How “This Kind” Of Lazy Blogging Can Make You A More Successful Blogger!

Posted on 7 June, 2017 by David Boozer

Yes, being this kind of lazy blogger can make you a more successful blogger, and help you first build the list of subscribers you need to accomplish that fact. This works for every niche, platform, or opportunity as well.

As a matter of fact, I am that kind of lazy blogger, and so are many, many of my friends like Ryan Biddulph, Matthew Loomis, an even Darren Rowse if you look at what we do not do.

Let’s look at how you can be this kind of lazy blogger, a successful blogger…

How "This Kind" Of Lazy Blogging Can Make You A More Successful Blogger!

I love being a lazy blogger and entrepreneur.

I am not lazy in the sense that I want everything handed to me while I sip on soda, play video games all day, all while I complain about having to actually work for a living. Sorry, lazy person, I actually enjoy working.

Why? Why do I love working so much? Well, because I love what I do, I am an online entrepreneur, and I make a living through niche blogging.

Maybe, like I had once, you do not like your current job or position in your daily work life. I get that, I was there. The biggest fear you may have, that I had, is simple; ”

we are afraid that we have to create something that is utterly perfect, and if it is not, well, it’s over and we go back to the day job.”

Not true. All we need to do is think like a lazy person but, work like a truly appreciative entrepreneur.

Personally, I once heard someone say to be successful online comes through “being lazy in the right way.” That whole concept and philosophy caught my attention, and so I clicked on through.

It was simple, it was about following some very simple steps, best practices if you will, and not stepping off that path until you mastered them. After that, well, you cold test at will what you want, but for the time being, master what you need to for now.

Here are some of the “LAZY” concepts of blogging that can really make you more money and more subscribers because you simply followed the simple path.

We do not reinvent the wheel.

Once in awhile, a great idea, philosophy, or even a platform or software comes out that really does help. However, it is rare, even with all the technology and people talking online we see and hear today.

This is why the lazy blogger does not try to reinvent the wheel of successful blogging and the best internet marketing practices out here today. We simply apply them, we do not try to change what works!If something works, why not go with it instead of fighting against it.

If something works, why not go with it instead of fighting against it. Even in our non-blogging and business lives, our daily lives this should be a best practice. IF it were, well, we would probably see a lot less rioting in the streets, and whole bunch more accomplishments.

Reinventing the wheel has its place in things, even blogging and building an online business. But, it is not created I believe, I think it is found while in the process of blogging itself. It is that “aha” moment we find ourselves in from time to time.

The lazy blogger, the successful blogger and online entrepreneur, will not, however, try and force the reinvent of what best practices work here, they (we) will simply do.

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We put effort where it matters most.

Some might spend all their time on their blog, and I agree, most of any online marketing time and effort will be spent here, but not all of it. Knowing where to spend your time wisely is just as important as how much time is spent there as well.

But, for the sake of taking up all of your time today, let’s just stick to the “where” spending your time matters most to keep you from wasting valuable content creating time.

Your blog, video or podcast, email marketing, and, of course, social media is where you will split your time creating content for and engaging with.

Like trying to reinvent the wheel, why waste time trying to spend time on places, platforms, and even ideas that you know in the end will not advance your message or truly encourage people to engage with you?

Smarter bloggers, marketers and online entrepreneurs here spend their time where it matters the most, and that is where their potential reader, subscriber, or better yet, our potential customers spend their time online.

And when you take a blogger’s simple and “common sensed” approach to how people consume content online, well we either read, listen, or watch, and that is it.

This means blogging, videos or podcasts, social media channels, and, of course, the inbox.

Quit wasting time on the latest fad for marketing and blogs and get to work being where your potential customers are right now.

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We have and make habits.

Good habits, every successful blogger, and entrepreneur have them.

Good blogging and marketing habits keep us busy, busy enough, by the way, to keep us out of trouble. Nothing get’s us off track faster than starting off with bad habits, or simply not forming good ones right out of the gate.

As a matter of fact, within my own blog coaching service here, I have a systematic process for creating solid content marketing habits using some simple and highly effective marketing strategies.

Forming good habits is hard, like learning new internet marketing and blogging skills, at the same time, you’ll need to create habits for continuing to create solid and quality content.

Without habits here, you’re doomed to failure.

I have coached people to six and even seven figure incomes online, and the one thing I am always told, was the fact of my determination for you, and them, to form continual and ongoing habits of creating value online.

Value takes a little time to create, that is why you see many people fail today. They jump in guns blazing into some “click funnels” “quick answers” program or service and boom, the next thing you know, you’re wondering where they disappeared to.

Here today, gone tomorrow, that is what poor habits will get you here today. These people take no time to create value for others, they are simply there to “make money online.” But, unless you are a part of some scheme here that is gone as quick as these people, well, you need to create value to last here.

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Good habits keep us safe, and safe is a good thing. It does not mean we are not adventurers here, heck, we are bloggers, entrepreneur for crying out loud!

But, we create good habits that keep us from failing as often as those who do not have them.

Lazy bloggers do not waste time trying to cut corners, we are lazy and follow where good habits lead.

Create and continue good habits, they can truly do all but guarantee your success with anything you do, including blogging.

Bonus Tip: We listen to people.

From getting topic ideas to learning better what our target market likes the most, and hates, the lazy blogger does not need a keyword research tool every time, we can simply listen and engage on social media.

Keeping your ear to the ground, listening to your readers, subscribers, and current customers can help you better create and continually produce the kind of blog content and content period that drives traffic and converts.

But, that only works if you have a list or community, right? Right. And guess what? Like Ann Handley say’s “everybody writes,” well, everyone has a community if they are on social media.

You may not have an email list yet, but you have an audience even as a new blogger and online entrepreneur. And I can also all but guarantee that there are a few or many people within your social influence circle interested in what you are doing, or offering right now.

All you have to do is a little research. Learn about these people by following through what and who they follow, basically, be a social media stalker without being a stalker! Ha!

But, on a serious note, we listen and research what people are wanting, needing or, desiring when it comes to our particular industry or niche.

In the end.

In the end, the lazy blogger may invent, but we never, ever, reinvent. We focus on where it matters most, and on what matters most to our audience and, potential audience.

Yes, we are always in a learning mode, but that is about 20% of our time. We are always testing new things, ideas, and platforms, but never are we off the beaten path, or wandering around aimlessly.

And, just so you know, we listen and make a habit of it, not too mention, we make and use better blogging habits to continue growing our blogs and businesses online.

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    David Boozer

    June 15, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity to share here Joe! And it is a real pleasure meeting and getting to know you, and the community here!

  2. Laiq zada

    June 25, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    It was a nice read, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”
    – Aristotle, I love this quote and now your post added some more points to it, it is a nice blog to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for being a lazy blogger.


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