Vyco Review: Take The Guess Work Out Of Viral Content

Posted on 17 December, 2016 by Joe Elliott

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10 hours pass and you sit back with that proud look on your face…

This blog post is going to be the one that opens the floodgates on my blog.

2 hours later… Nothing but it’s ok you still have to post to Reddit.

5 hours later…. Yay! A little tweet!

Next day when you check your analytics your enthusiasm has drained and all your efforts have bombed.

How do some posts go viral and I can hardly get a handful of likes?

This is a familiar story for most unfortunately, do you want to know what the problem is?

Sorry to be blunt but nobody gives a shit about your content. Relax though, it doesn’t have to be this way. You just need to work with a proven topic. One that does well every single time!

Oh yeah, and you need to promote the shit out of it.

John Gibb has released a smart little tool that takes out the guess work… introducing Vyco!

This little tool will scour the web looking for the most viral content. Pretty cool… right?

That is only the tip of the iceberg though, Vyco can do so much more.

Do you want to know what advertisements on Facebook do well so that you can put your spin on it and be the next viral success?

Vyco is the tool you are looking for…. Let me take you through the tool and show you the power in this Vyco Review!

Vyco Review The Verdict

What The F*CK is Vyco?

Vyco is the latest software from Newcastle’s finest marketer John Gibb. It is a viral traffic and engagement finder.

Engagement is so important in the online world today! If you can build strong relationships with your audience and increase your engagement… you will crack the IM code.

Back to the tool… when you put it in motion it will scrape the most viral content from the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily motion.

This means that you can ethically re-use proven content to grow your own traffic and fan base. If the content has a proven track record then you will struggle NOT to create buzz around your next creation.

When you log into the system and go to trending topics and enter your topic. In a few seconds, you will be blessed with loads of results related to your keyword.

You can immediately see what images are working well, what headlines are working and lastly if your topic has the power of driving viral traffic.

As you can see no more publishing and hoping for the best, you now know what is working before you create your content!

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Is Vyco Worth It?

This is the second time this product has graced the marketplace. This time, however, the price has been smashed. You can get your hands on it for only $37, not too bad.

It wouldn’t be a decent Vyco review though if I never shared with you what you are getting for your cash.

  • Discover trending topics over multiple platforms so that you know what is worth covering right now. No more guessing Vyco shows you what topics are hot and what the engagement is like.
  • Discover proven topics that you can repurpose to ensure your content gets the kind of attention you expect.
  • Facebook Ads Metrics. If you are anything like me then Facebook Ads is quite a mysterious beast but with Vyco you can see what ads are performing the best. Re-use headline formulas to get the same results for your ads.
  • Viral Image and Videos to reuse: Vyco gives you the ability to download images and videos that have performed well so that you can use them in your own campaigns.

How To Use This Powerful Tool For Legendary Results

Most of the reviews out there will just tell you about the tool but I want to make sure that you get the best results. I am not putting this behind an opt-in, I am not forcing you to buy to get this example… it’s right here for you.

When you log into the Vyco and look down the left-hand side. Look for a section that says trending topics. Click there to enter Vyco’s search functionality.

Now put in a topic that is related to your niche.

The tool is going to spit hundreds of epic ideas at you. Pick one that you believe will resonate with your audience.

The next part is where we create an epic piece of content from our results.

Turn The Results Into An Expert Roundup To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Look at the results I got from my latest roundup. This worked so well because it was based on a proven topic.

guest post on forbes results

Once you have picked your topic you are good to go and create your post. Let’s look at an example, you uncovered this piece of content, 20 Organic Dog Treats. Take this and turn it into a question…

How do you choose the best organic dog treats for a new puppy?

Reach Out & Get Some Answers

Now you have a question send a brief email to influencers in your niche to get them to contribute to your next post.

When you select your contributors you want to make sure that pick celebrity bloggers, growing bloggers and newbies. This diversifies your list and adds social proof.

Perfect for viral content!

Your goal is to get more than 20 so that you now have the best piece of content.

Lastly just send a little email, or tweet that asks them to contribute to the post.

Format Your Post

Your headline is the first thing that your reader will see so you need to make sure that it catchest their attention. Get your keyword in this spot to satisfy Google but then inject what benefit your post will give.

So for the organic treats a benefit could be…

20 Super Tasty Organic Dog Treats To Help Train Your Pup

Your introduction is a followup to this, you still need it to grab their attention. This time you also need it to get your readers hooked on what they are reading.

Start by addressing the problem that they face and then tell them that the post that follows has the answer.After your intro just post your answers.

Make them look great with pictures and Click To Tweet buttons to help get that viral wave going.

You now have a trending topic, an army on influencers to promote and if you can get an affiliate link for the treats then your post is monetized too.

This topic has been viral before but now you have made it bulletproof with the power of influencers. When your post is live simply reach out and ask them to check it out.

If you featured me in a roundup you can be sure I will promote… free promotion and a powerful topic…


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The Downside!

This is not the average review, I told you this earlier! I want you to walk away with the full scoop, I have shown you a nifty way to use this, I have told you what you are getting but it ain’t perfect!

This really is just a content finder, you still have to create and then post and schedule. The good news is that in the webinar that John is holding during the launch week he will share some more awesome ways to get the most out of it.

The price is only $37 for the launch after that it rises to $497… If you miss the launch no bargain for you.

Vyco Review The Verdict

My Vyco Review Verdict

I really enjoyed trying out this tool, the amount results it displays is unreal. I wish I could send posts to Buffer or schedule straight to Facebook but I still was happy with what I got.

It searches the top networks so the stats it gives you are a great indicator of virility. If you would like to learn how to use this you can attend the boot camp which takes you from start to finish.

It is a case study style training so you can see the results unfold in front of you.

If you want to take out the guess work and get attention to your content then start with Vyco. I would rate this tool 8/10, easy to use, as soon as you sign up you can get going with it and get data that isn’t always publicly available to help craft your campaign.

Vyco Instant Access

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