Facebook Ads Training Social eCom Classroom

In this module, you will learn how to take a cold lead and turn them into a trusted buyer. If you use your custom audiences you are starting with a warm lead.

This means more sales for you.

Anthony takes some of the training inside this module but he also lets Michael Ambrose take the lead. This is to ensure you have the best training.

Michael is a Facebook Ads expert!

If you want to win with FB Ads watch this module.

Facebook Ads Training Example Social eCom Classroom

This module explains how to get the most out of Facebook. From the types of ads to run to how to target your audience.

If you want to crack the Facebook code with this course get results from the Instagram modules and build your pixel.

From there you can retarget that warm audience that already knows, likes and trusts you.


Module 5 eCommerce Optimization: Tweak Your Store To Powerhouse Status

In this module, we are diving into the store setup and optimization. Anthony wants to help you build a long-term brand. He doesn’t want you to be a churn and burn Shopifyer.

Module Five Social eCom Classroom Review

This module will help you to fine-tune your focus. When you know exactly what you are doing you will be able to attract the right audience. Quick wins are great but if you stop getting results… what happens then?

Once you know what you are doing and who you are serving you can choose the products that will get them fired up!

Anthony will show you how to present these products on your store.

Remember he has made that six-figure income you crave. He knows what images to use, what color of buttons that work and what apps will make the conversion easier.

Testing and optimization are your keys to unlock success.

Module Five Training Example Social eCom Classroom Review

If you are making sales you may feel the need to skip some video in this module. If you aren’t making six figures then something isn’t working for you.

I believe this module could speed up your success. When you tweak your store and record your finding you have the data available to fine-tune your campaign.


Module 6 Email Marketing Sales Cycle Domination: Discover Expert Email Strategies To Explode Your Stores Sales

The most underused strategy in my eyes is up next. It is time to learn how to use email marketing to explode your store’s sales. Customers come and go and Facebook Retargeting may help.

But that costs money.

Sending an email doesn’t!

Starting to build your email list is the best way to keep your customers and build a stronger relationship. If someone has bought from you before then there is no reason why they won’t buy again.

Email Marketing Social eCom Classroom

Email marketing equals return buyers!

The good thing is that email marketing can be put on autopilot. This is the difference between a ‘churn and burn store’ to a long-term brand.

The training starts with an introduction to email marketing. He is selling you on the concept of email marketing. He is turning you into a smart store owner.

He has some great strategies to show you here, from win back campaigns, cart abandonment and relationship building.

We see all the big brands using these exact strategies. It is imperative that we put them into practice. Anthony fully explains the process of implementing these strategies.

Email Marketing Social eCom Classroom Example

Now I have to be straight with you Anthony is going to sell you one of his products in this part of the training. Mail funnels gives you the opportunity to build out your sales funnel and your email list.

My honest opinion?

Shopify’s email solutions suck!

Mail Funnels is a much better solution.

It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and can be set up with ease. This funnel software has been designed for e-commerce and has been backed by a lot of respected Shopify experts.

Would you use a BMW engine in a Ford?

Of course not, Mail funnels is a great solution!

Not to mention, Anthony is giving a 14 day trial with this product so you can go through the training for free. If you are satisfied it will be a very worthwhile investment.

Email marketing is a must and something that so many are not utilizing.


Social Ecom Classroom Bonus: Freebies That Are Worth It

When you sign up for the main Social eCom Classroom training you are given a great opportunity. The way Anthony walks you through the process is impeccable.

He is thorough and you can see his experience shine through as he teaches.

He doesn’t want you to fail, he wants this training to transform your business. To accomplish this he has given some really great bonuses for you. These will help you get up to speed in as short a time as possible.

If you want to play the long game you do not have to use these. The course does a great job of walking you through.

They are included so why not use them?

Let me break down the bonuses that come with Social eCom Classroom.

25 Hot Ecom Niches Plus Secret Proven Products To Add To Your New Store

The biggest sticking point for a lot of beginners is picking a niche. I have said this in numerous places.

There are no bad niches. Just bad processes.

Social eCom Classroom Bonus 25 Niches And 75 Proven Products

I have seen people sell lion bracelets in their stores. Granted it will be a smaller audience but there are people that are interested.

With this bonus, you are going to receive 25 niche ideas that you can jump on. If this is your first store pick one of these and you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

As wells as giving away niches that have been researched. Anthony is also giving you 75 proven products to go along with this bonus.

Talk about hand holding!

If this has held you back in the past, you have the answers with this course.

Private SEC Mastermind Group

This is the newest and hottest community online.

This is where you can mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs. They are all at the same level as you. Not to mention some of Anthony’s expert friends.

Social eCom Bonus SEC Private Mastermind

Relationships build success.

If you do run into problems during the course or with your store, simply ask the group. Just because you didn’t get it doesn’t mean nobody got it. This is also your fastest option to get Anthony’s attention. Not to mention all his expert friends.

Influencer Optimisation Toolkit

The last but by no means least bonus I want to mention is the influencer toolkit. This is hot! So many people guard their connections. Not Anthony, he has compiled them into a toolkit just for SEC members.

This has links to some top YouTubers, Instagrammers, and cheat sheets to make influencer marketing a breeze.

Social eCom Classroom Bonus - Influencer Marketing Toolkit

He has all the details you need to put this bonus to good use and in most cases the exact contact details of influencers.

In my eyes, this info is worth more than the price of the course.



Social eCom Classroom Review Upsells: Legendary Upsells That Enhance Your Learning From The Get Go

A lot of people like to have a little moan when they are greeted with an upsell. This course is Anthony’s business. Do you moan at McDonald’s staff when they ask if you would like it large?

I think upsells are great!

That is if they are good.

In my eyes, a good upsell should enhance the experience. The initial product should not require the upsell to get the advertised results.

Does Social eCom Classroom’s upsells do just that?

Definitely, neither are required to get a six-figure business like advertised. They simply help you speed up the process.

So what are the add-ons that you can get with this course?

$24K Influencer Case Study To Skyrocket Your Success

This is where Anthony peels back the curtain on a previous student of his. Rosalee was able to bag her self $24K from following this program.

With this upsell you are getting to peek over Rosalee’s shoulder as she walks you through the steps she took to win.

This is a perfect upsell in my eyes.

You get to see all the theory you learned in the course put into action. Personally, I tend to do a lot better when I see things over the shoulder. It helps cement the theory in my head.

Social eCom Classroom Upsell 24k Case Study

This comes in two parts.

The first is the actual process and the second is a more hands-on tutorial. I said earlier that Social eCom Classroom wasn’t for a complete beginner but if you bought this upsell you would manage just fine.

25 Ad Templates: Hand Holding You From Start To Finish

Another thing that I have seen people struggle with is actually creating ads. It takes a different approach than writing an article or blog post. You really need to tap into the part of the brain that makes people say yes.

To help you conquer ad creation Anthony is giving you 25 proven templates that you can download and put into your campaign straight away.

Social eCom Classroom Upsell 25 High Converting Ad Templates

They come in two formats.

Jpeg: These aren’t editable but if you are advertising the same product you could use it straight away.

PSD: If you have photoshop these are perfect. It means that you can edit the individual layers of the image. It doesn’t matter what your product is you can edit the template to suit.

My advice is to start with these but test like a maniac. See what works and try to analyze why it works. If you can work this out then the next time you create an ad you will have a deeper understanding of how to do it.


Epic Results From Previous Classroom Members

How can a new course have previous classroom members?

This course was released to a small group of students to see how well it performed. Due to its success, Anthony decided that he wanted to help more people.

This is why he decided to launch to a larger audience.

From the group of students that have already gone through the course I wanted to know:

How did they find the course and what sort of results did they have.

Jocelyn was one student that went through the training and she saw a spike in her sales. She didn’t just get one or two extra sales. She managed to catapult her sales to $6000. Do you want to know the cool thing?

Social eCom Classroom Review - Jocelyn Testimonial

It was in only four days!

David was another student that went through Social eCom Classroom. He shared his results in the mastermind group (you will get access to this when you join).

Social eCom Classroom Review - David's Testimonial

When he started the course he had only 200 followers on Instagram. He used the power of influencers to skyrocket his followers from 200 to 3000 in only 2 days.

This is just a few results but it shows you what is possible with Social eCom Classroom. People, who know me know I use influencers a lot… why?

Because influencer marketing works!

Plus I’m a chatterbox so reaching out to influencers that are interested in what I offer is so much fun for me!


What To Do If You Get Stuck With Social Ecom Classroom

Nobody is perfect and sometimes any one of us can run into problems. That is the joy of taking on a course online. You don’t have that live person to visit that can draw it out for you. The good thing is that Anthony is only an email away.

He wants you to succeed!

So what do you do if you run into trouble?

Well inside the member’s area you have a helpdesk that has a team ready to help should you run into any problems.

Social eCom Classroom Support Helpdesk

As well as a top notch customer service team you have access to an awesome mastermind group to reach out to.

Social eCom Classroom - Mastermind Group

This is available to any member of Social eCom Classroom. If you are having a problem understanding a part of the training I would say that the mastermind is the quickest route to help.

The help desk is still pretty quick but this is better for things that the mastermind can’t help you with.

If you are unsatisfied with anything in the course Anthony is offering a money back guarantee. That means you can sign up risk-free and if you realize it is not for you… a refund is yours.


My Honest Social Ecom Classroom Review

So after reviewing the whole Social eCom Classroom course, I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised. I am more of a one-stop shop kind of guy. I like to start at the beginning and go through each part step by step.

There is a whole host of Shopify tutorials that are perfect for setting up your store, choosing products and apps to make your store convert. With all the tutorials most still struggle with generating the amount of traffic needed to get sales.

This is why this course is extremely important in the industry. People need something to guide them in the right direction.

I think this course does a fab job.

You start by creating the social assets that you can leverage. Setting these up properly is critical for success. Anyone can set up an Instagram or a Facebook account. The problem is that most people are setting it up for personal use.

Us marketers need to think about things a little different.

The in-depth training at your fingertips will make this a breeze. Anthony will literally walk you step by step through each strategy he is introducing to you.

Influencer marketing is one technique that we as marketers should really learn. It is the future of online marketing.

We are learning how to leverage the power of Instagram Influencers in the program. This is perfect for e-commerce but there are more ways to utilize influencers.

For example, content marketing or blogging.

Both of these are perfect for e-commerce and I think Anthony should have introduced these to us. It would have given us more options.

Personally, I think most stores should be setting up a blog. Not only is it great for sales but it is also a great way to utilize search engine traffic.

Google traffic can make your sales go through the roof!

Facebook Ads was one topic I really enjoyed learning about in the program. It is probably my weakest skill but I have seen some great improvement since learning Anthony’s strategy’s inside the course.

On the whole, I was very satisfied with the training provided. Having said that I think blogging really should have got a mention. What social media strategies do you use in your business? 

Tell me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for checking out my Social eCom Review. If you would like to learn more click here or the button below…




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