About Joe Elliott

So You Want To Screw Your Day Job And Start Living Your Life?

The alarm clock rings and every “feel good” feeling that you have gets┬ádrained from your body.

Same shit… different day!

Scavenging through the internet looking for the next new shiny method to catapult you from 9-5iver to freedom lifer.

You see so many living this freedom lifestyle. They live their life on their own schedule. Yeah, and money is there when they need it too.

Not for us though, every time we try we fail!

What The Fuck Is One Man Wiki?

One Man Wiki is a collection of ramblings by me Joe Elliott. I’m still learning every day and this is my hub where I show you what I am up to, I will show you what works…

I will show you how to take that dream (the freedom lifestyle) and show you how you can make it possible.

Who said it’s a walk in the park?

Starting an online business is far from easy money. In fact, I would actually say it is easier to get a job and climb the corporate ladder.

That is just boring bullshit though, no offense!

I am one man (well I have some fucking awesome blogging buddies) on a mission to change my life and hopefully yours too.

One Man Wiki is my journey!