How To Start A Blog: The Definitive Guide

I am sure that you have heard that it is possible to make money from blogging and that is kind of true.

On its own you will make nothing but when you have a strategy and employ some proven money making tactics it is indeed possible.

When you create a blog you are creating your very own hub that people can come to and learn about what you offer. If you do a good job they may even buy from you too.

What I will say is that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme it takes time and effort. If you add some determination and start treating your blog like a business (that is what it really is) then you will get there quicker.

How To Start A Blog


If You Want Sales You Need To Know This

When a reader arrives on your site they are looking for something. They have a problem that needs solving. Something has led them to your site so it is your job o give them that answer.

This is your reader’s journey.

If you have an overweight person who is looking to get in shape then they are at the start of their journey.

If you want them to stay you need to make them feel like you can take them to the results part.

So you create a Fat Burning Breakfast Guide and they land on this. They are happy because now they can start eating a healthier breakfast, they are on their way.

You have given them a “Quick Win.”

This will make them look at your next article…

20 Fat Burning Lunch Recipes

Bang their day is nearly complete and they feel happier again.

Do you see where I am going here?

Give them lots of quick wins and they will hang around because they feel like they are solving their problem.

To make money you create free content that leads to the cream of the crop, the product that will answer their prayers.

So for our example, a diet plan, an online coaching program or maybe a weight loss cookbook.

Work out what your reader’s journey is and then create content that will take them there.

That is all you have to do!

So let’s dive into the guide to creating your blog.

The Ultimate List of Starting A Blog Resources

Table Of Contents

Chapter One: Choose A Niche To Dominate

Chapter Two: Picking Your Web Host & Domain Name

Chapter Three: Install WordPress & Choose A Theme

Chapter Four: Your Blog Needs Some Common Pages

Chapter Five: Your First Piece Of Epic Content That Drives Links & Shares

Chapter Six: Outreach To Bloggers To Get The Traffic Rolling Your Way

Chapter Seven: Drive More Eyes To Your Content With These Traffic Strategies

Chapter Eight: Employ Money-Making Tactics

Chapter Nine: See It In Action With These Case Studies

BONUS VIDEO: Thanks To Greg Narayan for creating an epic video on creating a WordPress Blog, that walks you from start to finish.

Chapter One

Choose A Niche To Dominate

A niche is basically the overall topic of your blog. You need to choose this before you do anything else.

Think about your reader’s journey and that will reveal what your niche is. Do they want to lose weight?

Then that would be the weight loss niche.

In this part of the guide, you will learn how to choose a niche for your new blog. Let’s face it you don’t want to enter a niche that gets no attention.

Chapter Two

Picking Your Web Host & Domain Name

Got your niche?

You’re A Rock Star!

The next step on your journey is to get a place on the interwebs for your blog to live. Your web hosting is like finding a plot of land and your domain name is similar to the address of your house.

Without hosting your blog isn’t online and without a domain name you have no address for people to find you.

Your domain name should be your business name so my blog is called One Man Wiki and my domain is I would always suggest .com unless your blog is location specific. If the .com is not available then .net but always try

The first link below is the web host I use and they have been a gem to work with. If you get hosting with them they will give you a domain name. This saves having to set up nameservers but if you have another host in mind the article on nameservers will see you right.

This is probably the easiest part of your journey!

Chapter Three

Install WordPress & Choose A Theme

You’re on fire making it this far, I have another easy step for you.

Now you need a platform that makes it a breeze to blog on. I would highly recommend WordPress because it comes as a one click install with most hosting providers.

Once WordPress is installed you just have to choose a theme. Basically, make your blog look pretty. Please do not spend much time on this because you can build upon this.

Get a nice looking theme and you are good to go

Chapter Four

Your Blog Needs Some Common Pages

Once you have your blog up and running the most technical aspects are finished. Now the real work begins.

All blogs that are successful have one thing in common:

  1. About Page – Everybody likes a story, these help your readers connect with you and build a relationship. This can also be your highest converting page for email sign ups.
  2. Contact Page – Your readers might want to contact you, this page makes it easy for them to do so.
  3. Terms & Conditions Page & Privacy Policy – If you are selling anything or collecting email addresses then these pages are a must.
  4. Disclaimers – If you are an affiliate you need to disclose it.

Some of these pages are a legal requirement so it is best to get them made straight away. This will save any issues further down the line.

Chapter Five

Your First Piece Of Epic Content That Drives Links & Shares

Are you ready to write your first piece of blog content?

This is your chance to show the world how much of an expert you really are. I suggest you pick a topic that is proven to do well.

Let’s face it nearly every topic that matter has been covered at some point. Your point of view is what makes this post unique.

Start by looking through your competitors and look at what does well. Then you just have to write a better article and you are good to go.

Chapter Six

Outreach To Bloggers To Get The Traffic Rolling Your Way

Did you create something epic?

The truth is if you just leave it sitting there nothing will happen, you need to get it out there.

You see this is what 90% of bloggers do… they publish and hope that someone will pick the post up.

By employing some outreach tactics you can start to bring some traffic to your brand new blog. If you have created a decent skyscraper article you might even bag yourselves some links.

And it’s all white hat!

So let’s dive in and learn how we can get other bloggers to help promote us.

Chapter Seven

Drive More Eyes To Your Content With These Traffic Strategies

Outreach is an amazing method but you are going to have to make it a continuous strategy to really build relationships with other bloggers.

When you have a better relationship you will have a contact you can share your content with and that will be happy to help you.

What else can you do to drive traffic?

Here are some more traffic generating resources…

Chapter Eight

Employ Some Money-Making Tactics

Up until now it has been just about setting the foundations and your blog has no ways of making any income.

What’s the use in that, though, we all have bills to pay.

I would advise you set up your email list and work on monetizing your blog this way,

If someone trusts you enough to give you their email address, it won’t be as hard to get them to pay you for something.I’m sure you have heard the saying the money is in the list.

In the resources below you will learn how to start making money from the traffic and content your blog has generated, don’t try to win them all, stick with one you like until you have nailed it…

Chapter Nine

See It In Action With These Case Studies

It’s all good learning how to do things but sometimes it’s good to actually see how it works.

In the resources below you can see some amazing case studies with awesome results…