How Influencer Marketing Turbocharges Your Travel Blog Growth

Posted on 24 May, 2017 by Ryan Biddulph

Are you disgusted with being serenaded by a chorus of crickets each time you publish a post on your travel blog?

I have been there.

I published a cyber diary masquerading as a blog for years.

But when I trashed my old blog to create Blogging From Paradise I did things right from day one.

How Influencer Marketing Turbocharges Your Travel Blog Growth

I engaged in aggressive travel blogger outreach. I dove head first into influencer marketing.

Basically, I made building meaningful, powerful friendships with top travel bloggers my prime intent.

This is influencer marketing. This is how to goad the hyper-successful travel bloggers of the world to:

  • promote you via social media
  • endorse you
  • interview you
  • feature you

That’s the end game of influencer marketing: make friends with pro bloggers by helping them out to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

All the traffic you drool over and the profits you pine over await in powerfully-forged, authentic, loving friendships you build with big dawg travel bloggers.

If you are on the fence about influencer marketing but are seeing scant traffic to your travel blog be open to these reasons.

Your traffic is a trickle. Which has probably put ya in a financial pickle. So now it’s time to befriend the heavies of the travel blogging world to change your blogging course.

1: Connect with Industry Heavies

Connecting with industry heavies through influencer marketing:

  • exposes you to successful travel bloggers to learn from
  • moves you up in blogging circles to help you pop up on the radar of more successful travel bloggers
  • inspires you to persist through blogging ups and downs by seeing the success of rocking bloggers
  • makes blogging fun, enjoyable and fulfilling

For all the material benefits of diving into influencer marketing, the chief payoff is becoming good friends with other human beings.

All good things flow out of these fun, fulfilling friendships.

The other benefits are the direct byproduct of making friends with successful travel bloggers.

2: Skyrocket Travel Blog Traffic

One obvious benefit of diving into influencer marketing is seeing a boost in blog traffic.

How it Works

Reach out to influential travel bloggers. Offer to promote their content. Ask how you can help them. Build friendships. Then, when you ask for a social share from these travel blogging big dawgs you are coming in warm, not cold. Expect more social shares from these travel blogging buddies. As the social shares increase so does your blog traffic.

Of course, social sharing is only one aspect of engaging in influencer marketing. Influential bloggers can:

  • feature you on their blogs via brief snippets
  • interview you for their podcast
  • email your blog, your products, and your services to their list
  • invite you to exclusive groups

Adam Connel - Share Influencers In Your Content


Big-time blogger Meg Jerrard of Mapping Megan┬áinvited me into her monstrously large We Travel We Blog tribe where over 100 travel bloggers share each other’s posts via Twitter weekly. Big traffic spike since I joined this invite-only group.

Hyper-successful internet marketer David Boozer recorded a podcast and wrote a blog post explaining how he purchased all of my Blogging Paradise eBooks. I immediately noted a strong uptick in traffic and of course eBook sales after his ringing endorsement.

I began to aggressively promote David to my following. He offered immensely helpful content and showed how much he dug my work.

This is influencer marketing at its finest. Two established, professional bloggers promoting one another over the long haul.

Lasting Traffic

We have helped increase each other’s traffic, not over days, or weeks, or months, but over years. Lasting, targeted, trusting traffic.

Too many aspiring bloggers see influencer marketing as a short term or one time deal. Some bloggers zero in on trying to get a single tweet or Facebook Share from a power broker-blogger, missing out on the lasting, ever increasing, targeted blog traffic you would gain from establishing strong friendships with successful travel bloggers.

Think long term. Make friends with top travel bloggers. Promote each other. Gain more traffic every week by co-promoting with other successful bloggers.

3: Gain Trust

Influencer marketing raises your trust factor through the roof.

When you gain backing from top shelf bloggers, readers tend to know, like and trust you more quickly because folks trust trusted sources. Top travel bloggers yield serious clout. These blogging big dawgs earned the trust of their readers over years. When they speak, people listen.

Building friendships with established bloggers:

  • increases the endorsements you receive from top bloggers
  • lands you more features on popular, respected travel blogs
  • lands you more interviews on authority travel blogs

As the endorsements, testimonials, features and interviews increase so does your trust factor. It’s an association thing.

As your trust factor increases all aspects of your blogging business grow. Traffic, list subscribers and profits will increase because when folks trust you they buy in. Literally.


After I appeared as a “digital nomad expert” on sites like Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News I saw a spike in blog traffic and profits. People instantly associated Blogging From Paradise with those world renowned brands. Trust by association.

(Where Blogging From Paradise Has Been Featured)

Blogging from paradise has been featured here

If they deeply trusted those famous, authority sites they would trust the judgment of Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News writers who featured me. In essence, if these writers from respected sites thought enough of me to feature me and my digital nomad insights I must know what I am talking about. At least this is the line of thinking subscribed to by most readers.

4: Attract More Sponsored Post Opportunities

Connecting with blogging big dawgs helps you land more travel blogging sponsored post opportunities.

Friends who are blogging somebodies refer their contacts to you, boosting your blogging income through this common travel blogger monetizing channel.

I received a flurry of sponsored posts during a particular stretch when I dove into influencer marketing full bore on the travel blogging front. By making friends with established bloggers some of these pros referenced me to their network of bloggers and businesses who were looking for blogs on which to place sponsored posts.

Nicole Sunderland Networking led to success

5: Live Your Dreams

Connected travel bloggers live their dreams.

I’m living proof.

8 years ago I was a broke blogger, still reeling from being a fired security guard.

Today I am a pro island hopping travel blogger.

Engaging in influencer marketing allowed my wildest dreams to make a beeline for me.

Nobody goes to sleep dreaming of more blog traffic. Nobody experiences sleepless nights because they are too excited about getting more blog comments.

You blog to live your craziest, most inspired, most spectacular dreams.

Blogging on the shoulders of giants helps you live those dreams more quickly than through any other strategy.

Once you go influencer marketing you will never go back.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you engaging in influencer marketing?

Are you having a tough time making inroads with influencers?

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