How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook

Posted on 5 December, 2018 by Joe Elliott

One post can get you millions of video views for pennies on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great to monetize this with an affiliate link?

When you link straight to an affiliate link on Facebook people are going to be skeptical about clicking. Plus Facebook doesn’t want to send their customers away so they limit the reach of the post. So your chances are slashed from the beginning.

If you want to learn how to promote affiliate links on Facebook it is possible but you have to change your strategy.

So sit tight as we take a deep dive on how to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

First Why I Totally Avoid Direct Linking In 99.9% Of Cases

Affiliate marketing is a great strategy to make money online and super easy to get started with. In comparison to some businesses the cost to start is minimal. This attracts a lot of people that just want to make a quick buck, but these people do not take the time to learn how to do it properly though.

They just want to drop their links and see the money roll in.

This is known as direct linking.

In my eyes, this is the worst way to do affiliate marketing but before writing it off I wanted to see some numbers. Trying to find an ad platform that allows direct linking was a task on it’s own. At the time of writing Bing Ads is one PPC network that still allows it.

So first I set up a campaign in the weight loss niche. I tested a few keywords including value and branded. I then dropped my affiliate link to a Clickbank product.

What did this test reveal?

It was possible to make money, but it wasn’t profitable.

I spent $30 and on only recouped one sale of $11.

When you do things the right way you can increase your commissions and reduce your ad spend.

Woop Woop, a profitable campaign.

So if you are in love with affiliate marketing, forget direct linking.

Understanding The Facebook Rules To Stay On Their Good Side & Avoid Bans

Like I mentioned we are looking at how to promote affiliate links on Facebook. This can be a brilliant traffic source for your offers. If you are going to rely on this giant you need to become familiar with the Facebook Ad Policies or your business could crash at any time.

Image Showing The Facebook Ad Policies Homepage

Plus you need to understand that they change their policies very frequently. So keep checking their policies to stay in their good books.

The first thing to consider is what niche are you promoting?

If your niche falls under the dating niche, run away from Facebook. Their policies state that dating content is a total no-go without written approval from Facebook.

Image Showing the Facebook Ads Policy Relating To Dating Niche

Another two to be wary of is the Weight loss and make money online niche. You are able to promote them on Facebook but you need to be very careful how you word your ads. If you do not make promises or state any crazy results you should be ok.

So if you are in the make money online niche do not say… “Buy This To Make Your First Million.” This will get you banned.

You also need to be careful with how you word your ads and the images you use. For the weight loss category, you can not post any before and after photographs.

Facebook want their platform to be a positive place so by saying you could lose more weight you are insinuating that their audience is fat.

This will get your ad disapproved.

Choosing Your First Profitable Affiliate Product To Promote

Now that the boring stuff is out the way it is time to actually get into our actual campaign. Before we jump into landing pages and ads we need to find a product that our audience actually need.

Let’s face it if nobody needs it we are going to be very poor affiliate marketers.

This is where it pays to know your audience very well. Think of the problems they face and any pain points that aggravate them.

For example, if your niche was the adult acne niche a problem they may have is low self-confidence. A pain point would be sore spots and acne scars.

When you get started blogging onlinE it pays to choose a niche that you are familiar with. You will then have a better idea of what your audience needs. It will also make the content creation less of a struggle.

The top three niches that are very popular are Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Just remember that you have to stay away from the relationship niche because Facebook won’t allow it without prior authorization. So we really only have wealth and health. There are niches everywhere though that are a lot less competitive.

Like the sewing niche or the baking niche. Look at how well the Tasty videos have done on Facebook.

Let’s jump on to the Clickbank marketplace.

Image showing the homepage of Clickbank. The image has an arrow pointing the affiliate marketplace

This holds hundreds of offers that you can promote right away. These are digital products like online courses, software or ebooks. Most products on here will pay us a commission of 50-75%. The bigger your commission the fewer sales you will need to make decent money.

So when you arrive on Clickbank simply navigate to the affiliate marketplace. There’s a link in the top right.

This will bring you to this page.

An image showing the affiliate marketplace on Clickbank. Learn how to promote your affiliate links on Facebook in this bkog post.

Down the left-hand column we have all the categories available. Try clicking the categories that appeal to you. This will show you all the products in the niche that you can start promoting.

An image showing the categories on the affiliate marketplace within Clickbank

The other thing you can do is use the search tool.

An image with an arrow showing the search box on the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace

Simply type in a keyword and Clickbank will spit out the products that might work for you.

When you are on the search results page we want to search by gravity. Gravity is a number that represents how many affiliates have promoted the product in an 8 week period. The higher the gravity the more competition.

It also means that the product sells.

An image showing the search results page on the affiliate marketplace on Clickbank

I would look for products between 50 and 100. These products get a bit of traction but they are not to heavy on the competition.

So once you have a few products that sound good it is time to check out the landing pages and see how they look. Go through all the ones you like and ask yourself…

Would you trust this page and would you buy this product?

If it looks like this, I would steer away…

An image showing a bad example of a landing page for a Clickbank product

If it looks professional like this….

An image showing the 2 week diet homepage

You are good to go.

So by now, we should have a good idea of a few products we can promote, so just choose one that resonates best with you. You know its worked for others, it looks trustworthy and you answered… yes I would buy this.

Now it is time to talk about how we actually promote this thing.

A Top-Down Look At The Winning Facebook Ad Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

This is where most new affiliates will go wrong as they will place the link that Clickbank gave them in the URL box or straight into the Facebook post.

This is not the best strategy to promote affiliate links period. Let me illustrate this for you with a real world comparison.

Ask yourself what would happen if you walked into a bar and you smacked the lips on the first person that spoke to you?

In most cases, you would receive a snapped jaw.

When you just drop an affiliate link this is exactly what we are doing. Our product is our kiss and the first person is our potential customer.

Let’s change the scenario up a bit.

This time we walk in and wine and dine someone. We tell them stories and make them warm to us. At the end of the night, the chemistry is flowing and we both share a kiss.

This time we have warmed our customer up and at the end of the night, we are getting a sale. Now as we know this doesn’t happen all the time, but at least we are not getting a slap.

So how do we warm our customers up?

Image of my strategy to promote affiliate links on Facebook

We provide them with a decent amount of value. You have to make them feel like that they can trust you. You also need to make them feel like you are an expert in your niche.  As well as doing this you have to prepare them to buy through your affiliate link.

The best way to do this on Facebook we are going to run a video ad campaign to our target audience. From there we are going to send them to a piece of content. This piece of content should position you as the expert and presell your affiliate offer.

Now if they get to the content and don’t purchase do not worry. You have now captured them with your Facebook pixel. You can now send them more content and maybe the next time they will convert to a paying customer.

Not everyone will buy the first time they see you. If you keep showing up they will eventually take notice.

How to Build Trust & Presell Your Offer: Setting Up Your Content

When you promote anything on Facebook you have to make sure your ad and the content fit snuggly together. So first we will create our blog post, then we can create an ad that sells it to our audience.

Image showing an example of a bridge page to promote affiliate links on Facebook

Most of the big gurus will tell you to create a page with a super catchy headline, video, and a button through to your offer. In the industry, this is called a bridge page. These are good but in my experience but it is better to build an audience with either a blog post, audio blog post or video blog post.

Once you have an audience you can use bridge pages and squeeze pages. Remember this is the awareness stage in our funnel.

We want to show our expertise and build trust.

Now when people land on a blog post people they might decide to look at more content on your blog. This is good because they will get to know you better. They are on your blog, your pixel has captured them so you can retarget them if they don’t buy today.

To win with affiliate marketing you have to stop craving instant gratification. Two sales a week later is better than one sale now.

Creating a blog is a blog post on its own so if you want me to walk you through the process just say in the comments. Once you are ready to put content on your blog we need to craft a winning blog post and pre-sell our offer.

Create A Crafty Headline That Captures Your Audiences Attention

At this stage, our visitors have just come from an ad, we need to sell them on our content straight away. If your headline doesn’t communicate the same benefit as the ad then you are going to lose them.

Let’s stay with the acne niche.

If your video ad is selling them on a  natural remedy they can use to reduce their acne. Your headline has to make your audience feel like this will be delivered. Here are two examples that would communicate this…

A Simple Acne Remedy That Cleared My Whiteheads In 24 Hours


My Stupid Secret To Greatly Reduce Your Acne In No Time At All

So these both sell the same benefit the ad promised, to greatly reduce the visitor’s acne. That is not all I did though.

I inserted words like simple and secret. These words help grab the reader’s attention because they feel like the results are achievable. The benefit is the results they are longing for.

If you want to write kickass headlines you need to spend the time. I like to spend 45 mins to one hour on this part alone. My goal is to write about 30+ headlines. Marie Forleo gave me this tip and it has really helped me improve my headline copy.

You will find the winners are at the end when you really have to scrape your brain. If you only did 10 you would never get to these goodies.

On To Our Intro & Hook: We Still Haven’t Got Our Readers Undivided Attention

If you do a good job at grabbing their attention in the headline that’s a job well done… High Five!

However, you can still lose them before they even check out your affiliate link. Most people nowadays are serial skimmers. I even catch myself doing this when I am trying to read a blog post. You start with good intentions, you realize the post is what you need and then you get carried away with your mouse wheel.

We don’t want this to happen so we need to hook them in even more and mention the link quickly. That doesn’t mean you make a flashy banner with the affiliate link. You need to actually give them a reason to click through.

Here is my intro for our example…

It would be great to never have to endure acne, to say i was embarrassed was an understatement. Everyday was like pick on Joe day!

Not to mention every new day I was greeted by a new whitehead or blackhead.

I felt disgusting then at work I would feel even worse as i became the centre of everyone’s jokes.

I faced two options to find the answer or ask my mum for makeup tips to help cover these assholes up.

On my search i came across this natural remedy that promised to greatly reduce my acne and the shame it brought. I’d be dumb not to try it and all the things I needed were in the house.

I found that my diet had to change as well as making this natural remedy.

BONUS: Click Here To Get My New And Improved Diet That Helped Me Keep Acne Off My Face For Good. (Affiliate Link)

Are you ready to learn the simple remedy that can reduce your acne right away?

The best way to hook someone in is to start with a story. So it made sense to start with a personal experience related to dealing with acne. This works perfectly because your new readers can relate to you.

Once you have quickly told your story you need to show them that you are on the other side of the problem. In the example, I did this by sharing that I found a natural remedy that quickly improved my pain.

Up till now they know our personal story, they know we have the answer this would be the perfect chance to drop the link. If a serial skimmer is reading they are going to become friends with their scrolling at this stage. We need to catch them before it’s too late.

When I dropped the link I told them what they would get and sold the benefit (Keep acne of your face).

To close the intro I asked them if they were ready to learn my secret remedy. This makes them say yes. Everytime you get a reader to say yes the higher your chances are of converting them.


Because they feel more invested.

Now we get into the meat and potatoes, the actual content!

The Main Content Of Your Blog Post

Now that we have passed the intro our job is to keep our readers engaged. If you look at this post you will notice I don’t just say…

What is direct linking?

I say…

First Why I Totally Avoid Direct Linking In 99.9% Of Cases

This is much more captivating than the first. Creating sub-headlines that help move our readers down the article is key. Your subheadline should explain what the section is about and hook the reader into each new section.

If all your headings do this you will successfully move your readers down your article.

You can’t give up here though, you need to include some images. These will speak to your reader, they may spark curiosity and they may help secure that hook with the reader. Bottom line is that you should include as many images as possible.

Look at Neil Patel’s Blog, he posts an image like every hundred words or so.

An image showing how Neil Patel uses images so frequently on his blog

Now onto length.

In this strategy we are not using a lead magnet, our blog post is our lead magnet. We are building our Facebook Pixel here. To make our visitors feel like they have gained some value we have to teach them something that they can put into action right away.

If you can get them some results then they will be more inclined to click your affiliate links.

If you create a killer blog post over 2000 words you have a chance to rank for some easy keywords on Google. This is free traffic to your blog and it is more pixel data… for free. There is more to search engine optimization than adding extra words but it is a good start.

The more Google knows about your post the more inclined they will be to rank it.

It’s Time To Monetize: But Where Do We Place Our Affiliate Links?

When most newbies think of creating blog posts to promote an affiliate offer they automatically think they should spam the link throughout the post. You need to be gentle here.

We are still building our relationship with our new visitor.

My tip to you is to do two blatant calls to actions in the intro and at the end. If you mention your offer in the article create a simple link over the product name. If you don’t mention it the two calls to actions should be ok.

Image taken from a Siteground Review showing a big call to action

Remember it is about building your pixel. You can write another blog post and retarget the users to bring them back next week.

I have seen readers needing around 7 exposures before they take the plunge and buy. By taking it slow you will build a much stronger connection with your audience and make more money in the long run.

Do not underestimate pixel data, with this you do not have to worry about defining your audiences. Simply just take your data and create a custom audience.

Do No Just Do The Bare Minimum: Consider Adding A Video or an Audio

Just because we have written an article it doesn’t mean that we should exclude audio content or video. YouTube is a massive opportunity to get free traffic.

To win with YouTube you need good watch time and audience retention. If you are sending paid traffic to a blog post with your video your views will increase. If 50% watch a good portion of the video you are setting yourself up for success on YouTube.

That is my strategy for this year to grow a YouTube channel and you can see in this post I have a video. I am practicing what I preach.

Things Are Coming To An End, Time For Your Second Call To Action

To end the article you want another blatant call to action. I always start my conclusion with a summary of what we have covered. Some users will scroll to the end of the post and we want to let them know that we gave away some epic value away.

After the summary, I would say something like…

Don’t forget to check out the exact diet that literally cleared my acne in no time at all. No more feeling disgusting or embarrassed. Just click here to see the exact diet plan I am following.

State what the visitor will get and sell a benefit. Benefits are your secret weapon and they will help convert your audience. I also reiterated the pain I felt to help connect with any serial skimmers.

Lastly just close the article. You could end with a question and ask them to answer in the comments. This will give you a chance to up the engagement but you might also learn a bit more about your audience. If they leave a comment they might ask a new question store that in your content swipe file.

Then you can create another article that helps them, this is another chance to push them to your offer.

Creating A Winning Video Ad That Captures Your Readers & Makes Them Want To Jump The Content

Now that we have a killer blog post that shares value but gives our audience a quick win, it is time to get some traffic.

We do this with Facebook Ads.

These scare a lot of people because you can burn a lot of money in no time. Especially when you do not know what you are doing. I literally through money at them when I was getting started. Do I have anything to show for it?

Nope, nothing!

It was time to employ a mentor that a could walk me through the process. This is where I met Kevin David. He has used Facebook Ads to literally make thousands, he was the perfect person to learn from. So I decided to take his Facebook Ads Ninja course.

Image showing the landing page of Kevin David Facebook Ads Ninja Course

I was able to drive my ad cost down and actually get traffic from Facebook. It was a massive win and just what I needed.

In my experience, Video View Ads are the best way to get results.  Video ads are perfect for awareness campaigns because you can build a much stronger connection with your potential customer.

They are also super cheap!

You only need a video that is around 30 secs to a minute. After that people will fall off.

With such a short time you really need to hook them into your story straight away. My best tip here is to actually write a script so that you can get all the necessary details in the video. Here is how I would structure my video…

Create A Video That Is Designed For The Facebook Platform So You Grab People From The Get Go

Take a moment and think about what you do when you are on Facebook. You are in chill mode just sifting through your friend’s posts and your fave groups. When an ad pops up you need to break this pattern and it has to be compelling if you want them to continue to watch.

To capitalize on this and make your video standout I have two big tips for you. Crop your video so that it is square. Now using a program like Camtasia you can add to call outs at the top of your video and at the bottom. Like this:

An image showing a square video with callouts, perfect to promote affiliate links on Facebook

This is how you get attention before they even start to watch.

Now I said it is best to follow a script to get the details in. You also want to create a subtitles file for your video because 85% of people will watch your video without sound.  Creating a subtitle file is easy here is a great tutorial from Andrew and Pete on how to do it quickly.

Let’s get into creating the actual script for our video.

The First Few Seconds Count The Most… The Winning Intro & Hook Formula

Now you literally have a few seconds to get the reader hooked into your video. Forget introducing yourself get straight into it. No messing about, here is an intro for our example…

They were all laughing at me, I was so embarrassed. Over spring break I had developed acne, I didn’t have it mild I was plagued with white heads. Not only were they sore but they stood out like a sore thumb.

This is us talking to our ideal customer. If they are suffering acne I am sure they have felt embarrassed by it. I am sure they have been taunted by their peers.

They can relate to our story.

Remember what I said you want people to say… I know how this guy feels.

The Big Reveal, Let Them Know That You Are Giving The Answer Away

Once they feel like they can relate to you it is time to show them that we have the answer.

I couldn’t live like this I had to find a way to mask these massive white heads. I scoured the net and came across this natural remedy. The good thing was that I had most of these things in my kitchen. I decided to give it a try, if this didn’t work i would have to look into the make up route.

I put it together and applied.

After a week of using this remedy the results blew me away. It wasn’t painful and didn’t require me to stab needles into my face.

In this part, you have to make them feel your pain that is why I said I couldn’t live like this. I also said if this didn’t work I would have to go the makeup route. For a guy, this is not an easy decision. These statements make the viewer see I was at the end of my tether.

In the second half, we start to sell them on the solution. We said the results blew us away and that it was painless and didn’t require pimple popping. If I had acne I wouldn’t want to stab my face or feel pain.

Now it is time to get them to take action.

The Call To Action & The Close

We are near the end of the video. You actually have to tell the user what to do or they will just leave. Well, they may engage with your ad but we want them to click onto our piece of content.

I have created a blog post that walks you through the exact process. Believe me when I say most things you will have in your house or you can get at your local store. Click the learn more button or the link in this post. This could be your chance to greatly reduce your acne don’t let it go click the link now and I will see you on the other side.

We tell them exactly what is on offer a blog post that reveals the acne remedy. It walks them through the process. This means it is an easy to use solution. I also went onto say they can get the ingredients easily.

Another selling point in the bag!

Lastly is the exact instructions to get to the blog post. Now you will notice that I gave another benefit “to greatly reduce their acne.” Benefits sell so you want to use them when you can. You then close the video by saying we will see them on the other side.

Using this script will improve your video ads and really help drive clicks through to your page.

I am not going to walk you through setting up a video ad (it’s a blog post on it’s own) but if you would like a tutorial on this please let me know in the comments.

Bonus Tip: Add A Bonus Stack That Seals The Deal With Your Customer

At this point, you can just rinse and repeat the strategy and you will make sales. However, you have pixel data at this point that could really come in useful. These are warm visitors they perfect to be a bit more aggressive with.

You do this by creating a bonus page. You can use ClickFunnels or LeadPages for this!

Simply create a landing page that has an attention-grabbing headline. Remember what we said about headlines above. Tell the reader what they will get and then sell the benefits.

Clear Your Acne Up Right Away With My Epic Bonus


The Ultimate Acne Repellent, Fight Your Acne With A Massive Sucker Punch

The next part of the bonus page is a video that sells your story and your offer and your bonus.

This audience knows you a bit better so you can spend a bit more time talking about how the product helped clear your acne. Before the video ends you want to talk about your awesome bonus stack.

After using this product for a few days I saw awesome results but I needed a better way to track what I was eating. I created a simple food tracker that helps me stay on track with my diet. I could easily sell this for $10 but if you buy through my link it is yours.

Now, this probably won’t drive massive sales so we stack more bonuses on.

That’s not all I am going to give you. Since you have invested in me I will invest in you. I will sit down with you for 45-60 minutes via Skype to help you kick-start your acne battle.

I will also throw in my 50 Recipe cookbook that shares my favorite acne busting meals.

Can you see what I am doing here?

I am stacking the bonuses so that the visitor really feels like they can’t miss the offer. So before you end the video push them to take action…

These bonuses are only available to you if you buy through my link which is below this video. If you want to get them click the link and get your copy of Acne Buster then send me your receipt to I will then send the bonuses your way.

It’s over to you guys take the chance now before I take my bonuses offline. I can’t keep them up forever.

We are introducing scarcity here which will compel your readers to jump on this. Retargeting your blog readers with a bonus page can see a massive increase in affiliate commissions.

I’ve Shown You How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook… It’s Over To You

Well done guys for making it to the end of this post. Now you know how to promote affiliate links on Facebook the right way. The way that won’t get your Ad account banned.

Start off by choosing a product that is being promoted but isn’t too saturated. Next set up your affiliate sales funnel. Create a killer video ad for Facebook (You could even post this as a YouTube Ad) that focuses on building a relationship and makes you relatable.

If your audience relates with you then you are onto a winner.

Next, create an epic blog post that teaches your audience a tactic that will give them that quick win. By getting the reader results you can be sure they will invest.

If you want to push a little harder create an unmissable bonus stack and retarget your blog readers.

If you are struggling to create winning Facebook ads you can jump on a free masterclass with my mentor Kevin David. I owe my success to him when it comes to Facebook ads. Click here to check out the free webinar.

Until the next time guys!

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