Your Secret Weapon That Will Increase Your Subscribers

Posted on 15 March, 2017 by Joe Elliott

Another day passes and still, no one is taking action on your blog. You have worked your little fingers to the bone creating awesome content. Still, no one hires you or even subscribes to you.

Where are you going wrong?

Look at the example below, what does this blog do to make sure they get sales and increase their subscribers?

Increase Your Subscribers With Social Proof

Lewis Howes uses social proof. This is the easiest way to build trust and help people judge whether they should leave or whether they should stay and take action.

Just because you haven’t been featured on Forbes doesn’t mean that you don’t stand a chance.

It’s all about positioning yourself the right way!

Let’s look at the ways you can incorporate social proof into your blog so that you can increase your subscribers and your trust. When you do this you will have a much stronger connection with your audience.

Your Secret Weapon That Will Increase Your Subscribers

What Is Social Proof!

What is social proof exactly though and why should we care about it?

No matter how much of an individual you are, we have all been manipulated by social proof.

Mary FernandezA Tip From Mary Fernandez:

“Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.” 

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Back when I first started school I remember waiting in line for my lunch. One of my friends chose tuna mayo sandwiches. This caused another one of my friends to belt out a massive yuck, “THEY STINK.” The rest of the group started to join in.

Immediately I thought, no tuna for me!

In my peer group, it was clear that tuna was not an acceptable food choice. However, a burger and fries would save me the social embarrassment of choosing something icky.

As I have grown I have learned that we should let people eat what they want and not judge. As a kid, I trusted my peers and wanted to fit in.

We all make decisions based on what we are made to believe.

Yaro StarakA  Tip From Yaro Starak:

Social Proof exists because we group together in a society. All other people around you and what choices they make, are pushing or pulling you to do or not do certain things. This is an incredibly strong force when it comes to influencing our behaviors. We are pack animals, no matter how independent we think we are, unless you live in a cave, you are conditioned by other people around you.

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What Does This Mean For Your Blog?

When you start a blog you are a nobody, you have no social proof, you have no trust, and you have no authority.

Why should people trust that 4k word article you poured your heart out too?

By focusing on building social proof you borrow authority and trust. When people see you as an expert they will start to trust you.

For example, say I feature Neil Patel on my blog (which I have here), the majority of people will think…

“WOW, he knows this rockstar celebrity marketer. If Neil gives a damn then maybe I should too!”

Want another?

I show you an opt-in form and below it I list all the high authority places I have been featured. Again this leads people to think…

“If he has been featured on these places he must be able to help.”

When you begin your journey you should strive to get social proof for your blog straight away.


Back Up Every Claim You Make

So if nobody trusts what you say is there a point in starting a blog?

Of course, you just need to show them that what you say is legit. Thanks to all the spam artists out there our audience is severely skeptical!

The easiest way to do this is to link to external sources that back up your claim. Doing so points people to a place that they trust. When they see you are both singing the same tune your credibility will increase.

Blogger Featured Quote

Studies and statistics are powerful trust builders! By referencing an infographic, statistic or fact people can see the point in the article.

Do you say that reading your post will accomplish a certain goal? You better back it up with some image proof. You could also link to an authority that has done a similar thing, this just helps prove that your results are credible.

I said in a post I had been tweeted by John Lee Dumas, here’s the image proof! It shows that what I am teaching get’s results…

John Lee Dumas Retweet

If you can get an influencer to agree to a video interview this will increase the trust towards you again by the power of association.

Get Endorsed By Influencers & Easlily Increase Your Subscribers

I have had endorsements from Ryan Biddulph, Adam Connell, John Hall and Alicia Rades. These are well-respected industry experts that have a larger audience than myself. They are happy to put their name and face next to a comment about me because they have a level of trust in me.

Look at Tor Refsland rocking it with his endorsements…

Testimonials Exanmple - Tor Refsland

Getting testimonials isn’t hard when you mingle with influencers. Having said that you do need to be worth it.

If you only have one article on your blog, a poor design and next to no social proof then you will struggle.

I use a three step process to get high-quality testimonials for my blog.

Step One: I write an epic article that will drive people to share. I reference influencers with a bigger audience than myself. Easy right?

Step Two: I then reach out to each of the people I have linked to and quoted in the article. This is not some crappy “you wrote this and so did I” email. I personalize the email and tell them exactly why I featured them. Lastly, I will ask them for some feedback.

Step Three: After they have given me their thoughts I will write a sentence or two that sums up their feedback. I will then send that back to them to see if they approve. Bang a testimonial from an influencer!

Here is one of mine from Ryan Biddulph

Testimonial From Ryan Biddulph

If you have no relationship with the influencer you might have a hard time convincing them. Not impossible, though.

Guest Post On High Authority Platforms

Guest posting may get a bad rep in some instances but it is a must when you are starting out. It puts your work in front of a new audience that has never heard of you.

Jonathan ChanA Tip From Jonathan Chan:

“If your business has been featured on any type of recognized media outlet, you need to let people know. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, just featuring their logo is more than enough for you to start reaping the benefits.

Every publisher from the Wall Street Journal to Inc carries a certain weight behind their brand. People will generally trust these publishers because they know that publishers, especially news sites, will only report on something that’s worth talking about in the first place.”

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If you get invited to a party where you know nobody apart from one person. It’s pretty daunting, but that person will make you feel at ease. When you get there you are introduced to new people, who accept you just because you are friends with this one person.

This is exactly like guest posting!

Nobody knows you but they trust what you say because they trust the blog in question.

These people will become your friends over time. That is if you work at building a relationship with them.

Just like the new audience, you have been introduced to.

Don’t just settle for one guest post, though. If you get offered to join as a contributor then you can provide more value. That audience will start to take notice of you.

Have you heard the saying, “people need to be exposed to something 7 times before they are sold on it?”

So stick with guest posting if you want to increase your subscribers. Sarah Peterson does this over at

Sarah Peterson Guest post Example

Get off your blog and mingle with your audience. When you get featured you can use the logo as social proof on your own blog.

Get Featured On High Authority Podcasts

This is exactly like guest posting on a higher authority platform. In this instance, though, you are using your voice instead of your writing. This will let your audience hear you, they can see what your personality is like…

It is a much deeper connection.

Yaro Starak includes guest interviews on his podcast…

Increase Your Subscribers On Other Peoples Podcasts

Just because you don’t run a podcast, doesn’t mean you can’t be featured.

Take John Lee Dumas, he is well known for his podcast. He has also been featured on Goins writer blog.

John Lee Dumas On Goins Writer

Don’t be the one trick pony!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

If you get stage fright or you develop a touch imposter syndrome, do not panic.

“You have to experience fear if you want to experience success!” – Michael Hyatt

Collaborate With Expert YouTubers

You are on fire now!

You have got yourself some pretty decent guest posts and podcast interviews. Where do you go next?


This is the future of internet marketing… get on it while the going is good.

Adam Franklin interviews Andy Crestodina

Showing your face puts you in a very vulnerable place. It’s ok, don’t panic it will be worth it because the kind of connection you can form from a video is a lot stronger than any other type of content.

When you are on camera people can see you, they can see your facial expressions and they can see how you act. There is also that same element of trust because they trust the host.

Think about how you portray yourself. The biggest tip I can give is to be relatable. If I was to turn up to an interview about dog training in a 3 piece suit, what would you think?

You’d be thinking who does this douche think he is.

Now if I turn up to an interview about soccer in shorts and sports top, what do you think?

He looks great, I want to be great so I better listen.

Show Off Your High Profile Clients

Up till now, we have been focusing on getting you featured. Let’s turn the table and focus on featuring your customers.

So back to the party where you knew nobody!

You are approached by someone who is interested in a service you offer. Your friend jumps in and says that you are the man for the job. He tells this new person about the awesome job you did for him.

Bang that is some awesome social proof. Now the new person starts asking you about how you can help them. If you nail that part the job will be yours.

You have leveraged the trust of your friend’s relationship with this person. They want to work with you because their friend has sung your praises.

When you feature your customer’s testimonials people can see that you can deliver.

On your blog, you don’t have the same connection with your audience so you need to make every pixel count. My best tip is to show high authority logos of places you have worked for. People might not know the marketing director of Coca-Cola, but they will recognize the logo.

This is exactly what Sujan Patel does on Web Profits

Sujan Patel Clients on Web Profits

Having said that written, audio and video testimonials will work just as good. Don’t panic if you haven’t worked with a company people will recognize, just get your testimonials out there!

Jabed HasanA Tip From Jabed Hasan:

“Buzzsumo not only displays the logos of well-known companies that are using, them but they also position them close to the call to action button to convince people to try them. If these famous companies are using Buzzsumo that must mean something to their audience.”

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Showcase Your Qualifications

If you have got yourself some amazing social proof so far, give yourself a pat on the back. You are now 90% ahead of most new bloggers.

What about your professional qualifications, though?

You have worked hard to gain these, they show that you are trained and competent enough to do the task.

Would you trust a doctor that never had any medical training? Would you trust a Personal Trainer that had no training?

If your industry has qualifications then highlight the ones you have. This is a must in some cases.

In some niches like the golf niche, your experience will be much more valuable. In the health niche, your qualifications matter!

If you have a related qualification get the logo on your blog, if it instills trust, it’s worth it!

Feature Case Studies On Your Blog To Increase Your Subscribers

I see this done so poorly all over the place. When you do it right you will provide value to your audience and build some bulletproof social proof.

Ed HallenA Tip From Ed Hallen:

“We tend to imagine ourselves in other people’s shoes when we read or hear a story. This is why stories are so persuasive and often more trustworthy than statistics or general trends. Individual examples stick with us because we can relate to them. “

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What do people want when they hire someone to do a task?

They want to see a return on investment. So what if you can design a pretty blog theme! If your potential customers don’t see the benefit then why should they bother.

Start your case study with an intro that demonstrates the problems your customer was facing. Want an example?

Your customer is a new dog owner who was struggling to get their dog potty trained, Your intro could be…

Another morning arrives to find another puddle at the foot of the bed. The only thing that is going through my head is puppy elimination… Oh yeah and I need a shower more than ever!

This is exactly what happened on a daily basis for Dave. The joy of having a puppy was diminishing daily because his new baby, Patch, just couldn’t grasp puppy training pads!

Dave reached out to me for help, he was all out of patience and his relationship was on the rocks.

It really was him or the dog!

This intro hooks the reader in and if this is an issue they face they will relate to Dave. You could continue the article like…

Before I dive into the solution that worked for Dave I want to share with you the results. Not to brag but to show you that it is possible no matter how much you feel like you are struggling.

I can show a video testimonial here. In this video, I will make sure that Patch and Dave look inseparable now the problem is fixed. This is what people want right?

Now you have people’s attention, they want the results you got Dave. Show them how the journey went. Take them from Dave coming to you right up to the point of success.

Ask yourself, does this sell you more than a picture of a happy dog and his owner?

Of course, it does, you have provided tips they can try, but you have also shown them that it is possible with your help.

You have given them hope and got yourself a lovely article and some kickass social proof.

It’s Over To You

What social proof can you provide to make your blog stand out and more importantly help increase your subscribers?

Look at all your achievements and start to look at ways you can showcase them.

Work hard at getting your name out there, not only to get in front of more people but to build credibility with your audience.

Start getting social proof from day one so that when your next customer lands on your page they are sold from day one!

What ways do you show social proof on your blog? Let me know in the comments below…

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    March 15, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Good article , just starting a travel blog. But have been on social with personal one , not much views.

    1. Joe Elliott

      March 15, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      Hi Jodi

      Thanks for stopping by and well done on getting started!

      Get some social proof, the more you get the quicker you will grow!

      Just do not spam 😉

      Glad you enjoyed, now go and nail it 😀


  2. David Boozer

    March 15, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Well, it started with you and Ryan when it comes to using “interviews” to grow influence of my new blog. Thanks for being on there and sitting down with me Joe, and I look forward to the training program you are putting together for all of us!

    1. Joe Elliott

      March 20, 2017 at 10:48 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment David,

      So Honoured to be interviewed by you dude

      Keep Rocking It!

  3. Arduino

    March 22, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks for this inspiring post, actually I have lost 4000 thousand subscribers in the last month I have 8000+ subscriber now you can check suddenly fall down and Like the advice of brain from backlinko 🙂

    I will definitely implements these expert tips to improve my subscribers.

    1. Joe Elliott

      March 22, 2017 at 11:22 pm

      Glad it will help you Arduino,

      Social proof can do so much for building your email list 🙂


  4. Usman

    April 8, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.


  5. David

    April 11, 2017 at 1:21 am

    I am so glad I found your site. These are really helpful tips and I will definitely be implementing them. Thanks for sharing.



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