What WordPress Theme Do You Use For Affiliate Marketing

Posted on 31 May, 2018 by Joe Elliott

I have lost count how many hours have past. I just want to get my next affiliate blog up and running but I am still wondering what WordPress theme do you use for affiliate marketing?

Web designers and developers can be a massive expense. At this stage, you are not making a cent from your blog, but you also don’t know if your blog will take off.

Looking for a premium WordPress theme is the next best option but there are thousands to choose from. After scouring the theme marketplaces I have selected 5 top WordPress themes that you can use for your next website. Here they are:

Let me share with you the most important things to consider when choosing a theme for your next affiliate marketing project.

Your WordPress Theme Should Be Easy To Read & Clutter-Free

Content has to be the priority when you are creating a blog for affiliate marketing. Your audience needs to connect with your content if you want to move them to your affiliate offers.

You need to streamline your blog content.

If you have clutter this is going to distract your audience. Most audiences are quite ‘click happy’, the problem is that it tends to be the back button that they click. If you have cluttered content or a cluttered web design, your audience will not try and decipher it.

They will just hit back.

Make sure that the theme’s presentation style is not overly complicated. The purpose of web design is to help users find information they need and to help site owners achieve their goals at the same time.

WP Beginner

Look at this very blog all you can see is the content and buttons to share the content. No ads or cluttered sidebars trying to get your attention. My main focus is to encourage you to read my content and take action.

When it comes to choosing your WordPress theme you need to think simple.  Fancy buttons and animations may look cool but they are too distracting.

Look at Wikipedia.

Example of Wikipedia Web Design

When you land on a page on Wikipedia you get an in-depth article on the topic. You have navigation and some references. The design isn’t beautiful and sparkly it just gets the job done.

Keep your layout clean and clear. Let your content connect and you will have a much better chance of increasing your affiliate commissions.

Stunning UI & UX On Mobile: Mobile First Wins The Race

In years gone by designers would create a website that looked beautiful on a desktop and then add some media queries to make it look acceptable on a mobile.

This is known as a desktop first design.

Nowadays more people are using their mobile to access the web. It is now time to change this approach. We need to have a beautiful design on mobile first and then we can add accessories to fill the larger desktop screen.

This isn’t just important for user experience, your rankings now depend on it too.

Example of Responsive Web Design With The Divi Theme

Google has stated that they are going to be indexing mobile versions over the desktop. This is known as mobile first indexing. It will still index the desktop version but you may see a drop in rankings if your site doesn’t have a great experience for mobile too.

Mobile first theming isn’t just about making your site work well on mobile devices: it will also make your site faster and so enhance SEO.

Rachel McCollin – WPMU Dev

The first thing to check with your theme is the layout. On mobile, it is best to have a single column layout. if you see a scrunched sidebar then your theme isn’t mobile first. Mobile users do not want to zoom and pan your page. Scrolling will do them fine.

Next is the navigation.

Mega menus and dropdowns look awesome on a desktop but they don’t work as good with mobile. You can’t hover over a menu on a mobile. This is why the hamburger menu icon has become pretty much standard for mobile.

Example of a Hamburger Menu On A WordPress Theme

People now look for this if they are looking for the menu on a mobile or tablet.

If you have a lot of pages linked to your menu then your menu could take up the majority of the screen. This could stop users even reaching your content. So when you check your themes demo, does it show the hamburger menu when on a mobile?

Keep the key info visible on a mobile. Get rid of the rest.

As you design mobile-first, you bring more focus to the content and functionality of your site. When you create a design that is limited to 320 x 480px screen size or less you have to rethink your approach to building web layouts.

Katherine Crayon – Template  Monster

Page Load Speed Is Crucial: Snail Paced Sites Are A Thing Of The Past

If your goal is to hook your audience in then you need to be thinking about providing an experience. If your readers are graced with a slow loading site then they are going to jump on that back button before your site has loaded.

Another lost customer.

By providing a fast loading site your content will get to do its job. You have improved your user experience.

Most websites with lightning-quick loading time are built on a theme that’s light-weight and flexible. The best WordPress themes even stay fast as you grow and add to your website over time.

Lilia F – WP Buffs

This is not only important for your users, Google will also be watching how fast your page loads. If it is longer than 2 seconds they will push your content down in the search results.

So before you start an affiliate project you need to make sure that your site loads fast. Make sure that your hosting company takes speed seriously. I use Siteground for all my sites now, in any test I have come across they always perform well on load speed.

If your host is loading your content fast the next thing to do is to make sure your theme is not injecting unnecessary code. The more code and features your theme has the slower your site.

So when it comes to choosing your theme make sure it is optimized for speed.

Image of the Pingdom Homepage

You can check the speed of any page using Pingdom or GTX Metrics.

Example Of GTX Metrics

Will Your Theme Handle Necessary Plugins

With some of the cheaper themes, you will rely a lot more on plugins. For the more powerful themes, you can really limit your plugin use. There are some plugins that I think your site should have.

  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache (Makes your website as fast as it can be)
  • Pretty Link (Makes your affiliate links look pretty)
  • Sumo (Kickass tools that adds share buttons, popups, welcome mats and more)
  • WP Smush It (Makes your images much more efficient meaning a faster site)
  • Contact Form 7 (Most powerful themes come with the ability to add custom forms)

When you add a plugin you are going to slow your site a little. The more you have the slower your site will be. Always keep plugin use to a minimum.

Before you choose your theme you should take a look and make sure it supports these plugins at the very least. You don’t want to purchase a theme only to realize that the plugin you require doesn’t work with it.

If you choose a premium theme you can be sure it will work with most decent plugins.

Your Site Needs To Be SEO Friendly If You Want To Be On Google

So you have worked super hard creating an awesome blog post. If your website is not SEO friendly then you are basically throwing two fingers at Google. Nobody wants to upset the Big G, the amount of free traffic they can send is phenomenal.

Even with a WordPress theme that is 100% SEO friendly, there is still some work you have to do. If your site is not friendly to Google then that work is going to increase.

What should your theme do if it is SEO friendly?

First is the bones of the theme itself. How is the code structured, does the creator add a lot of pointless code?

Bad coding might not impact your rankings directly but adding extra unnecessary code will slow your site. This will have an impact on how SEO friendly a blog is.

For the site to rank higher in search engines, the theme you are going to use has to be developed according to up-to-date coding standards. Check it to make sure it is compatible with all popular browsers, that it has valid HTML, CSS and that it works well with mobile devices. 

Simon Morgan – Template Monster

Next, we want to make sure that our theme is injecting our meta tags. These are not as powerful as they once used to be but they are still important. They help Google understand what your page is about.

To view the page source right-click the live demo of your theme and click ‘view page source.’ This will look pretty overwhelming but do not fear you do not need to understand everything there. Just click ctrl+F and search for ‘<meta’.

Can you see your meta description?

 <meta name="description" content="Some information about the page">

If you can see this then you know that your theme is adding the meta tag.

You also want to make sure that your title tag is there too. Press ctrl+F and this time type

You should find a tag that looks like this

<title>This is the page title</title>

These are the two most important tags for SEO. If your theme doesn’t have these I would write it off even if it ticked other boxes.

Schema markup is a way of enhancing the code of your site to make its content not just visible, but also “understandable” to search engine bots. As a result, the content will be better indexed and presented more attractively in search results, increasing the likelihood that the user will follow the link to your site. 

Simon Morgan – Template Monster

You Need To Be Able To Customize So You Can Stand Out

Ok this is a really important thing in my eyes. If you never customized your theme the web would be a really boring place with lots of sites looking the exact same.

Some customization is super important and if your theme requires you to jump under the hood then what is the point, it would be easier to hire a developer to customize it for you.

For me the most important customizations you can make are…

  • Adding a logo/favicon
  • Changing a color
  • Changing a font
  • Minor layout changes (page with a custom sidebar for example)

Example Of Divi Theme Options. Divi is a great theme if you have been wondering what wordpress theme do you use for affiliate marketing

Most themes will give you an admin panel that will allow you to change the styles and your logo. The more premium themes will give you the ability to really change the way a page looks. You could use a page builder plugin to do this but that’s a plugin you don’t need.

Just choose a theme that gives you a page builder and you can build the page the way you like. All with the click of a few buttons or by dragging and dropping elements.

How To Install Your New WordPress Theme

Ok so now you know what makes a good WordPress Theme it is time to get it installed on our blog. This is super simple and requires no coding. Just click a few buttons and it’s done.

Let me walk you through the process.

Step One: Log into your WordPress Dashboard and hover over the appearance menu item. This will bring up another menu. Click on the ‘Themes’ Link.

Image Showing Step One How To Install A WordPress Theme

Step Two: Now that you are on the themes page you will see all the themes you currently have. Today you are adding your new theme so just click the ‘Add New’ button.

Image Showing Step Two How To Install A WordPress Theme

Step Three: Now you are in the theme directory, click the ‘Upload Theme’ button.

Image Showing Step Three How To Install A WordPress Theme

Step Four: Now navigate to where you downloaded your theme and upload it.

Image Showing Four A How To Install A WordPress Theme

Hit install now when you have selected your theme.

Image Showing Step Four B How To Install A WordPress Theme

Step Five:  Once this is done you will be taken to the install page. If everything has gone well you will have the option to activate. Click the activate button.

Image Showing Step Five How To Install A WordPress Theme

Your new theme is installed how simple was that?

In Summary: What WordPress Theme Do You Use For Affiliate Marketing

By now you should be able to go out there and choose a sexy looking theme for your new affiliate marketing venture. It isn’t hard and choosing the best theme can save you a ton of money. Web designers/developers are not the cheapest people to hire.

Having a reputable theme will give you a decent looking blog that improves the user experience. That theme should also put your content front and center.

To get started I would suggest the following themes

All of these themes are really customizable and you do not need to be a web developer to get the most out of them.

So get out there and choose your WordPress Theme today…

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